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The GRIP of Worldly Desires

The grip of worldly desires, how human entangle in materialistic things, how we lose whole life?.

||Shree Gurudev Sharanam||

Human birth is very auspicious but this universe is very magical and full of delusions, here human has entangled himself or herself by fulfilling dreams of different kinds. 
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The GRIP of Worldly Desires
Human comes in this earth alone and with empty hand but when take birth, different kinds of temptation is ready to trap him or her. In childhood, toys are the best temptation and at young age, the wish to become powerful, to get marry with smart partner, to enjoy physical body, to do job to fulfill materialistic desires, to enhance status, to live luxurious life etc trap person and whole life passed out. In the old age person wait for the last breath at bed or serve family. Many senior citizens bear insult and live a pitiful life.

After passing of time, the truth comes out that “Neither materialistic desires has fulfilled nor the god”.

This is a fact that among all creations of god, human is the most powerful, who is able to do the impossible. Human has got the power of contemplation, power to perform spiritual practices but human has forgotten this and running to fulfill lust, materialistic desires, status etc. All the things in this universe are evanescent and nothing can give satisfaction.

As far as question related to prayers, we pray to fulfill our different types of wish only or when we enter in problem.

In these days , institutions related to spiritual awareness are also increasing day by day but the problem is that the controller of these institutions are not aware of the real practices to achieve the culmination. Without reaching at destination, people are engage in showing path to seekers.

The fact is that people who have achieved the culmination are enjoying their divine pleasure and it is not easy to find them easily.

Whenever point comes to perform hard practice for spiritual growth, generally people leave that place and find excuses of different types. 

Temptations of Mantra- Tantra etc:

Today we can easily find books providing knowledge of various tantra, we can also search google for various tantric prayog and siddhis but the reality is that these powers cannot be attained easily and many ones’ have lost precious things in doing such practices without competent master.
It’s a great sadness that, people don’t understand this fact that there is no shortcut to achieve spiritual powers.
Wish to get success soon, to enjoy worldly happiness soon and lifelong has made people hard-hearted.

People are searching for yakshini saadhna, kundlini jaagran, baital siddhi, trikaal siddhi on You Tube and google which is totally wrong; these practices are not possible just by reading or hearing instructions. Masters are needed at any cost to move in spiritual path.
Many have lost money, family, mind in doing these practices by their own. 

Why people are getting cheated in these days?

The main reason of being cheated are greed, wish to get success soon and easily, to dominate others, etc. We forget that spiritual practices are not at all easy and it is dangerous to perform these practices by own.

If we read the autobiographies of siddhas and saints then we can find that they performed hard practices to achieve the culmination of spiritual growth but today we want to achieve those stages just by doing simple totkays which is not at all possible.

When people not get success then start bashing god. 

The real cause of disorientation/instability/Wandering:

Today most of us are wandering for miracles and blessings and when question asked that why you are wandering then answer comes that  ---

I am not getting promotion in job, there is no peace at home, Mind is not stable, suffering from diseases, business is not growing properly, some says that I am not getting status in society, etc.
In reality billionaire is also satisfied and poor is also suffering.

On the other hand, there are many yogis of india who are living a peaceful life by perform yoga practices and by following the rules given by siddhas and sages of India.

We must remember that “Moving behind evanescent things will keep us wandering”. So it is good to focus on achieving the ultimate goal of life.

It is good to practice yoga after leaving greed, anger, lust then only it is possible to attain the divine peace and success. 

Importance of Spiritual Master To Free ourselves from Worldly Bonds:

The reality is that “गुरु कृपा ही केवलम” means blessing of spiritual master is must to understand this world full of delusions and to achieve the ultimate success.
Here a big question comes in mind that whom to make guru/spiritual master, So great siddhas tells that first of all use your own mind and understand that nothing is immortal in this world and when you believe that yes this world is evanescent then follow the instructions given in epics and focus on meditation and chanting names of god. By this our mind will become pure and focused and at right time we will get the spiritual master automatically.

Human must move to know the truth of this world and for this do remember god and pray to know the truth of this birth until one get the spiritual master.

Greatness of Sadguru:

This world is full of delusion and only sadguru can tell us and protect us from the trap of worldly desires. When one get the blessings of sadguru then by doing the spiritual practices under guidance, person attain a divine insight and then he or she move ahead without any fear. The life of disciple starts shining with the light of real knowledge and experience. All sadness ends.

Seeker start living life with love, devotion and joy.

So it is necessary for human to understand the grip of worldly desires, evanescent world and then move to achieve the divine knowledge which can’t be stolen, which can’t be snatched.

Success automatically comes to the person Who get the blessings of spiritual master or Sadguru.
This is your life, Think about this, journey is yours and achievements will be yours. 
Think properly and then choose the good for you.

||Shree Gurudev Sharanam||

The grip of worldly desires, how human entangle in materialistic things, how we lose whole life?.


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