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Dusshera Totkay To Bring Success In Life

Totkay for dusshera, what to do to remove problems of life, best ideas to make life successful on dusshera.
Dusshera is one of the biggest festival in India which is celebrated with full of excitement everywhere. This celebration reminds us about the victory of lord Rama over Ravan.

This is very auspicious day from the point of view of ASTROLOGY too because this is the day when we can perform many rituals to overcome from problems.

For the decades Scholars are doing many TOTKAYS to make life successful on Dusshera. In this article we will see some easy ways to make life successful. These totkay are easy to perform on Vijayadushmi to attract health, wealth and success.

We get Sarwarth siddhi yoga on Dusshera and it is good to perform the TOTKAYS in this auspicious time so do consult astrologer to know the best time to perform rituals or totkay.
Watch Video here:
Some Totkays For Dusshera to Bring Luck:Do visit any laxmi temple and offer deepak of Clove and Camphor there. This will open …

Significance of Durga Ashtmi

Significance of Ashtmi, different traditions related with puja of durga-ashtmi, what to do for better life. The 8th day of Navratris or navdurga is very important for every devotee of goddess. This day is celebrated as Maha-Ashtmi/Durga Ashtmi. On this day generally people keep fast and perform prayers to please their Kuldevi, goddess kali or goddess durga. If anyone has not done special rituals of the 7 days of navratris then doing prayers on this day is also sufficient.

There are many stories which tells about importance of Maha-ashtmi – Some believe that on this day goddess kali took birth.Some believe that on this day goddess has finished the MAHISHASUR(the demon).As per astrology the Ashtmi tithi of every month is very auspicious and related to goddess and is the best day to worship Kuldevi or goddess durga and so the durga-ashtmi in navratris is taken as auspicious because these days are divine from the point of view of performing spiritual practices. Generally people are not awa…

Shami Tree Astrology

Shami tree astrology, Prosopis cineraria importance as per astrology, Shani and shami, how to take benefits from shami tree.
For the decades shami tree is being worshiped by scholars, brahmins, tantrik, astrologers etc. Now the question is that why shami tree is worshiped, what is the secret of shami tree, what are the benefits we can get through shami or prosopis-cineraria. How to worship shami tree and why to worship shami. Here in this article I am going to reveal the secret of shami.
Shami is also known as khejari, saangri etc. It is available every where but not in abundance. But due to lack of knowledge it is not possible by every one to take the benefits from shami tree.

As per astrology shami tree is associated with planet Saturn or shani. So to please shani shami is worshiped, to get the blessings of shani shami is worshiped, to over come from shani sadesati shami tree is worshiped. In Wikipediaalso knowledge of shami tree is given.

Shami tree is very good for the land. It in…

Dusshera Astrology Importance

Dussehra or vijayadashmi and astrology, what to do for success as per astrologer on dushera.
One of the most important festival of India is dushera, one of the most auspicious festival of the great Bharat is Vijyadashmi. Just after Just after sharadiya navratra, Dushera is celebrated in all over India with joy. The story behind this is that lord Rama and Laxman has finished the rule of Ravana on this day. So this day is celebrated as a victory of truth over false, this is celebrated in the memory of ram and ravan war. Dushera is celebrated to remind every one that false will not remain for ever. Truth wins always. read about 3 Special Dussheras of India.
How Dushera is celebrated? Generally in a large play ground people make the idol of Ravan and in the evening it is destroyed by rama. In some places Ravan idol, kumbhkaran idol and meghnad idol is also burnt together.Crackers show also takes place during this celebration.

People gather in a public ground and enjoy the ravan dahan prog…

Ashwin amavasya What to do to remove problems

The importance of Ashivan Amavasya, how to overcome the misfortune, what to do on October 16, on Friday, what will happen on this day, by worshiping, donating, know according to astrology.Amavasya is very important in India because as per astrology, worship done on this day and giving donation remove the misfortune/bad luck and thus help in living a successful life. From the point of view of tantra also no moon night is important and so diwali night is also important.
This ashwin amavasya is one of the best day to attract the blessings of forefathers to remove obstacles from life and to fulfill wishes. On October 16, 2020, the Amavasya of Ashwin month is coming on Friday, It will remain till night at1:01 and then Navratri will begin.Not only this, the Sun will also enter Libra zodiac on 17th and will remain deilitated for 1 month, whose information I have given in the last video and article.On October 16, 2020, on Friday, Amavasya will start from 7:53 AM and will remain till 1:00 night…

Navratri and Kala Jadu Protection

Navratri and kalajadu protection, how to save ourselves from evil effects, Things used to perform kala jadu, Tips to protect family, business etc from Black magic.

There are 2 aspects of any powerful days one is positive and 2nd is negative. Navratris are very powerful for every one who want to get powers to get success in life but it is also a fact that powers are also of 2 types one is from the divine positive gods and goddesses and second is from the evil powers.
Some people who are of negative mind and want destruction any how entered in performing pooja related to evils, shaitan, black powers, dark powers and get there wishes fulfilled. This is the kala jadu and is very dangerous, it not only harm the target but the devotees of black powers also not live a happy life.

It is because we can't accept good from bad powers. So initially they give the devotees every thing but in long run the person who perform kala jadu lost every thing in life.

There are many persons who came in t…

Siginificance of Navratri Starting from 17 october 2020

Significance of Navratri Starting from 17 october, how to perform ghat sthapna,Devi's mantra to fulfill wishes.When there is talk of Shakti worship, then you definitely remember Navaratri / Durga Puja, when it comes to playing Garba, even then Navaratri is definitely remembered. Navratri of Ashwin month is starting from Saturday, October 17, 2020, and is starting with some special yogas. These 9 nights are very important to transform life.
Let's know everything about it, what to do to make life successful in this Navratri 2020.When To do Ghat sthapna:If you want to setup for goodness then do it between 7:30 AM to 4 AM.Keep in mind that Rahu period will be from 9 to 10:30 in the morning.Char mahurat will be from noon to 1:30.Laabh mahurat will be from 1:30 to 3 in the afternoon and from 6:00 to 7:30 in the evening.Amrut Mahurat will remain from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PMLet us know which Mahurat is best to fulfill which desire:If you have everything in your life and you want peace, ausp…

Weekly Rashifal 11 to 17 october 2020

Weekly predictions 11th of October 2020, Sunday to October 17, 2020, Saturday, Horoscope of 12 zodiac signs, career, love life / relationship, predictions as per current transit, know how the coming week will be.Welcome to the weekly predictions of astrologer Om Prakash ( Here the blog will give information to the readers and astrology lovers about the changes in the lives of the 12 zodiac signs according to Vedic astrology. Know the upcoming week's Rashifal.
Let's know how this week will be from 11th of October 2020, Sunday to October 17, 2020, Saturday::Aries Horoscope / Predictions (from 11th of October 2020, Sunday to October 17, 2020, Saturday): This week, the people of Aries will get support from their mother and with their blessings many works will be done. With the blessings of Mother, the benefits of land benefit are also becoming strong. Due to your dialect with life partner, there may be a dispute, so talk carefully. There may be trouble in the lower …

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