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Color Blindness Reasons in Astrology

What is colour blindness?, know about Symptoms, astrology reasons, Treatment of colour blindness, Treatment through astrology and Occult science,Astrologer for horoscope reading to get rid of chronic diseases.

color blindness and astrology reason

The victim of colour blindness faces problem in identifying some specific colors. Because of this the patient is unable to differentiate among some specific colours.

It happens due to non availability of sensitive pigments in eyes. These pigments are present in eyes cones which is present just behind the eyeball.

Symptoms of Colour Blindness:

  1. In this disease person is unable to detect some specific colours. It may be possible that person may not identify red color or green color or yellow colour etc.
  2. Some patient are unable to identify some specific shades of colors.
  3. In some particular case patient recognize only black and white color.

Types of Colour Blindness:

Red colour blindness, Green color blindness, Blue color blindness are the common color blindness. In this person is unable to recognize these 3 colours.

So 3 Types Of Colour Blindness Are found:

  1. Monochromatic : In this state person can see only 1 type of colour.
  2. Di-Chromatic: In this person is able to see only 2 colours.
  3. Anomalous Tri-Chromaticism: In this person is able to see 3 colours.

How To Identify That There Is A Color Blindness?

Sometimes it is very difficult to detect the colour blindness but there are many types of procedures to find this diseases like as-
  1. Ishihara Test.
  2. Lantern Test.

Treatment Of Color Blindness:

Light filtering Lens is used to treat this colour blindness.

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Astrology Reasons For Colour Blindness:

Astrology is a science through which it is also possible to detect the reasons of colour blindness. Let's see some ways to know about the colour blindness reasons through astrology.
  1. 2nd house and 12th house of horoscope represent the eyes so if these 2 houses are generating malefic impacts then the person may suffer from any type of eyes diseases.
  2. If 2nd house and 12t house is affected by any type of grahan yoga then also it is possible that the person may suffer from colour blindness.
  3. If Venus is generating malefic effect in any of the 2 houses then also it is possible that the person may suffer from color blindness.
  4. If Sun or moon generates malefic impacts then also it is possible that the person may suffer from colour blindness.
  5. If the second and twelfth house is making any type of bad relationship with 6th house in horoscope then also chances of eyes related problem increase.
  6. If the lord of both houses are in malefic state in birth chart then also it enhances the chances of eyes related problem.

Astrology Remedies To Heal Colour blindness:

Although it is not possible to heal this disease but if we adopt the ways of astrology and occult sciences then magical result may be seen.
  • Grah shanti of malefic planet help to protect eyes.
  • Special gems stones as per horoscope also help to increase power of eyes.
  • Special spell chanting is also a way to increase power.
  • Self hypnosis technique is also a great way to do the impossible things.
In occult science it is said that nothing is impossible in this world. So put the best possible efforts to up lift your life.

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