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Free Astrology Lesson 2

Free astrology lesson 2 in English, about vedic months, 9 planets and their related elements, uttrayan and dakshinayan concept in English.

We have already read about importance of astrology in First lesson. While doing prediction it is also necessary to check the relation of 5 elements (fire, water, air, sky and earth) with the planets. This is a very important concept which is used while predicting about diseases and other health issues, That's why I am including this topic here. 
free complete course on astrology by astrologer of india.
Free Astrology Lesson 2

Sun passes through 12 zodiacs in a year and on the basis of this Uttarayan and dakshinayan takes place, we will learn about this in this lesson. Many mahurat depends upon uttarayan and dakshinayan of sun. So here in this free lesson 2 of astrology I am including this subject too.

After reading this lesson 2 of astrology you will have the knowledge of  –
  • 12 months, vedic names of months.
  • 9 Planets and there status.
  • Related elements of planets
  • Uttarayan and dakshinayan concept.

This topic is very interesting and is based on science so definitely you can enhance your knowledge.
  1. As per Moon year 12 months are calculated from Ist day of bright day(shukla paksh pratipada/ekam).
  2. As per Sun Year 12 months are calculated from Aries Sankranti i.e. when Sun enter in zodiac sign aries.

Here are the 12 months name:

Chaitra, Vaishakh, Jyestha, Ashaad, Shravan, Bhadrapad, Ashwin, Kartik, Margshirsh, Paush, Magh, Falgun.


Madhu, Madhav, shukra, Shuchi, Nabh, Namasya, Ish, Urj, Sah, Shasya, Tap, Tapasy.

Let's Know About Planets In free Astrology lesson:

There are 7 major planets and 2 are shadow planets.
Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn are 7 major planets.

Rahu And Ketu are Shadow planets.

Now let's understand about the position of planets in this free lesson of astrology:

  1. Sun is taken as king of all planets.
  2. Moon is taken as queen.
  3. Mars is Commander.
  4. Mercury is Prince.
  5. Jupiter and Venus are taken as Ministers.
  6. Saturn is called servant.
The nature of person depends upon which planet or which planets are powerful at the time of birth. For example powerful Sun and Moon generate the desire to live a life like king. Powerful saturn makes the person good and honest worker, powerful mars gives the desire to live a independent life, Good Mercury makes the person to live like a prince etc.
So while doing predictions it is necessary to keep in mind this factor also.

Now let's understand the relationship of planets with elements:

  1. Sun is related with FIRE element.
  2. Moon is related with WATER element as per vedic astrology.
  3. Mars is related with FIRE element.
  4. Mercury is related with EARTH element.
  5. Jupiter is related with SKY element.
  6. Venus is related with WATER element.
  7. Saturn is related with AIR element.

Let's Know About Uttarayan And Dakshinayan In Vedic Astrology:

Every year Sun passes through 12 zodiac signs, Sun resides in 1 zodiac sign for 1 month approx. The journey of sun in 12 zodiac signs divided into 2 parts -
  1. When sun passes through Capricorn To Gemini Zodiac sign then this time period is called UTTARAYAN TIME.
  2. When Sun passes through Cancer to Sagittarius/Dhanu zodiac sign then this time period is called DAKSHINAYAN TIME.

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Here is the end of lesson 2 but don’t miss the free astrology lesson 3 where we can learn about –

  1. 12 zodiacs and their nature in detail.
  2. Which numbers are related with different zodiacs. 
  3. How any astrologer tell about rashi by checking the numbers in horoscope?

Check Your Knowledge Yourself:

Free astrology lesson 2 in English, about vedic months, 9 planets and their related elements, uttrayan and dakshinayan concept in English.

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