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Bheeshm ekadashi significance

Bheeshm ekadashi importance, bhishm gyaras significance, what to do for good life, how to remove hurdles of life by ekadashi pooja?.

Bhishma Ekadasi is very auspicious day to accumulate virtue by performing rituals and fast. This powerful and blissful day comes in Magha month as per hindu panchang. This is also called JAYA EKADASHI and falls on the eleventh day of Maagh shukla paksh . 

all about Bheeshm ekadashi significance in english by astrologer
Bheeshm ekadashi significance

In the year 2021, Bheeshm ekadashi is falling on 23rd of February, Tuesday. 

As per padma puran and skand puran reveals many secrets related to jaya ekadashi. 

As per belief, Bheesham revealed the secrets of VISHNU SAHASTRNAAM to Pandavas on this day and motivated them to recite this for well being. This verse contains 1 thousand names of lord Vishnu which are very powerful and the easiest way to attract the blessing of lord Vishnu. 

Listening and recitation of Vishnu shastranaam helps devotees to free from the cycle of life and death and so on bheeshm ekadashi devotees keep fast and do worship lord Vishnu with Vishnu shashtranaam. 

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Let’s know more about the significance of Bhishm ekadashi :

  • This is a very good day to attract blessing of lord Vishnu. 
  • With the virtue of this ekadashi fast and prayer, any one can free from demon or ghost birth i.e. if anyone has pitru dosh or prêt dosh then by keeping the fast and reciting the Vishnu sahashtrnaam on this day, it is  possible to free from dosha. 
  • As per hindu mythology, It is believed that Gandharwa Malyawan and apsara pushpwati free from demon birth by keeping this fast. 
  • Devotees believe that, bheeshm ekadashi fast is able to provide salvation after death. 

Now Let’s know what we can do on Bheesm Ekadashi For successful life:

  1. On bheeshm ekadashi do the panchopchaar pooja of lord Vishnu and perform abhishek. With this do recite Vishnu sahastrnaam and pray for successful life. 
  2. If you are not able to perform any pooja at your home then do visit any Vishnu temple and offer Deepak there and then recite any mantra of lord Vishnu like as Om namo bhagwate vasudevay.
  3. If you find a peepal tree on any Visnu temple then offer water on it on ekadashi or gyaras and then light a lamp of ghee under the tree and take 11 round. This will help you to over come from your debt problems. Read More 10 Money making totkay for Ekadashi.
  4. If possible do recite Vishnu sahastrnaam under peepal tree and donate the virtue to free all nearby souls which are not free due to any reason, this will definitely help you a lot to make life successful. 
  5. Abhisek of lord vishnu with milk having kesar or saffron will open the way to get money in life. Do this on gyaras and see the changes.
  6. If you have pitru dosha in kundli or if you think that any soul is expecting help from you to free then you can perform Vishnu sahastrnaam pooja and offer the virtue for that soul and you will find a very good change in your life. 
  7. There are many people who feel the presence of someone in there vastu, they can use this day to free the soul which are present in there vastu and life a free life. 

Hope you can take the advantage of this day as per your comfort and make life successful. May lord Vishnu give health, wealth and prosperity to everyone.

If you want to know predictions and remedies as per your horoscope then do contact astrologer for real guidance through astrology.

|| Om namo Bhagwate Vasudevay ||

Bheeshm ekadashi importance, bhishm gyaras significance, भीष्म एकादशी का महत्त्व,what to do for good life, how to remove hurdles of life by ekadashi pooja?.


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