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New Year 2021 Pravesh Kundli Predictions

How will be the first day of the new year, know the entry horoscope of 2021, horoscope for the first day of the new year, vedic astrology prediction.

The new year is starting on Friday, in this article we will know how the planets will be at the time of entering the new year, which planets will be auspicious, which planets will be inauspicious, which are forming yogas, 12 people What effect will the planets have in life?

New Year 2021 Pravesh Kundli Predictions
New Year 2021 Pravesh Kundli Predictions

Let us first know some important things about the Entry time of new year 2021:

  • 01 january 2021, Friday, time 12:01 AM (Mid night)
  • At the time of entering the new year, there will be the Dwitiya tithi of the Krishna Paksha, whose deity is fire, so they will infuse energy and vigor within the people. There may be a big stir in the financial market, i.e. in the stock market.
  • There will be Pushya Nakshatra at the beginning of new year which will be a sign of increasing fortunes, children born on this day will be scholars, will be righteous, virtuous and will be able live stable life.
  • Friday will be the first day of the new year, which will help in increasing the physical comfort, new lovers will come into existence, people will spend more in their luxury.

If we look at the New Year's entry horoscope, we will see the following positions of the planets:

  1. New year will start with Virgo ascendant whose lord is Mercury and this is sitting in the place of happiness, which is definitely indicating very good change, business will touch its new heights. There will be more happiness in the life of people than before, unemployed will get jobs, as well as entrepreneurship will increase.
  2. Sun and Mercury are sitting together and forming Budhaditya Yoga, which is going to increase the value of respect, increase in personal happiness, people will be able to spend good time with their loved ones and also help each other for growth.
  3. Rahu is sitting in the destiny house, due to which the trend of people will increase in religious work as well as those who are engaged in some special spiritual practices can have very good experiences. This new year will give special benefits to people whose Rahu is in good position in the horoscope.
  4. Ketu is sitting in th strength house , which will also increase the outcome of the people, there will be yoga of sudden journey, new relationships will be formed.
  5. Mars is sitting in the eighth house with its own zodiac, due to which people get courage and risk taking capacity will also increase, people will be more alert, enthusiastic about their goals.
  6. The moon is sitting in the eleventh house with its own zodiac sign which will help in opening up the sources of income, there will be a stir in the market, money will come in the market, which will increase the brightness of the market.
  7. At the time of beginning of new year, only debilitated Jupiter will sit in the fifth house, due to which people in the speculative business can suffer a lot of loss, so it is good to stay away from it on the first day. At the same time some big changes will be seen in the love life of some people. The love life of some people will change completely, do not be too emotional, otherwise you will have a lot of damage.

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Let us now know how the first day of the 12 zodiac signs people can be done according to the vedic astrology:

How will Ist of january, 2021, first day of Aries people:

Enthusiasm, will increase inside the people of Aries. Personal and material pleasures are expected to increase.

If you are going for a job interview, then luck will support you.

Even if the people of Aries are in business, the first day will be very good.

You will think of making a new plans and use it to increase income, to increase happiness in the family.

You should refrain from lending and borrowing to anyone else, otherwise money can trapped .

How will the 1st day of january, 2021, of Taurus zodiac sign:

The first day of the year will be very good for the people of Taurus zodiac, because the new year is starting on the day of your zodiac master i.e. on Friday which is related with venus. With this Rahu is sitting in your zodiac sign. You can start a new work or you can plan to start a very big task.

There are also chances of buying your new vehicle. You will spend quality time with your sweetheart.

Jobbes may get some new good news.

How will the 1st day of January of Gemini zodiac sign :

Mercury, the lord of Gemini, will be sitting with the Sun, due to which your values increase in respect, you can be more busy with your friends, family members or simply enjoy life.

If you are in business, then your profit totals will be strong, any big deal can happen.

The arrival of a new partner in life also results in happiness.

How will the 1st day of January of cancer zodiac sign 2021:

The first day of the year of Cancer sign will also be very good, because the lord of your zodiac sign will sit in its own zodiac. You will get happiness in life, you can meet with old friends, you will make a lot of new plans about your future life.

The entry of a partner in life will increase the thrill.

If the Cancerians are in business, then your first day performance will be very good, you will be able to use your tact very well.

If you are trying for a new job, then its paths will open.

On the first day don’t lend money to anyone, otherwise money can be stopped.

How will the 1st day of 2021 for Leo zodiac sign People :

The lord of Leo zodiac sign i.e. sun will be sitting in it’s friend's zodiac sign, so that your day will be very good, you will be able to implement the new plan or you will be able to plan a very good plan for the future.

Due to an unexpected good event, you are likely to get special happiness, so keep yourself ready.

You will also get the support of luck so that the stalled work can be completed.

You may get a very good opportunity to increase your income.

How will be the first day of January 2021 for the Virgo zodiac sign :

For the virgo people, The first day of the new year will also be lucky for you, any long-term incomplete wish will be fulfilled.

You will be able to spend good time with your lover, friends, and with the help of them, your work may also increase.

New sources of income can be opened as well as you can start a journey.

How will the 1st day January 2021 for the Libra zodiac sign:

Libra people will increase in the power within, and there is yoga to make any journey. 

Investments in vehicles or land is also possible. 

If you are looking for a partner for marriage then you can find it.

Stopped money can be comeout and and you can make a new plan together with someone to increase work.

How will the first day of January 2021 for Scorpio zodiac sign:

People of Scorpio zodiac may remain distracted in the mind on the first day of the year due to some old subject, but enemies will prevail. If money is stopped somewhere, then it can be received which will give happiness.

Due to life partner, there are chances of having a big profit.

You can be more busy in religious work and this will also give you happiness.

You should avoid any kind of argument to keep your day happy.

How will the first day January 2021 for Sagittarius:

The dignity of Sagittarius people is expected to increase, you can invest in a new scheme. You will get a chance to make full use of your knowledge, which will increase enthusiasm.

Do not lend to anyone under any circumstances, otherwise money can get trapped.

If you love someone, you will be able to spend quality time.

How will the first day January 2021 for Capricorn:

On the first day of the new year of Capricorn people, there are chances of investing in the land. 

New relationships can be formed in life which will bring happiness in the mind.

In spite of everything, any kind of fear in you can make you nervous, so that you will not be able to enjoy time with your colleagues openly.

You will be able to spend a great time with your life partner and the old issues will be removed.

There are also chances of going for a long journey.

How will the 1st day of January 2021 for Aquarius zodiac sign:

The strength of Aquarius people will increase and due to this, they will also do risky work. Old friends can be found with whom you will spend good time.

The yoga to buy land and vehicles will be formed but due to family dispute, the mind can remain disturbed.

Taking care of work may cause a little confusion, which can upset you.

How will the first day of January 2021 for Pisces zodiac sign:

Some of the Pisces zodiac signs may remain engrossed in their own thoughts, so that they may not be able to enjoy time with their friends openly, but there are chances of becoming new friends in your life.

You can get a big chance in the work too. You will be able to get your work done by support of someone and due to luck . 

It would be better to avoid lending to anyone.

Know what your own horoscope says in the new year, get in touch and get the state of the planets in the new year and its impact on life according to Vedic astrology.

How will be the first day of the new year, know the entry horoscope of 2021, नए साल की प्रवेश कुंडली , horoscope for the first day of the new year, vedic astrology prediction.


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