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The Reality of Lo Shu Grid Magical Square

The reality of lo shu grid magical square, Revealing the truth and hidden power of lo shu grid by Astrologer, vastu consultant and numerologist Dr. Om Prakash.

lo shu grid magical square by best numerologist in india
The Reality of Lo Shu Grid Magical Square
Lo shu grid is very famous all over the world and in the name of Chinese astrology but do you know that this is the research of Indian sages.


Lo shu grid is not a new invention but the new name given by china to our Pandrah yantra or surya yantra.

If you see the the image which I have given in the article, you will find the difference actually no- difference. Only they have turned the yantra.

The numbers which are given in upper grid of lo shu grid are present in the lower grid in surya yantra or 15 yantra and the numbers which are given in lower grid in lo shu grid are present in upper grid in surya yantra and there is no change in middle grid numbers.

So how can we say that lo shu grid is the discovery of china.

This information of this yantra is given in our epics. If we study the YANTRA MAHARNAV , we can find details about this yantra. There are another books also present in market in which we can know about this yantra.
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The Power of Surya Yantra or Pandrah yantra:

  • The calculation of every row and column is 15.
  • This yantra is a very good for money attraction.
  • This yantra is used to enhance the power sun in our life.
  • This 15 yantra is good to attract name, fame and prosperity in life.
  • Surya yantra is also good to enhance luck in life.
  • When we use the grid of surya yantra or Panchdashank yantra as a tool for predictions then this can reveal many things about our life.
  • This magical yantra is also used to remove the vastu dosha.
  • It is used to enhance the business.
So the important thing is that lu sho grid is not at all Chinese magical grid. This is purely an Indian scientific tool to remove problems, to predict life, to remove vastu dosha, to attract prosperity in life.
The description of this Surya yantra/ Panchdashank yantra/ Pandrah yantra is given in our Vedas and so we must proud to use this to make life wonderful.

India was spiritual master of the world and is spiritual master and will remain spiritual master.

Visitors from other countries come to India and learn the vedic science after that they make some changes and give it another name. And unfortunately Indians use the vedic science with different name.

We must believe in our vedic science and use it to make our life wonderful.

Vedic science is the root key of any other occult sciences and so there is not alternate of vedic astrology.Believe on our own science, give respect to our own shashtra.

Use numerology as another Indian magical science not as Chinese magical grid.

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The reality of lo shu grid magical square, लो शु  ग्रिड की सच्चाई, Revealing the truth and hidden power of lo shu grid by Astrologer, vastu consultant and numerologist Dr. Om Prakash.


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