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Benefits Of Sankalp Mantra

significance of taking sankalp before pooja
Benefits Of Sankalp Mantra

Everyone knows about the sankalp, who has done worship at some place. Panditji must take a pledge before performing any puja. Now the question arises as to why is sankalp is necessary and what are its benefits.
  • Can ordinary people also take pledge at the time of worship?
  • Should the sankalp be taken in Sanskrit?
  • Worship without any pledge will not have any effect?

These are some important questions that go on in the minds of some people. So let's overcome these doubts in today's article.

What is Sankalpa?

We have often seen that whenever we take some pledge, we start working at a fast pace and we get success, this is the power of sankalpa.
When any resolution is taken, the mind gets a direction and our mind is focused and puts all its strength in achieving that goal.Therefore, determination helps the mind to make a firm goal.

In our Vedas, the law of taking sankalp before performing every puja has also been told, that is why any Panditji or Brahmin Dev must take a pledge before worshiping.

It is believed that worship without determination is not fruitful, just as the arrow is not fired without aiming, similarly worship is not done without determination, and otherwise it is a waste of time. Lets understand this with an example, we have seen that many people just take a quick bath and offer sticks in home temple and and go for their work and they say that we worship daily, but their whole focus is on their work.

Just like a parrot who recite Ram Ram is unable to achieve salvation, similarly worshiping without resolution is not right.

Let us know some advantages of taking sankalpa before starting prayer:

  1. This gives the mind a direction.
  2. This allows us to focus our mind and put energy in a particular direction.
  3. The speed of achieving success increases.
  4. By taking the resolution of the deity whose mantra we chant, we can get his grace more easily because the mind has a goal.

How to take a resolution or sankalp:

To take pledge, you can take betel leaves, akshat i.e. raw rice, flowers, dakshina and water then read the sankalp mantra.

How can the resolution be taken before chanting or worshiping at home?

If you worship at home every day and you have difficulty in reading Sanskrit and everyday you cannot use the above written method, then you can also do that just by taking pledge in your language in mind that for which reason you are worshiping today. In this way also you will be able to give a direction to the mind.

There is no doubt that the God is hungry of feelings of devotee but that feeling must be made in the true sense.

Sankalpa builds strong will power in our mind and we move fast to achieve our goal, so take the pledge in language you know and move closer to your God.

Here in the video below, I have shown how to take an easy resolution before starting any pooja. I have given the example of doing pooja of shree ganesh.

We use the following information to make a sankalpa :

  • The name of the city / village where you are worshiping.
  • The name of the person with gotra if known for whom the puja is being performed The date on which the pooja is being held is taken.
  • The name of the day on which the Puja is being held.
  • Information about the paksh i.e. kirshn paksh or shukla paksh.
  • Information of samvatsar is also used.
So here panchang is very useful.

If you have been worshiping without any determination till now, then start praying with goal and then see what changes will appear in your life. Also share your experience with everyone by commenting.

||Om Namah Shivay||

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