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3 Gunas Of Personality

What are gunas, Know the Mystery and how they impact our life?, How to know which gun is affecting our life?, Success and failure through gunas, Power of 3 gunas.

Do you know the mystery of gunas, do you know how gunas makes our life interesting, do you know we are behaving in life as per our gunas.

Gunas are the important properties present in every human being which makes the behavior of a person. Because of these gunas every persons behaves differently. This gunas are too much responsible for the success and failure of a person in life. Balance of gunas in personality makes a person successful where as any imbalance puts a person in a deep problem. So it is necessary to know about these gunas so as to make our life successful.
3 characteristic of personality as per astrology
3 Gunas Of Personality

Important Things To Know About These 3 Gunas:

  1. These gunas are 3 in number i.e. Sattva, Rajas and Tamas.
  2. These gunas are present in every being.
  3. These gunas are present in varius degrees and concentration in every human being, this makes a person different from other.
  4. These Sattva, Rajas and Tamas gunas are very much important and affect the life of a person in every aspect.
  5. Gunas are responsible to make a person active, dull, successful, failure etc.
  6. Gunas makes a person negative or positive minded.

Power of Sattva Guna:

  • Due to the power of sattva guna person become positive minded. 
  • Sattva guna illuminate the knowledge in the person.
  • Sattva guna gives a person clear vision.
  • It gives a person logical thinking.
  • It makes a person sharp intelligence.
  • Person attain good health, freshness and lightness in body. 
  • It makes a person happier, pleasant, joyful.
  • It also makes a person alert, focused, creative and helpful.
  • Person always feel energy to perform any task and this energy makes the person successful.

How To Increase Sattva Guna-

The easiest way to increase this guna is to become vegetarian and be in touch with positive minded persons.
Next is we can also wear the gems stone as per horoscope to enhance the power of positive planet.

Power of Rajo guna:

  • Rajo guna is responsible for the dominating nature.
  • Fickle mind is due to increase of rajo guna.
  • Lots of thoughts are due to this guna.
  • Lots of desires and too much thoughts are due to rajo guna.
  • It also increases the greed in person.
  • Person become self centered and so start engage in selfish activities. 

Power of Tamo Guna:

  1. It increases darkness in life.
  2. Due to tamo guna person become dull and inactive.
  3. Person enters in delusion zone.
  4. Recklessness is also seen in person affected by tamo guna.
  5. Ambition-less persons are due to tamo guna.
  6. Alcohol and non-veg increases the tamo guna.
  7. Person is unable to complete any task due to tamo guna.
So here I have given some important knowledge regarding 3 gunas i.e. sattva, Rajas and Tamo guna and it is also cleared that it is better to take steps to increase sattva guna if we really want to live a successful life.

Some Important Ways To Increase Sattva Guna:

  1. Do perform meditation daily.
  2. Consult astrologer and ask about which planets are making him or her dull or negative and then adopt the right ways to make the life successful.
  3. Do spend time with positive people.
  4. Do engage in creative works.
  5. Wear the right gems stone to increase the positive powers.
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What are gunas, Know the Mystery and how they impact our life?, How to know which gun is affecting our life?, Success and failure through gunas, Power of 3 gunas.


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