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Rog Nivaran Totke In Astrology

Rog nivaran totke, what to do to get rid of disease early, how to use astrology to get rid of disease, medical astrology by astrologer, horoscope analysis for health problems solutions. This is a fact that no one want to suffer from any type of disease but it is not possible, some type of health issues always disturb our life. If you are suffering from chronic diseases and want to get rid of it then this article will help you a lot. Read about yogas related to health . Rog Nivaran Totke In Astrology There are many totkas, poojas, rituals are present in our epics which helps to over come from diseases soon.   Totka To Heal From disease: If anyone is suffering for long time and not getting satisfactory health then do make PEDA of wheat flour and take water in a copper vessel. Now do move both the item from head to feet 21 times anticlock wise and then feed the PEDA to cow and pour the water on any plant or tree. Do this 7 days starting from Sunday. This will be ve

How To Reduce Ill Effects Of Mars ?

How To Reduce Ill Effects Of Mars, Natural remedies to get rid of malefic/ inauspicious  Mangal impacts,  Astrology Remedies to make Mars strong. Before starting this article let me clear a very important concept related to MALEFIC Mars AND WEAK Mars . Malefic Mars means when Mars sits with enemy zodiac then it becomes malefic but weak Mars may be positive or negative. In this article we are going to see only remedies of malefic Mars . There are different solutions of malefic and weak Mars so don't be confused. Mars plays very important role in our life and as per vedic astrology Mars represent younger blood, brother, anger, power, strength, etc. If Mars or Mangal is in good state in horoscope/kundli/birth chart then person easily get good powerful body and mind, energy, attraction power etc. whereas inauspicious Mars generate many problems in life. How To Reduce Ill Effects Of Mars ? How Mars Become Malefic in Horoscope? when mars sits with gemini , cancer or virg


What is Mangal dosh? How Mangalik Dosh Happens in Horoscope or Kundli ?, Effects of  in life as per astrology, solutions to make life hurdle-free. A very important question arises in every one's mind that what is mangal dosh and what are the effects of this dosha and what are the remedies of this curse ? Mangal Dosh Mangal dosh happens when -- Mangal(Mars) sits in lagna, happiness place that is 4th place of horoscope, marriage house i.e seventh place, eights house or in 12th house of horoscope as per vedic astrology. If Mangal(Mars) sits with adverse planet. If Mangal of neech is placed in horoscope. Effects of Mangal Dosha: P roblem in Marriage takes place as per vedic astrology if manglik dosha is present in horoscope. Person may become Short tempered because of malefic mangal in kundli.  Strife(kalah) in Home also takes place due to problematic mangal in birth chart. Adverse effects on personal life Accidents may also occur.  Some special ty

Reality Of Match Making

Reality of match making in astrology, secrets of match making, Is it possible to marry even after not having good match making points, is it good to marry with our beloved without having no good match making points as per astrology. Marriage is an important part of life, it is a great decision to live life with each other, it is a decision to live life with the desired person for ever and in this regard match making is also done as per astrology. But it is a bitter truth that due to not having proper knowledge many true lovers are not able to tie in this beautiful relation, many people are suffering due to improper match even after having true love with the beloved. This is very unfortunate that we just use the software to match kundli and if the score is less then we just make our mind that the marriage is not good but there are secrets of astrology through which we can also know that in which extent the marriage is possible and how to minimize the doshas. Reality O

Ashwin amavasya What to do to remove problems

The importance of Ashivan Amavasya, how to overcome the misfortune, what to do on October 16, on Friday, what will happen on this day, by worshiping, donating, know according to astrology. Amavasya is very important in India because as per astrology, worship done on this day and giving donation remove the misfortune /bad luck and thus help in living a successful life. From the point of view of tantra also no moon night is important and so diwali night is also important. Ashwin amavasya What to do to remove problems This ashwin amavasya is one of the best day to attract the blessings of forefathers to remove obstacles from life and to fulfill wishes.  On October 16, 2020, the Amavasya of Ashwin month is coming on Friday, It will remain till night at1:01 and then Navratri will begin. Not only this, the Sun will also enter Libra zodiac on 17th and will remain deilitated for 1 month, whose information I have given in the last video and article. On October 16, 2020, on Friday, Amavasya

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When will sun transit in aries in 2023, Impacts on 12 zodiacs, predictions in vedic astrology, सूर्य का मेष राशि में गोचर कब होगा?, What to do to get favor of planet sun in vedic astrology?. Every planet keeps changing zodiac sign from time to time, the effect of which we get to see in environment, business, personal life. In this article, we will study the transit of Sun in Aries. Every year in the month of April, Sun enters Aries and becomes exalted, which is very auspicious. When the Sun enters Aries, it shines with its full power and we can see its effect everywhere. In 2023, Sun will enter Aries on Friday, April 14 at 2:42  PM and will remain in it for the next one month. Sun In Aries Results/predictions हिंदी में पढ़िए सूर्य का मेष राशि में गोचर कब होगा २०२३ में ? Let’s know sun is related with which subjects as per astrologer? As per vedic astrology, we can predict many things about life as per the state of sun in horoscope. Sun is related with father, name a