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Pitru Dosha In Horoscope As Per Astrology

Pitra Dosh, Pitra Dosh Calculation and Pitra Dosh Upay, magical spell to fulfill wishes, Remedies of Pitra Dosh, how pitru dosha form in horoscope.

Meaning of pitru dosha in birth chart: This is one of the most important curse which ruin the life of a native in all respect. It is due to the deeds done in earlier life. Astrologer detects this pitru dosha by reading the horoscope easily. It also shows that ancestors are not happy and so it is advised to do some rituals regularly for the upliftment of ancestors. This will help to bring the blessings of Pitru.

all about Pitru Dosha In Horoscope As Per Astrology
Pitru dosha remedies by astrologer

How to calculate Pitru dosha in Kundli?

In vedic astrology, we take sun as the main planet related to ancestors and so the state of surya, the power of sun and conjunction of sun is studied in depth to know the pitru dosha and its impact in life. The sun is related with status in society, decision making ability, relations with seniors or higher authorities, name , fame, relations with father etc. So if pitru dosha form in birth chart then person faces problems in acquiring the subjects related to sun. Hence struggle arises, frustration arises in life. We will check more details further in this article.

How pitru dosha form in horoscope?

To find the ancestor curse it is necessary to check kundli very minutely. Check the state and power of sun in birth chart. For example –

  1. If sun is debilitated in kundli then pitru dosha arise.
  2. If surya is debilitated then the native face severe issues in life.
  3. If sun is sitting with rahu or ketu then also person faces problems due to pitra dosha.
  4. If you want to check ancestor curse in palm then do check your palm minutely, If there is too many crosses everywhere then it is the sign of pitru dosha.
  5. If finger of sun is not in good position and if there is cross in sun mount then it is the indication of pitru dosha.

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What are the Impacts of pitru dosha in life:

  • Dreams of ancestors compel the person to think about them.
  • Inauspicious incidents and bad omen takes place just before some celebration always is due to pitru dosha in kundli.
  • Dream of snakes regularly also give rise to pitru dosha.
  • Miscarriage takes place if this yoga is formed in girls kundli.
  • Some are unable to take healthy decision to make profits from deals.
  • Person always face problems in dealing with higher authorities.
  • Chronic diseases also harass the person because of pitru dosha.
  • There is also delay in marriage.
  • Some people suffer due to heavy debt.

So there are various types of problems and person will face which type of problem is totally depends upon the formation of pitru dosha in a particular house. Different houses in horoscope is related with different subject. So best astrologer always check the kundli minutely from different angel to know the problems and solutions.

Now lets’ know some easy remedies of pitru dosha in birth chart:

If anyone is suffering from pitru dosha then it is good to go for some specific remedies as per birth chart. But here for knowledge, I am providing some easy remedies which will help you to come out from sufferings of ancestors curse.

  1. On chaudas and amavasya, do offer sweet water on peepal tree and pray for good life.
  2. Do the abhishek of shivling on no moon day and Chaudas and pray for the peace of ancestors and then pray for blessings.
  3. Do the fast of Sunday.
  4. Do the pitru shanti pooja which is an effective way. 
  5. Donate food, cloths, money to Brahmin on amavasya and take there blessings.
  6. Do take out a part of your meal for dog, cows, crows, ants.
  7. Do tarpan prayog on every amavasya and chaudas.
  8. Don’t miss shraad paksh 16 days to perform tarpan prayog and other rituals to attract the blessings of ancestors. 
  9. Do take blessings of aged people, elders always.
  10. Don’t humiliate parents or any other one.
  11. Do recite PITRU SUKTAM regularly on chaudas and amavasya and in 16 days of shraadha paksh and pray for a smooth life. 
  12. Do not eat non-veg if there is pirtu dosha in horoscope.
  13. Do not take any types of drugs if there is malefic sun in kundli, it will ruin your life. 
  14. Do avoid any type of illegal activities, sexual activities specially on shraadha paksh, chaudas, and amavasya. 
  15. Don’t do any celebration on amavasya and 16 days of pitru paksh.

So a person suffering from pitru dosha may suffer due to delay in marriage, failure in love life, instable career, obstacle in studies, chronic diseases, debt problems etc. So do consult astrologer and adopt the right remedies for you.

Consult astrologer (Om Prakash) for horoscope reading, love life predictions, marriage life reading, career analysis, health issues.

Special Mantra To Fulfill wishes By Ancestors blessings:

"ॐ सर्व पितृ मनः कामना सिद्ध कुरु कुरु स्वाहा"

Before using this mantra it is good to do some rituals for the upliftment of ancestors and then do this mantra.

Pitra Dosh, Pitra Dosh Calculator, पितृ दोष के उपाय ज्योतिष में, magical spell to fulfill wishes, Remedies of Pitra Dosh, how pitru dosha form in horoscope.


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