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Best Astro Services -Get Now

Get the best reading and minute analysis of your birth chart and know about hurdles, powers points, career, lucky gems stones, yantra, kawach, golden time, marriage period, Santan Yoga, Raj-Yoga and solutions of your problems through astrology. Best Astro Services Client Outside India can Use PAYPAL Button which is at bottom of page>> Paytm No. Is also Given At the bottom of page. Email is – Buy Horoscope Reading Do Send Correct Date of birth, place of birth, time of birth and Questions for correct analysis. Know about best powerful planets. Know about malefic stars. Loop holes of kundli. Best gems stones. Poojas as per planetary positions. Answers of your questions. Pay Only 601/- INR or $11 Buy Match-Making Send Correct Birth Details Of Both Male and Female For Match Making Analysis. Know about match points. Know about mangalik yoga. Reasons of unmatched horscope. Remed

Basant Panchmi Significance

Basant panchmi in India, Importance of vasant panchmi celebration, What to do for success in life? As per hindu panchang the 5th day of magh shukl paksh is celebrated as Basant panchmi or Vasant panchmi. This is a very important festival for Indians because this is the sign of a very good season in which every one enjoy every moments of life. On this day goddess Saraswati is worshipped mainly, goddess saraswati is related with knowledge, studies and therefore very important for students. It is beleived that goddess saraswati was born on this day and so this is the birthday celebration of maa saraswati. Goddess bless devotees with knowledge to get success in this world. Basant Panchmi Significance In this season we can see the fields are full of yellow color because of mustard crops and every one like to watch these fields. Let's See What People Do On This Day: People wear yellow cloths. Devotees offer yellow flowers to goddess. Yellow dishes are prepared for b

Saraswati Saadhna For Knowledge

Who is Goddess Saraswati, why to worship goddess saraswati?, Benefits of Saraswati Saadhna, BASANT PANCHMI, What to do on basant panchmi for success. Goddess saraswati is a very well known goddess and is responsible for giving knowledge, true intelligence, powerful mind, thinking power etc. In India she is worshipped by students and the Basant Panchmi is the day when in all over India prayers are done in front of goddess Saraswati. Saraswati Saadhna For Knowledge If any student is weaker in studies, if mind is not working properly, if any one is unable to use the knowledge properly then for them worship of maa saraswati is very beneficial.  There are vedic mantras and tantrik mantras available in Indian Scriptures to worship saraswati mata.  Easy Way To worship Goddess Saraswati? Basant panchmi is the best day to start saraswati saadhna but since this comes once in a year so one can start this saadhna on any siddha Mahurat/auspicious date and time by consulting astrol

Gupt Navratri Of Maagh Month Significance

Significance of gupt navratri of maagh month as per Indian astrology, what to do to make life successful?. From 25th of January 2020, Saturday, gupt navratri is starting and is very important from the point of view of tantra sadhna, mantra sadhna, spiritual practices, rituals etc. As per hindu panchang gupt navratri starts from the Pratipada titihi of Maagh Shukl paksh and is very auspicious from the point of view of perform rituals related to goddess. Gupt Navratri Of Maagh Month Significance Why This Gupt Navratri is Special? This gupt navratri is starting from 25th of February 2020, saturdayand due to many reasons this is very auspicious. Let’s know the reasons. This gupt navratri is starting on saturday and and Nakshatra is Shrawan, This combination is generating sarwarth siddhi yoga. During these 9 days 4 times Sarwarth siddhi yoga will also form i.e. on 25th january, 30th and 31st january and on 3rd february which will make very good time for spiritual practices

Mauni Amavasya Importance

Mauni Amavasya importance, what to do on this day for success, tips for successful life from astrologer. Silence is the best way to generate and to store the energy for growth in life. In hindi silence means "Maun". Normally we think that silence means not to talk but it is not so, the main meaning to be in silence is to be silence from within. No wandering of mind, no thinking, no movement, only in to be in the state of stability. This will be achieved by intense practice. significance of mauni amavasya Mauni amavasya which falls every years brings an opportunity for everyone to practice silence and to devote the whole day and night to perform spiritual practices. This is the day to take holy bath in holy rivers like Ganga, yamuna, Narmada etc. and then to pray for the peace of growth of ancestors. This is the day to worship shiva, this is the day to perform puja, rituals to open the way of success in life. Mauni amavasya falls on the "Magh mahina"(hin

Jealousy Problems And Remedies

What is jealousy, types of jealousy, problems arises due to jealousy, planets responsible for jealousy problems, how to over come from the negative impacts of jealousy problems, best tips by astrologer. A feeling which is not good for any person is jealousy, It is the result of negative thinking and not believing on our-self. If we study the jealous people we can easily find that they are in this state because of there own problems like as fear of losing something, anxiety of something, insecurity due to any personal or professional reason. Jealousy Problems And Remedies It is also seen that pessimistic thinking leads to become a jealous person. This type of negative feeling is not at all good for any one and make the life hell, people don't like these types of person because a negative rays always disturb the environment. Jealousy in Wikipedia If anyone is thinking of destroying someone or something, if anyone is engage in leg-pulling always, if any one get's s

Marriage and Concerned Issues

Marriage predictions and related issues, Which house is responsible for marriage, how to know about the successful marriage life, what to do to make the marriage life better, Problems in life due to manglik dosha, Match making necessity, when separation and divorce takes place, astrologer for marriage astrology. Marriage life is a very compromising life. Here 2 different personalities agree to live together for complete life and thus adjustment is needed in every step. Trifles are common in marriage life but sometimes due to misconceptions many big issues arises which ends in divorce. Marriage and Concerned Issues Ups and downs are not only present in marriage relationships but in every relationships we can find that some types of small problems arises time to time but it is better to understand the root cause of problems to over come from it rather then to break any relationship. Here in this article I am going to focus on marriage related issues and there reasons and al

Navagraha Vatika, Navagraha Plants, Navagraha Van

What is Navagraha Vatika or garden, Importance of navagraha Vatika or garden, Plants Related to Navagraha And Directions,Photos of Navagraha Plants. What is Navagraha Vatika ? Navagraha Vatika means garden of 9 planets represented by the plants or trees or bushes or grasses which have the forces of 9 planets. These plants and trees of 9 planets are planted in a particular direction to get the benefit of 9 planets and then it is called the Navagraha Vatika. navagrah vatika Navagraha Vatika For Health , Wealth And Prosperous Life Importance Of Navagraha Vatika ? Navagrah Vatika is very important and source of energy if planted any where. As these plants rpresent different planets i.e. represents different celestial forces so this vatika is used to get the power of navagraha. Lets's see the benefits in points : Navagraha Vatika or garden is used to get the power of Navagraha. It protects the vastu from the malefic effects of 9 planets. It energizes the vastu whe

Horoscope Janam Kundli Service

Horoscope Janam Kundli Service, astrologer for reading, get predictions based on vedic astrology. If you are interested to take astrology services then kundli is the basis of predictions about career, finance, love life, health, job etc.  In vedic astrology kundli is prepared by astrologer by taking the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth.  Here in ‘’, you will get 100% vedic reading of horoscope from astrologer(Dr.Om Prakash Bahatnagar). Horoscope Janam Kundli Service You can get the birth chart report which will have accurate predictions related to malefic and positive planets in horoscope/birth chart/kundli. You will also get remedies of your problems. Astrologer also considers gochar movements of planets for most accurate predictions. Predictions are sent in hindi and English as per the demand of client and easy language is used so that everyone can understand it and also one can clear doubts via phone. Our kundli/birthchart/horoscope is t

Black Magic Removal When and Why

Black magic removal, why to take protection from dark magic , best protection ways to over come from any type of evil problems. This is often seen that some persons are facing too much problems in marriage life, business life, love life, social life in spite of having good positions of planets in kundli/horoscope/birth chart. In that case a question arises in mind that why I am facing this problem, what has happened, what to do so in this case the help of specialist needed. best ways to remove black magic Some time it is possible that bad mind people due to jealousy or without reason start using the black magic/ kala jadu process to harass some one and due to this person entangled in adverse situation. The bad thing about this is that victim is not aware of any type of negative energies and thus suffers without knowing. So in this case it becomes necessary to take the help of black magic removal specialist. Because it is necessary to detect the impact of black magic or anyt

Sun In Capricorn Impacts

Sun in Capricorn, transit of sun in capricorn impacts, Effects of Sun in zodiac Capricorn. On january 14, 2020, Sun will enter in Capricorn i.e. in makar rashi, this transit of sun in Capricorn will change the environment, there are many positive and negative impacts will be seen. Astrology lovers want to know how the transit of sun in makar will affect market, personal life, country , world etc. sun in capricorn effects in astrology As per vedic astrology Sun of Capricorn is not good and so many precautions are taken by scholars to minimize the impacts of malefic sun on our life. Read my articles "Makar sankranti Significance and what to do for success" for details. Sun represent administration, management, knowledge, name, fame, father etc. and so all these segments will be affected and changes will be seen in country and world. Following Changes May Comes Out Because of Capricorn Sun: It is possible that wrong decision may lead to conflicts. It is poss

Makar Sankranti Significance | What To Do For Success?

Makar Sankranti Significance, Importance of Makar sankranti, What to do on akarsankranti, How to get astrology power in makar sankranti. Totkays for makar sankranti. importance of makar sankranti Makar sankranti is celebrated in a very huge way in the Great India. This is one of the great festival of India. People used to fly kites on this auspicious day. Whole the day, people enjoy with family rembers, friends, relatives in ground or roof with kites and eating Laddu or Til. But this is not only the importance there is a great astrological changes takes place on this day of makar sankranti.  This auspicious day is celebrated in different ways in different states of India like as in Tamil Nadu it is called as pongal festival, In Assam this auspicious event is celebrated as Bihu, In punjab and Haryana Lohri is celebrated on this day. Some Important Facts Related withMakar Sankranti: The Sun become Uttarayan on this day.  sun enter in the Capricorn zodiac sign on this mak

2020 Makar Sankranti Is on 15th January

when is makar sankranti in 2020, what to do for success on makar-sankranti, astrology guidance. Although every year maker sankranti pooja is done on 14th January but in 2020 sun will enter in Capricorn in the evening of 14th and so for holy bath and offering things for well being will be done on 15th January, Wednesday as per astrology. Add caption This is also a fact that kite lovers will enjoy 14th and 15th both in this new year. Click to read about significance of makar-sankranti>> What devotees do for virtue/Punya on Makar Sankranti? On this auspicious day devotees perform holy bath in holy-rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Narmada, Kshipra and  donate special things, some also do hidden donation on this auspicious day.  Makar sankranti is an auspicious day when donation of copper vessels, Til, Molasses, cloths etc. are done specially. 15th January is special For Kalsarp shanti and For Those Who have Malefic Mercury: In this year maker sankranti will be c

Symptoms Of Depression

Symptoms of depression, Reasons of decay, Why faintness without any reason?, Bipolar disorder,  How to over come from depression, astrology tips. As per survey it is found that 36% people In India falls in life due to great depression. It is also found that emotional people easily gets in depression. Expectations in life also creates depression. Depression is a very dangerous type of disease which generally put impacts in every part of body. Due to this person male, female, child enter in negative thinking zone. It also causes many different types of other diseases and problems in life. Symptoms Of Depression Let's see some important symptoms of DEPRESSION: If a person is living in sad environment then it may be due to depression. Detachment from the daily routine life and daily normal activities. Irritability in nature, short tempered also happen in depression. Feeling of guilt reside in mind during depression. Disappointment also harass a person. Either the p

Remedies And Solutions Of Pitru Dosha

Remedies of pitru dosha , How pitru dosha is form, how to getrid of pitru dosha, solutions of pitru dosha. Pitru dosha in kundli is one of the important dosha which creates several types of problems in life. Pitru means ancestors, so any type of problems arises in life due to our ancestors generate pitru dosha in horoscope or life. If proper remedies not done in time then generation to generation pitru dosha transfer and affect life. Remedies And Solutions Of Pitru Dosha Belief Related To Pitru Dosha: Some says that if ancestors not get peace after death then they create problems in family. some says that soul when not free from desires then create problems in family. In astrology Sun represent the father and so if sun is affected badly in horoscope then Pitru dosha is detected and person suffer in life.  Some says that due to impact of malefic rahu pitru dosha arises in horoscope. Some astrologers take saturn responsible for pitru dosha.  If pitru dosha is affec

Business And Black Magic

Business and black magic, Reasons of failure in work, Siddha yantras and totkays for protection , symptoms of black magic attack . Use of black magic in business in this competitive age is getting common day by day. This negative use of science is used by the persons who are jealous of other growth. The user of black magic don't know the side effects of this black science. The victim of black magic is unable to grow and business gets locked suddenly. So it is very necessary to protect our business from black magic and if it is done then do remedy as soon as possible. Business And Black Magic Business Risk ! From Whom? This is a very important question that from whom you have to take care of your business. If we find the answer of this question then it would be easy to mover further. The Competitors- Competition is good but some persons want to win in any case and this feelings insist them to use the black magic to dominate the other's business. The Negative mind