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How to please shukra ?

How to please shukra, how to make venus favorable to make life wonderful, successful as per astrology, Friends and, enemies of Venus, Astrology Remedies for Shukra, best home remedies by astrologer.

In this article my blog readers will get answer of all these questions related to a very important planet i.e. SHUKRA. As per vedic astrology, shukra is one of the important planet which is related with luxurious life, struggle-free life, romantic life, jewelry, glamour, rich life.

how to please venus, tips by astrologer
How to please shukra ?

Astrology lovers are have keen interest in knowing about :

  • What benefits person get if shukra is strong in horoscope?
  • Which planet is responsible for beauty, love and romance?
  • What happens if Venus is weak?
  • How can I make my Venus happy?
  • How do I strengthen my weak Venus?
  • How do I activate my Venus sign?
  • Vedic Remedies for Venus

What benefits person get if shukra is strong in horoscope?

Positive and powerful venus help to get deserving partner to spend life with full of love. Shukra give an attractive personality which help to attract the male and females and not only this, person having the positive shukra are blessed with creativity, wealth, hypnotic personality etc. These people know the best ways to please people, to make relationships.

What will happen if shukra is malefic/negative/debilitated?

Malefic venus is very dangerous and make life stressful because person may deprived from money, true relationship, love etc. Person may not get the favor from family members, friends, etc. which will take person in frustration, depression. Bad shukra also takes away the glow of skin and so affect the beauty.
Another danger is that person may suffer from sexual diseases due to weak and malefic shukr. Allergy in private part also seen in some people who have bad venus in horoscope. Person may not make the partner happy in bed and also due to lack of energy, love life also get suffers badly. It is also experienced that if malefic shukra and mangal are sitting together in kundli then the married life of person get affected badly.

Effect of Shukra/venus in different houses of horoscope:

  1. Good venus/shukra in 1st House bless person with beauty, smartness, smart way of talking, attraction power.
  2. Positive shukra in 2nd house of horoscope bless the person with good relationship with in-laws, wealth, and good earning source.
  3. Strong venus in 3rd house bless the person with strong personality to attract the opposite sex.
  4. 4th house shukra is responsible for friends, happiness, luxuries, vehicle, property etc.
  5. Positive venus in 5th house bless the jataka with knowledge, luck, female baby etc.
  6. Good shukra in 6th house will help to dominate enemy but sometime this shukra deprive person to get every good things on time.
  7. Favorable planet in 7th house will bless person with good life partner and also successful married life. In case of negative shukra, person will face unsuccessful after marriage life.
  8. 8th house is related with health mostly and so person may face chronic health issues due to malefic venus in eighth house in horoscope.
  9. When good shukra present in 9th house of horoscope then person is lucky and generally and are religious too. They are able to fulfill wishes easily.
  10. When positive and powerful shukra sits in 10th house of horoscope then person is blessed with creative mind and is able to earn from different source.
  11. Exalted or favorable venus in 11th house will help person to earn good income and to make life wonderful.
  12. 12th house is expenses house and so good shukra here help to spend in good deed where as bad venus may destroy the person by pushing in unwanted activities, illegal activities.

How to please shukra to live a happy life as per astrology?

If venus is malefic in horoscope and creating problems in personal life, social life, health then it is good to consult best astrologer, experienced astrologer and then adopt a good way to minimize the impacts of malefic shukra.

For knowledge I am providing here some remedies to please shukra planet:
  • Do kanyadaan if possible, this is a very powerful way to get the favor of venus planet.
  • Donating a white cow on Friday, if possible do this in navratri Friday for best result.
  • Don’t humiliate any females in life.
  • Do give gifts to female childs and females at home too.
  • Do worship goddess laxmi if possible do the vaibhav laxmi vrat to enhance luck.
  • Donate camphor/kapoor in goddess temple on Friday.
  • Do abhishek of goddess laxmi with panchamrit(misture of curd, ghee, honey, sugar and milk).
  • Shukra shanty pooja is best if you are facing too many problems due to malefic venus in horoscope.
  • If you are healthy then do the fast on Friday to minimize the malefic impact of venus.
  • Avoid taking gifts from girls.

How to strong the shukra in horoscope?

  1. If venus is positive but weak in horoscope then remedies are different. So it is always good to consult an experienced and best astrologer before adopting any remedy.
  2. Here are some way to make shukra strong to live a successful life:
  3. Wear a diamond ring in thumb on Friday.
  4. If you are able to arrange root of sarpokha then you can use it as a tabij to please shukra.
  5. Wear white cloths or shining colorful cloths on Friday to enhance venus power.
  6. Rudraksha To please Shukra:
  7. If you are interested to wear rudraksh pendent then the best is 6 mukhi i.e. rudraksh having 6 lines. This will help to increase the power of venus and your life will change automatically within some days. It will be better to charge it with spell of venus.
Spell of shukra Mantra:
Om dram dreem droum sah shukraya namah
ऊं द्रां द्रीं द्रौं स: शुक्राय नम:

What happens in Shukra Mahadasha?

  • The incident depends upon the state of shukra in horoscope. If venus is good in kundli then life will become positively change during shukra mahadasha and antardasha. Native may get good life partner, get luxuries,vehicles. Venus transit may bless native with enjoyment with friends, family, colleague. Wealth may increase and new relations will increase.
  • Person may start new work because of creativity and planning. So overall if shukra is favorable then no doubt life will change positively.
  • But in case of negative venus in horoscope, person may face relationship problem, hurdles in married life, illness related to private part or skin. Struggle increase in life due to misconception and so on. So in this case it is good to proceed for shukra shanty pooja and other remedies by consulting astrologer.
Now my blog readers have got the answers of these questions
What benefits person get if shukra is strong in horoscope?
Which planet is responsible for beauty, love and romance?
What happens if Venus is weak?, How can I make my shukra happy?
How do I strengthen my weak Venus?

How to please shukra, how to make venus favorable to make life wonderful, successful as per astrology, Friends and, enemies of Venus, शुक्र को कैसे खुश करे, Astrology Remedies for Shukra, best home remedies by astrologer.


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