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What Nakshatra Says About A Person?

About nature and personality of person born on 27 nakshatra as per vedic astrology, predictions through nakshatra, free lesson. 

In this lesson we are going to read about how nakshatra impacts on any one i.e. personality of a person as per nakshatra, classification of nakshatra etc.

Every one take birth in special nakshatra and the impact of that nashatra is seen in the personality/nature of person. So by knowing the birth nakshatra we can know about many things by checking the nakshatra of any one.

We can classify NAKSHATRA in following categories:

  1. Dhruv Nakshatra- Uttara falguni, Uttara shada, uttarabhadrapad and Rohini are dhruv nakshatra.
  2. Nikshan Nakshatra- Ardra, Jyestha, Mool, Slesha are Nikshn.
  3. Poorwafalguni, poorwashada, poorwabhadrapad and magha are Ugra Nakshatra.
  4. Laghu Nakshatra - Ashwini, Pushya, Hastha and Abhijit are Laghu Nakshatra.
  5. Mridu Nakshatra - Mrigshira, Chitra, Anuradha, Rewati are Mridu Nakshatra.
  6. Mridu Tikshn Nakshatra - Kritika and Vishakha are Mridu Tikshan Nakshatra.
  7. Char Nakshatra - Punarwasu, Swati, Dhanishtha, Shravan and Shatbhisha are Char Nakshatra.
As per Mahurat in astrology it is good to perform stable works in dhruv nakshatra.
To perform entertainment related work and auspicious work it is good to use mridusangyak nakshatra.
To perform aggressive works, it is good to use ugra nakshatra.

Nakshatra And Related Characters:

  1. Ashwini – चू चे चो ला
  2. Bharani – ली लू ले लो
  3. Kritika – अ इ उ ए
  4. Rohini – ओ वा वि वू
  5. Mrigshira – वे वो का की
  6. Ardra – कु घ ड़ छ
  7. Punarwasu – के को हा ही
  8. Pushya – हू हो ड़ा
  9. Aslesha – डी डू डे डो
  10. Magha – मा मी मू मे
  11. Poorwafalguni – मो टा टी टू
  12. Uttarafalguni – टे टी पा पी
  13. Hasth – पू ष ण ठ
  14. Chitra – पे पो रा री
  15. Swati – रु रे रो ता
  16. Vishakha – ती तू ते तो
  17. Anuradha – ना नी नू ने
  18. Jyestha – नो या यी यू
  19. Mool - ये यो भा भी
  20. Poorwashada – भू ध फा ढ़ा
  21. Uttarashada – भे भो जा जी
  22. Shravan – खी खू खे, खो
  23. Dhanishtha – गा गी गू गे
  24. Shatbhisha – गो सा सी सू
  25. Poorwabhadrapad – सो दा दी
  26. Uttarabhadrapad – दू थ झ त्र
  27. Rewati – दे दो चा ची

Loss Causing Nakshatra:

There are some specific combination of month with nakshatra when any type of investment is prohibited so it is good to not do any type of auspicious work for profit on these nakshatra in specific month.
These are called SHOONYA nakshatra.
When rohini and ashwini falls in Chaitra month, When chitra and swati falls on vaishakh month, When Uttarashada and pushaya falls on Jyestha month, When Poorwafalguni and dhanistha falls on Ashad month, When Uttarashada and shravan falls on shravan month, When shatbhisha and rewati falls on bhadrapad month, When poorwabhadrapad falls on ashwin month, When Kritika and magha fallson Kartik month, When chitra and vishakha falls on margsheersh month, When ardra, ashwini and hasth falls on Paush month, When shravan and mool falls on magh month, When bharani and Jyestha falls on falgun month. Avoid these inauspicious times to avoid any type of financial losses.

Now Let’s See Some Inauspicious Combination Of Days and Nakshatra:

When Bharani Falls on Sunday, When Chitra falls on Monday, When Uttarashada falls on Tuesday, When Dhanistha falls on Wednesday, When Uttarafalguni falls on Thursday, When Jyestha falls on Friday, When Rewati falls on Saturday. The above are called “Dagdh Sangyak” and must be avoided to perform any auspicious work.

Personality Of Persons As Per Nakshatra:

Predictions Through Nakshatra in vedic astrology, free lesson of astrology related to 27 nakshatra and predictions, nature and personality as per nakshatra.
  1. Ashwini :Good luck, beauty, smartness, cleverness, courage, intelligence, will power, healthy personality, attracted towards opposite sex and good relations with higher authorities will be seen in the persons who take birth in ashwini nakshatra.
  2. Bharani :Honesty, healthy body, luck, like to drink , eat non veg, very fickle, obstinate nature is seen in persons who take birth in bharani nakshatra, they also know the best ways to perform sex.
  3. Kritika:Person born in kritika nakshatra are charitable, kind hearted, dearest of females, serious nature, religious, open minded, stunning in nature.
  4. Rohini :Person born in rohini nakshatra are smart, stable, like to enjoy world, like to spend time with opposite sex, clever, stunning in nature. They talk less and also have good patience.
  5. Mrigshira:People of this nakshatra are enthusiastic, fickle, rich, peaceful, sacred, have the knowledge of scriptures, intelligent and clever.
  6. Ardra:Person taking birth in ardra nakshatra are short tempered, take revenge, emotional, practical in behaviour, aggressive in nature.
  7. Punarvasu:Person born on this nakshatra are intelligent, beautiful, smart, have good patience, have good friends, charitable, shaukeen etc.
  8. Pushya:These people are lucky, famous, courageous, kind hearted, religious, art liker, honest, luxuriant, obey parents, rich.
  9. Ashlesha:This nakshatra makes a person deceptive, cruel, have lust, addictive. They also engage in antisocial activities and spend without any reason.
  10. Magha:Person born in magha nakshatra are fatty, having patience, devotee of masters, stunning, positive minded but don’t like to be near to females.
  11. Poorwafalguni:This nakshatra makes a person graceful, wandering, like dance, knowledgeable, courageous. They also take care of many persons.
  12. Uttarafalguni:These people defeat enemies easily, happy, enjoy life, like females, like arts, honest, intelligent, kind hearted, famous, have patience and have good contacts in society.
  13. Hasth :This nakshatra makes a person intelligent, excited, ready to help other, courageous, easily attracted towards females, wealthy.
  14. Chitra:Person born in chitra nakshatra have strange hobbies, good in sex, like gambling, rich, enjoy world, defeat enemies, strategic, lover. But they get defeat from opposite sex easily.
  15. Swati:This nakshatra makes a person holy, honey-tongued, good businessman, good worldly knowledge, hermit, knowledgeable, sexual, and religious. These people take care of many ones.
  16. Vishakha:Person take birth in vishakha nakshatra are reprove(condemn always), have flattering nature, defeat enemies, rich, greedy. This type of people also do business of metals.
  17. Anuradha:Person born in this nakshatra are courageous, engage in administrative work, beautiful, perform sins secretly, defeat enemies easily, have interest in arts, short tempered, always ready to take part in celebrations.
  18. Jyestha :These people spend more, sexual, engage in brutal work, lier, but powerful, religious in some extent etc.
  19. Mool:These persons are violent, rich, enjoy world, helpful, lier, like females, lazy, good physical power. They don’t keep the secrets of others in mind.
  20. Poorwashada:These people are very honest with there own wife but are dominating, good friends, good communication skill, wealthy, perform water journey.
  21. Uttarashada:Person born in this nakshatra are grateful, religious, humble, beautiful, smart, kind, winner, religious. But these people are egoistic in somehow.
  22. Shravan :These people are knower, have good wife, know poetry, religious.
  23. Dhanishtha:This nakshatra makes a person religious, greedy of money, lover of dancing and music, peaceful, stunning, rich, kind.
  24. Shatbhisha:Courage, good communication power, brutal, struggling life, greed of females etc are seen in the people who take birth in shatbhisha nakshatra.
  25. Poorwabhadrapad:The person born in this nakshatra are straight forward, fearing in nature, artful, disturb mind, easily dominated by females, clever in earning, miser etc. They are also arrogant in somehow.
  26. Uttarabhadrapad: Persons born in this nakshatra will usually be kind hearted, well educated, have thoughtful mind, sacrificing, wants to be lonely, pleasant face, soft in nature, sensitive, have sympathy and pity on others, settle in good jobs, attain higher position in the middle age and may siffer from some ill health.
  27. Rewati: These persons are having good personality, attractive personality, famous, courageous, rich, sexual, smart, and beautiful but immigrant.
So above we have read about the nature and personality of a person as per NAKSHATRA, But don’t reach at any final conclusion just by reading about nakshatra, It is good to consult ASTROLOGER to get best suggestions.

In next lessons we will see more interesting topics.

About nature and personality of person born on 27 nakshatra as per vedic astrology, नक्षत्र से किसी के बारे में कैसे जाने?, predictions through nakshatra, free lesson.


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