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Why Childless Problem | Santan badha kyu

Why Childless Problem  Santan badha kyu, When there is an obstacle in having children, Santan Yog Calculation, kundli me kaun se yog santan me badha utpann karte hain.
Why Childless Problem as per astrology | Santan badha ke liye kaun se grah jimmedar hai kundli me.
Why Childless Problem | Santan badha kyu

Some questions are often asked by couples by astrologer-

  1. Do I have child yoga in my horoscope?
  2. If there is children yoga, is there a son or a daughter or both?
  3. Will my child take care of me?
  4. Do my children love me?
  5. Will my child's education be good?
  6. Who is the progenitor planet in the horoscope?
  7. santan hone me deri hyu ho rahi hai?
In this article you will know the answers to all these questions through Vedic astrology and you will be able to increase your knowledge.
First of all, according to astrology, the planet related with progeny is Guru / Jupiter which is also called brihaspati. By studying this planet, we can know the condition of the children, relationship with them etc.
But studying only the Guru is not enough, with it the study of Pancham Bhav, Panchamesh, Nav Bhav, Navmesh etc. is also necessary.

Let us know the answer to this question “Is there a child in my horoscope?

  • If the fifth house is powerful in the horoscope of the native and at the same time the fifth house is strong or friendly, then rest assured about santan/baby.
  • If Panchamesh is auspicious and sits in the seventh house, luck place, i.e. 9th house, then be more relaxed, the child barrier will not be there at all.
  • Learn more how child yoga becomes strong. If an auspicious planet is watching fifth house from lagna and the lord of the fifth house remains the same, then also there is good yoga of baby.
  • If the guru is strong in the horoscope of the native and the fifth house is auspicious or if the lord of the fifth house is also auspicious, then the child of such a person takes care of him.
  • If the lord of the seventh house is auspicious and sits in the fifth house, and the lord of the fifth house sits in the seventh house, then even the child's yoga totals become strong.
  • When the auspicious planets sit in the eleventh house of the horoscope, they increase the sum of having children.
  • If the Guru of the auspicious is sitting in the fifth house and if it is well, then the child is knowledgeable.
  • With this, if the ninth house is also associated with auspicious planets, then the best child yoga will be made.

Know why there is a delay in having a child or when there is a child barrier, according to astrology:

By looking at the position of the planets in the horoscope, we can know why there is a disturbance in the child's origin. Astrologers see these and predict. Let's see some yoga -
  1. If there is a sin planet sitting in the child's house, then the couple faces problems in having a child.
  2. If the bad Rahu is sitting in the fifth, ninth or lagna of the horoscope then it creates obstruction in having the child.
  3. If the lord of the child house is sitting in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house of the horoscope, then the couple may face problems.
  4. If any malefic planet is seeing the fifth house then native may face problem.

Let us now know when to conceive according to astrology:

In astrology, for good children, healthy children, there is a detailed description about conception, if the husband and wife have knowledge of this, then the chance of good and healthy children definitely increases.
While thinking about conception, the study of the menstruation of women is an important subject. The 16 nights after the start of menstruation are called Ritukaal. In which the first 4 nights are left. It is forbidden to try for children. If the couple tries in 12 nights that are found after 4 nights, then the chances of having children become good.

Now another important thing that comes in the mind of the people is that some have a desire for a son and some have a desire for a daughter.
  • For this, it should be kept in mind that if both try on 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16th night, then the chances of having a son increase.
  • And if you try on 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15th night then the chances of having daughter increases. 
With this, if you show the horoscope and consult astrologer for Mahurt , you can get more success in having healthy and good children.

If after medical examination, even after all efforts, there is a problem in having children, then it is advisable to consult astrologer, by studying the fifth house, 9th house and other planets in both husband and wife charts, astrologer can predict best.

Why Childless Problem Santan badha kyu, When there is an obstacle in having children, Santan Yog Calculation, kundli me kaun se yog santan me badha utpann karte hain.


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