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Successful love marriage case study

Successful love marriage case study, example of lovers horoscope, love astrology, inter caste marriage, study of houses in birth chart for love marriage. 

Love is the essence of life and here is one of the best example I am providing in this article. We will see that how planets supports for a successful love marriage and what problems comes as per planets in doing love marriage.

Successful love marriage case study , horoscope of lovers
Successful love marriage case study

For love marriage analysis we will consider the 5th house, 7th house, 9th house with 4th and Ist house. 

Let’s check the boy horoscope first from the point of view of love marriage:

boy birth chart for love marriage reading study
boy horoscope for love life reading

If we see the horoscope of boy then we fill find the following points :

  1. The master of lagna is Mars which is positive and sitting in fifth house. This is giving the power and dare to take step to live life as per desire. This planet has given the strength to face the challenges in life to make own life successful. 
  2. The master of marriage house is venus which is EXALTED and sitting in fifth house. This is making strong yoga to get a lover as per desire. 
  3. The master of destiny house is Jupiter which is EXALTED and sitting in destiny house. Here he is getting the support of fortune too to make life wonderful and to fulfill wishes. 
  4. Another important this is that 9th house is related with father  and so the boy has got the support of father to do this marriage. 
  5. And the power of destiny house also making yoga to get the ancestral property which he got. 

So if we look the lagna, 5th house, 7th house and 9th house of boy then there is strong successful love marriage yoga is forming in his birth chart. 

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Let’s check the Girl horoscope from the point of view of love marriage:

girl horoscope for love life reading by astrologer
girl kundli for love life reading

If we check the girl birth chart then we find the following points:

  1. Positive sun is present in 5th with positive Jupiter which is making yoga to get a true lover in her life. 
  2. The master of destiny house is Jupiter which is sitting in 5th house, here destiny is also supporting to make successful love life. 
  3. If we analyze the 7th house then the master of marriage house i.e. venus is sitting in happiness house which is malefic and sitting with Rahu that means the native will not get the support of family for love marriage and this happened. She left the home to marry a person of her own. 
  4. Next is the master of the 4th house is moon which is debilitated and present in the 8th house. Here unfortunately the mother of girl has left the world in early age. So the girl is deprived of her mother company. 

So here also the 4th house, 5th house, 7th house and 9th house are making strong love marriage yoga.

The love compatibility match of both girl and boy is very good and in-spite of having Mangalik yoga in girl’s kundli, both are living a very successful life for the last 18 years. 


  • Planets are very effective and behind every incident, there is role of planets. 
  • If you find a good partner who understand you, love you, take care of you then don’t miss the chance to live life together. 
  • If there are some malefic planets creating obstacles in life then don’t panic, do CONSULT ASTROLOGER for proper remedies. 
  • This life is very precious and birth as a human is a blessing, do enjoy every moment of life with full of love and peace. 

Hope this article has given my blog reader some knowledge about successful love life. 

If you want to know about your love life then do consult for horoscope reading, birth chart analysis and solutions to make life wonderful. 

  • Know which planets are supporting you?
  • Which stars are creating obstacles in life?
  • What to do to make life successful?
  • Is there love marriage yoga?
  • How to enhance love life luck as per vedic astrology?
  • Know the reasons of suffering in love life?

Successful love marriage case study, example of lovers horoscope, सफल प्रेम विवाह का अध्ययन ज्योतिष में,  love astrology, inter caste marriage, study of houses in birth chart for love marriage.


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