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Personality Number 3- How to wake up fortune

Personality Number 3- How to wake up fortune, characteristics of people having personality number 3, what to do to awaken fate/destiny, which is the lucky day, supportive gems stone as per numerology. 

If you are born on 3, 12, 21, and 30th of any month, your personality number is 3. Number 3 is related to the Jupiter, which is related to courage, strength, perseverance, knowledge, religion etc.

According to numerology, if someone has personality number 3 and the Jupier is strong in the horoscope, then the person is religious but not orthodox, he is known for his knowledge in society, he has practical thinking.

all about Personality Number 3- How to wake up fortune by numerologist
Personality Number 3- How to wake up fortune

Whenever the position of jupiter planet is weak in transiting horoscope, then people with personality number 3 feel weakness, as well as lack of enthusiasm to work.

When the power of the planet is strong, the person also becomes egoistic due to which he has to face adverse situations from time to time.

Let us now know some special things related to people with personality number 3:

  1. The natives of Personality number 3 are fond of tasty food, due to which if they get their favorite food, they also eat more than necessary, due to which obesity can also surround them, so care should be taken.
  2. People with Personality number 3 have a tremendous art of expressing their feelings, their thoughts effectively.
  3. You have more self-respect than others due to which you don’t become familiar with everyone easily.
  4. People with Personality number 3 love cleanliness, beauty and purity, which makes them spend more money to keep their Vastu clean and energized.
  5. You also have more ambitions than others, due to which, if you are in a job, you are constantly trying to get a high position and if you are in business, then you are also trying to make it the best.
  6. People with personality number 3 likes to live freely without any interference of others in their decisions. 
  7. Your reasoning power is also very good, due to which it is not easy to win in debate.
  8. You know the best ways to balance your life. 
  9. People with Personality number 3 know how to use their contacts in the right and proper time.
  10. You are able to do both mental and physical work, so that you can climb the stairs of success easily.
  11. Personality number 3 people are also fond of discipline, so they do not like those people who live life without goals, without rules.
  12. Your heart is also very generous, so when you think of helping someone, you give him so much that he also starts to wonder. Many times, even after harming themselves, they are ready to help others.

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Now let’s know, how people have personality number 3 can enhance luck :

If you start any work on the 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th of the month, it will be very good for you. And if Thursday coincides with these dates, it will be even better.

Number 3 people should use yellow color in their life as much as possible, if you use yellow color like bedsheets, handkerchief, shirt, etc., it will be better.

Also if you can wear gold ring, it will be better for you.

Which gem is lucky for personality number 3 People?

Since you are related to the planet Jupiter, you can wear topaz/yellow sapphire gem to increase the power of planet jupiter.  Yellow sapphire is called Pushpraga in Sanskrit, Yakut in Persian,  Pukhraaj in hindi.

This gem should be made in gold in auspicious time on Thursday and should be worn on auspicious time on Thursday itself.

Whom worship is good for personality number 3 people to awaken fortune?

If your personality number is three, then you should chant the spell related to the planet Jupiter every day, as well as go to a temple every day to take blessing.  This will help to enhance your luck.

If you have any spiritual master than do chant the spell given by your master which will help you a lot. 

Let us know, what will be the impact on personality number 3 people if the jupiter is in a bad state:

  • You may have stomach related problems when the power of the jupiter is low. Obesity may create stress and other problems.
  • Due to bad impact of juptier native face problems of ego which will lead to anger and further it will be responsible for headache. 
  • Native may face problem in maintaining smooth relationship  with friends, spouses, colleagues.
  • It may also increase the Sexual desire.
  • The native may suffer from heart disease.
  • Natives can also suffer from diabetes.
  • Bile can increase in the body.
  • There can be problems in getting education.
  • Native may unable to utilize the education and experience properly which may give frustration.

Which yantra will be good for people having personality number 3?

If you want to get the blessings of jupiter, then you should chant any spell related to Juptier by installing a siddha brihaspati Yantra and before performing any important work, you should see the Siddha brihaspati Yantra and take blessings.

Let us know the names of some world famous celebrities whose personality number is 3:

  1. Abraham Lincoln, the 14th President of the United States, was born on February 12.
  2. Jagdish Chandra Basu, renowned scientist, was born on 30th of November.
  3. Swami Vivekananda, the world famous Indian saint, was born on 12th of January.
  4. Aurangzeb, the Mughal emperor, was born on 3rd of November.
  5. Shammi Kapoor, Bollywood actor, was born on 21st of October.
  6. Waheeda Rehman, Bollywood actress, was born on 3rd of February.

If seen, if the position of Jupiter is good in the horoscope of people with personality number 3, then there is no doubt that courage, strength, perseverance, knowledge, religion etc. will be seen in abundance in them.

Weakness in the qualities may be  seen when the jupiter is weak, in such a situation, the support of mantra, yantra and other measures should be done by consulting numerologist.

Hopefully, in this article, you will have received a lot of information related to people with personality number 3.

If you want to know what is happening in your life according to your horoscope, then you can contact astrologer and numerologist.

Personality Number 3- How to wake up fortune, characteristics of people having personality number 3, what to do to awaken fate/destiny, which is the lucky day, मूलांक ३ वाले अपना भाग्य कैसे जगाएं ?, supportive gems stone as per numerology. 


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