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Ganesha Lord of Success -Vignvinashak

Ganesha- Importance, Importance of Ganeshchaturthi , What We get from Lord Ganesha?, Worship of Lord Ganesha as per Zodiac Sign, Ganeshatharvashirsha for blessings of Lord Ganesha, Special nakshatra to worship lord ganesha. Ganesha Lord of Success -Vignvinashak Ganesha the lord of success, the lord of intelligence. Ganesha is the son of super power mahashakti maa parwati and Shiva. The worship of Mangalmurty shree ganesh prevent us from many problems related with mental, economical, physical. Ganesha is also known as vignvinashak means who remove all the problems comes in the way of success. So it is very important to worship Lord ganesha to get success in any work.As per puran the epic it is necessary to worship shri ganesha before any good work. Ganes Chaturthi: Ganesh chaturthi is the celebration of the birth of lord ganesha who is the lord of Riddhi and Siddhi. Ganesh chaturthi is a very auspicious day to remember the lord of success. Contact Astrologer He

6 Reasons of Gems Stones Failure

6 Reasons of Gems Stones Failure Gems therapy is mostly used by every astrologer to increase the power of a particular planets. Some times is also used to save from the malefic impacts of any planets. But many times i have heard from my honorable visitors that gems stone has not changed a bit in their life, some says that problem increases after wearing gem stone, some says that a particular type of disease arises after having a gem. So many types of queries comes to me time to time related to gems stones. 6 Reasons of Gems Stones Failure Here in this article i am going to clear some important points which will clear you about- Why gems stones not work? When gems stones shows negative impacts in life? How to get desired result through gems stones? Which gems stones to be avoided? Types of Healing: There are several types of healing which is used by experts- Tantra Healing. Mantra Healing. Yantra Healing. Yagya Healing. Ratna Healing. Medicines Healing

Horoscope In Depth Analysis

In-depth analysis of horoscope/kundli, deep analysis of birth chart, minute analysis of kundli by astrologer, solution through vedic astrology, tips to live successful life by using vedic jyotish. Astrology is study of stars, planets, celestial bodies on human life. 9 planets Sun, moon, mars, mercury, Jupiter, venus, Saturn, rahu, ketu are present in our horoscope and astrologer study the position, strength of these planets and then give predictions. By this personality differs, attitude differ from person to person. Horoscope In Depth Analysis Every person has different sound, different thinking, different study pattern. All this happen because impact of planets are different in every person. This can be studied only by in-depth analysis of horoscope/birth chart. Earth is moving, sun is moving, even every planets are moving regularly and this movement is affecting the life of people. Because of this when transit takes place life also changes of person. This is studied b

Effect of South-East Defect in Vastu And Remedies

Effect of South-East Defect in Vastu And Remedies, how defects in South-East Direction Arises, Remedies of South-East Vastu Defects. South East direction is related with the mainly females health, Earning power, Relations with superiors, personal life, Secret enemies. So any defects in this direction may affect the above said things. This direction is mainly related with the physical energy. So problem in this direction affect the physical power of person and leads to unsuccessful and unsatisfied life style. Effect of South-East Defect in Vastu And Remedies Let's see how defects in South-East Direction Arises: Well in this side will ruin the family. Any cut in this corner is very dangerous. Any type of extension is also not permit-able. Any type of slope in south east direction is also not good.  Lower height of wall or floor level is also not good.  Remedies of South-East Vastu Defects: To enjoy the personal life and to live a healthy life it is necessary

Sick Building Syndrome in Vastu

Sick Building Syndrome in Vastu, Symptoms Related with SBS, Causes or Reasons of Sick Building Syndrome, What are The Prevention To avoid SBS or to Minimize Sick Building Syndrome Sick Building Syndrome(SBS) is very closely associated with the work place or residence. It is due to the poor Ventilation facilities in any premises or vastu. Due to this fresh air is unable to circulate in vastu and thus leads to many diseases. Sick Building Syndrome in Vastu Symptoms Related with SBS: Resident of building mainly complains regarding the following types of problems- Irritation in Nose, Eyes and Throat. Irritation in Skin. Loss of concentration i.e. instability of mind. Odors problem. Insufficient breathe. Headache. Feeling of weakness. Vertigo. Loss of appetite etc.  Causes or Reasons of Sick Building Syndrome: As per the research many there are many causes of SBS which are important to know and are following- The main and foremost reason is Not having pro

Turmeric Totke For Success

Totke of turmeric for successful life, solution of vastu dosh through turmeric, totke for prosperity by using turmeric, how turmeric change life, astrology and use of turmeric. There are several items which are available very easily and we also use them in day to day life, these items are able to change our life in a positive way. If we have knowledge to use these items in a specific way then no doubt we can make our life successful and hurdle free. haldi ke totkay In this article I am going to reveal the secret of one of the common item which is available every where, I am talking about TURMERIC. Turmeric is beneficial in many ways like as- we can use turmeric totke to over come from planetary problems. we can use turmeric totke to over come from vastu dosha. we can over come from negative energies by using turmeric totke. we can over come from money problems by using turmeric totke. Health issues can also be solved by using turmeric. Turmeric has healing power

Effect of North-West Defect in Vastu And Remedies

Effect of North-West Defect in Vastu And Remedies, how defects in North-West Direction Arises, Remedies of North-West Vastu Defects North -West Direction is the direction of creativity, prosperity etc. Any defects in this direction leads to increase in enemy, legal obstacles, infatuation, greed etc. It also affect the relation with other members, neighbors. Many types of disease may also arise. Expenses also increases, saving may become difficult etc.  Effect of North-West Defect in Vastu And Remedies Let's see how defects in North-West Direction Arises: Any type of pit, underground tank, basement is very dangerous and may generate negative impact on owner. If the land is lower than north east direction then also it is not good.  Any cut on this corner. Lower boundary wall on this side in comparison of north east etc.  Remedies of North-West Vastu Defects: Installation of Siddha Chandra yantra. Installation of Siddha Vastu Kalash. Business growth

Permanent Residency in Abroad and Astrology

Are you facing problems in settling in foreign countries, do you want to know which planets are creating problems in your life, do you want to know how to open the door in foreign countries through astrology, which pooja and gems stones are good to make a stable career in foreign countries. Then this article will help you a lot. Here I am going to clear you that what are the hurdles in your birth chart or horoscope and how to over come fro m this through easy ways.  If you are interested in making stable career abroad or in any foreign countries like Australia, London, Canada, Arab countries etc then you need to have good power of Sun and Moon in your birth chart. These 2 planets if strong and in good house then no doubts you can easily make good career in foreign countries and also you can get the permanent residency without any problem. Permanent residency is the main goal for the persons who want to make career abroad but it is not as easy as it seems. Small things comes in

Effect of South-West Defect in Vastu And Remedies

Effect of South-West Defect in Vastu And Remedies, how defects in South-West Direction Arises,Remedies of South-East Vastu Defects. Effect of South-West Defect in Vastu And Remedies South West direction is very important and is controlled by Rahu. Luck, Fortune, longevity is also controlled by south west direction. So any defect in this direction will make the effort of owner fruitless. He will not get the optimum from his hard work. Any defects in this direction also increase the Pitr dosha and also invite misfortune.  It also make chance of evil eye effect. Let's see how defects in South-West Direction Arises: Any pit in this direction is dangerous. Septic tank in South West direction is not good. If there is more space in comparison of north east direction. Slope in this direction very harmful. Wider door in this side is not good for the prosperity. Any type of dirt in this direction will ruin the future.  Remedies of South-East Vastu Defects: Siddha r

Effect of South Defect in Vastu And Remedies

Effect of South Defect in Vastu And Remedies, how South direction defects arise, remedies of south vastu defects. Vastu and South Direction God of south direction is Mars or mangal. South is the direction of power. All your name, fame, health etc are controlled by this direction. Any defect in this direction may lead to loss of social status, personal life etc. Unwanted sufferings come if any defect present in this direction.  Effect of South Defect in Vastu And Remedies Defects in South Direction May arise due to - More open space in south in comparison of North. Well in South direction.  If there is cut in this direction. Any type of water reserve in this direction like tank, swimming pool etc. Slope in south direction. Basement in this direction. Contact Astrologer For True Guidance>> Remedies of defects in south direction: Installing a siddha mangal yantra at proper time will be beneficial. Make this side heavy by doing special arrangements. 

Effect of North Defect in Vastu And Remedies

Effect of North Defect in Vastu And Remedies, How Defects of North direction arise, Remedies of North direction defects. Effect of North Defect in Vastu And Remedies Vastu and North Direction Norht direction the source of monetary power. The direction of god kuber(lord of money). If this direction is defect free then definitely owner will have very good financial power. But any defects in the north direction may cause the financial loss, blockage of money. Expenses may increase if any defects present in north direction. There are other problems too which may arise in house due to north direction defects like Children education may suffer Problem in getting ancestor property Problem in using the comfort of his own house Problem in internal peace. lack of stability in job and business etc. Now let's see How some Defects in the North direction arise: When any pole, heavy construction, tree etc come in the north direction it creates defects. When space of nor

Effect of North-East Defect in Vastu And Remedies

Effect of North-East Defect in Vastu And Remedies, how defects in North-East Direction Arises, Remedies of North-East Vastu Defects Effect of North-East Defect in Vastu And Remedies North East direction is a very positive direction and is source of positive energy. Any defect in north east direction may cause serious affect on the following segments of life- Loss in Financial sector like shares, mutual funds, securities etc. Mental disturbance. Disharmonious relationships with neighbors. Business failure. Problem in personal growth like- stamina, status, Vision, courage etc. Actually problem in north east direction has negative impact in person over all growth.  Let's see how defects in North-East Direction Arises: When space of this direction is less than other directions. Garbage or dirt in this direction is major problem of unsuccessful in life.  Toilet and Bath in this direction is not good. Un-ordered cut in this part of vastu is very dangerous for t

Effect of West Defect in Vastu And Remedies

Effect of West Defect in Vastu And Remedies, Vastu and West Direction, Vastu and West Direction. West direction represent the monetary power, personal relationship, foreign travels,political career,etc. Effect of West Defect in Vastu And Remedies Lets see some defects of West Direction- Extension in west direction is a defect. More open area in west than east is a problem. pit or hollow in the west side is very dangerous. Basement in west is also not good. Underground water tank, septic tank is also not good for health and prosperity. Lower floor level is also very dangerous for the owner. Remedies of the West Vastu Defects: The lord of west direction is shani and also the direction of goddess laxmi is west. So this direction is very important if we want to get success in life. Installing a siddha shani yantra on west side is good. By consulting a good vastu consultant other remedies can be found to rectify the defects. Don't Miss To Read The F

Effect of East Defect in Vastu And Remedies

Effect of East Defect in Vastu And Remedies, Vastu problems and remedies, Vastu and East Direction. Vastu and East Direction. Do you know happiness, prosperity, health, longevity will be in your life if the east direction of your vastu is ok. But if there is any defect on east side then it will lead to the failure in life.  It is very important to keep our east direction strong and pure to lead a healthy, wealthy and happy life. Effect of East Defect in Vastu And Remedies Many Types of Major Defects are present in East Direction like as- Absence of windows and ventilators in east direction bring down the name and fame of the person who live there. Mount, boundary wall, rock in the east side will affect the male progeny of the resident. Tree in front of main gate in the east is also an obstacle which stop the energy from east side.  Toilet in east direction is also very dangerous and lead some serious effects on children. Store in the East direction is also not go

Luck Enhancing Pooja To Please Mahalaxmi For Prosperity

Luck enhancing pooja to please goddess mahalaxmi, FREE Pooja To enhance luck, what to do to attract health, wealth and money easily, Special 16 days process to please mahalaxmi, attract the blessings of dhan laxmi. In reality having lots of money is the dream of every one because this is the tool to bring any thing to live a luxurious life. This is because every one is running to attract the blessings of mahalaxmi. she is one of the favourite goddess of every one. Here in this article I am revealing a very good process to please mahalaxmi. This is not very expensive but also not very easy. But if any one do this pooja then no doubt devi laxmi will fulfill the desire of person. how to enhance luck by pleasing mahalaxmi Devotee can do this pooja as per his or her capacity. Main thing is that your intention must be sacred and don't lack in devoting yourself to goddess during the worship time period.  Days Needed To Perform This Luck Enhancing Pooja: To perform this poo

Vastu And 5 Elements Relationship

Vastu And 5 Elements Relationship, How 5 elements are related with each other in vastu. basic principles of vastu, mystery of 5 elements in vastu. 5 elements of nature. A basic question how vastu works? How it is related with the 5 basic elements of the universe? Vastu is a science of balancing energy of these 5 basic elements Air, water, space, fire and Earth. If there is balance of energy any where positive energy increases their. But in the absence of balance of energy negativity pervades the premises which leads to dissatisfaction, diseases, unhealthy environment, failure etc.   Vastu And 5 Elements Relationship But it is also a fact that without knowing about anything we can't do any thing. To solve this problem vastushashtra came into existence. The great saints of India who were also a great Scientists by their research came to know the mystery of universe and energy and they put this knowledge in our scriptures or shashtra. Vastu shashtra is one of the scripture

Kali Haldi Secrets For Success

Kali haldi benefits, Black turmeric benefits, Secret of kali haldi, kaali haldi totkay for health, welath and prosperity, haridra tantra. Haridra tantra is very popular in India. Turmeric is one of the important thing to please the goddess of money "Mahalaxmi". It is one of the important thing which is used in tokay to attract money. Black turmeric or kali haldi is not used for eating but in worship it is used. It is a belief that wherever siddha kali haldi is present prosperity comes there. So in siddha muhurth it is placed in safe, in home temple in business places with a specific process. how to use kali haldi to attract success Here I am going to provide some important Totkay related with Kali haldi which will definitely help you to open the way of success. Special Kali Haldi Totkays For Success: It is a belief that by putting the tilak of black haldi in the third eye position, person is able to develop a hypnotic power. If the flow of money is not as pe

Retrograde Planets Impacts In Horoscope

What is the meaning of Retrograde planets, Impacts as per astrology and guidance for better life. In astrology whenever we make horoscope then we can find some planets are retrograde. Astrology lovers have keen interest to know the impacts of Vakri planets on life.But there are difference of opinion on the impacts of Retrograde planets. Different astrologers provide different prediction after studying the Vakri Planets. Retrograde Planets Impacts In Horoscope What is The Meaning Of Retrograde Planet? Generally every planets moves ahead means first enter in Aries then in Taurus and then in Gemini and so on but when any grah start moving backward then this movement is called RETROGRADE movement and planet is called retrograde or vakri. We have often listen that shani has become vakri, budh became vakri etc. So retrograde planet means planet is moving backward. Let's Know Which planets always remain RETROGRADE: Rahu and ketu always move in backward direction and so a

Vodoo Magic Symptoms and Remedies

Vudoo magic, symptoms and signs, free remedies of vudum magic, Astrologer for Protection ways. Vodoo Magic Remedies can be done with objects which are easily available around us. This article is focused on vodoo magic which is destructing life of many ones in this world. Vodoo Magic Symptoms and Remedies Disclaimer: The main aim of this article is just to aware people about Vodoo magic and not to spread superstitions. Views expressed in this article are as per experience and while dealing with victims of vodoo magic. Ignoring the power of fire is only a foolishness , if knowingly or unknowingly, anyone put hand in fire then it will burn definitely. In the same way if anyone don’t believe in the use of supernatural powers in negative way then it doesn’t mean that they are not present. The victims of vodoo magic/black magic/kala jadoo can actually know that how there life have become hell after impact of negative energies. Decades are going on but sun and moon are no

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