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How Gold Bring Luck In Life As Per Astrology

For whom, Gold is a factor of luck, when should we buy gold, who should do gold business, who should wear gold to make life successful.

One of the most precious metal is gold, which is present in the womb of the earth. Gold is not radically shiny but when it is heated in fire, its brightness increases and when it becomes glow after heating, people want to keep it with them. In the same way,  in this world, the person who struggle a lot, work hard and make improvements regularly automatically become favorite of others. 

How Gold Bring Luck In Life As Per Astrology
How Gold Bring Luck In Life As Per Astrology

Let us know the importance of gold in astrology:

When we talk about remedies in astrology, then gold is used a lot because it is counted in a sacred metal. It is used in making amulets, idols, rings, instruments, donations etc. The reason for this is that gold is mainly related to the planet jupiter, which is related to knowledge, energy, status, power.

Those who get the favor of gold, their life becomes wonderful.  Such natives start earning success from every direction. But there are some people who, if wear gold, they will suffer loss, start getting allergies, feel suffocated, etc. In this article we will also see the reason for this.

There are so many people who used to wear gold for sake and they pass with heavy loss. Therefore, the power of gold should not be ignored. It can make a person king if support and also ruin life, if don't support .

By observing the horoscope closely, it is possible to know whether gold is lucky or not for anyone.  There are so many people whom I asked to wear only gold ring and they got success.

Use of gold in Ayurveda:

Gold is also very important in Ayurveda and that is why gold is also used to treat various diseases.

As per ayurveda, the nature of  gold is hot and it is full of energy and power. That's why gold is used in many medicines in Ayurveda to remove weakness in the body, to increase semen power, to rejuvenate body etc.

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Let us know who should think carefully before wearing gold?

  1. People who get angry a lot should avoid wearing it.
  2. People whose weight is increasing rapidly, they should also ask good astrologer before using it.
  3. People whose ego is very high, they should also protect themselves from gold.
  4. People who have extreme heat in their body should also show the horoscope before using it.
  5. Even if the guru is inauspicious in your horoscope, wear gold thoughtfully, otherwise damage can occur.
  6. Even if sun is not good in horoscope then it is good to consult astrologer before wearing gold.

Here also keep in mind that if you have worn gold in the above situation, then carefully watch the effect on you and then decide whether you are really getting benefits or not. 

Let us now know , Who Can enhance Luck through gold?

  • Since gold is related to the planet Jupiter/Guru, therefore, if anyone has auspicious jupiter but weak, then it is good to wear gold, this will miraculously change the life.
  • If you do work related to Guru and you are not getting progress in it, then in such a situation you can wear gold by showing horoscope to an experienced astrologer.
  • If you suffer from cold and cough easily then gold can be beneficial for you.
  • If the sun is auspicious in your horoscope but is weak, you can increase its strength by wearing gold. It will help to attract name and fame in life.
  • People of Sagittarius and Pisces sign can also get benefit by wearing gold.

Note: Never wear anything made of gold below your waist. And also keep in mind that if you want to test the power of this metal properly, then after wearing it, stay away from illegal activities. Avoid using non-veg and liquor, do not commit violence.

When should you buy gold for luck?

Gold is related to the Jupiter or Guru and also it is related to the Sun, due to which the gold is strong, glows, full of energy and person who wear it can get all these qualities.  But gold should never be bought without any mahurat as per astrology. If you buy gold in the at right mahurat then its benefits can increase manifold.

Let us know some auspicious time when we can wake up our fortune by purchasing it:

  1. Gold must be purchased in Guru Pushya Yoga.
  2. Buying gold in Ravi Pushya Yoga is also auspicious.
  3. Apart from this, we can also buy it on laabh, shubh or amrut choghadiya which are present in panchang.
  4. We can buy gold on Dhanteras as well.
  5. We can buy gold if sarwarth siddhi yoga form on Thursday.
  6. We can buy gold on the auspicious time on Sunday too.

How to keep gold jewelry?

If you have raw gold or jewelry, then take care to keep them. Do not keep the gold in the normal way, where you keep it, put a red or yellow muslin cloth and then put it. Keep the purity of that place, it will give you many benefits in life.

From the horoscope we learn many more things:

  • Would it be good to gift gold?
  • Will taking gold as a gift bring good luck?
  • When will gold awaken our destiny?
  • At what time should we not wear gold?
  • Will gold business benefit?
  • When should I donate gold?

The planets in our horoscope tell a lot about us, knowing that we can miraculously change our life, achieve success. If you also want to show horoscope then you can contact astrologer to know more about yourself.

For whom, Gold is a factor of luck, when should we buy gold, सोना कैसे भाग्योदय करता है, who should do gold business, who should wear gold to make life successful.


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