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Vastu tips for school office

How to enhance energy in school office as per vastu, स्कूल के ऑफिस में ऊर्जा को कैसे बनाए रखें ज्योतिष और वास्तु अनुसार, Interior tips for school office, and remedies of vastu dosha in school.

School is a place where we can learn, study perform experiments, gather knowledge which is necessary for personality development. The future of students depends upon the environment of school and so this is very important to maintain the energy of school. 

Vastu tips for school office
Vastu tips for school office

Running school is not only a business but it is the place to create genius who can participate in development of society, city, country so those who are running schools have great responsibility. 

Here in this article I am going to provide tips to enhance the energy of SCHOOL OFFICE where counseling is done, where parents and student get the first impression. We will know that how we can increase and maintain the energy of school office. 

Let’s understand the importance of school office:

The office of school is the place where counseling is done, where planning is done, where parents interact with teacher or school owner. So it is necessary to maintain the energy of office in any case. 

School office is the center point of communication and so is very important. 

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Let’s understand the relation of astrology with school office:

Education is related with planet Jupiter so the major impact of Jupiter is found in school so it is necessary to know the ways to please the Jupiter planet in case to run school satisfactorily. 

Jupiter is the master among 9 planets and so has special power who guide everyone to take right decision at right time. 

When we maintain the power of Jupiter in school then no doubt it will show magical impacts on students as well as staff and on school owner. 

Now let’s know some ways to increase and maintain the energy of school office:

  1. First of all start with color of school office, so do use shinning white color or shades of yellow colors. This is related with planet Jupiter and so is very good. 
  2. Whoever sits in office must have patience and smiling face to handle the enquiry or parents. This is necessary because this is the place where parents or student get first impression. 
  3. Install a statue of goddess sarswati but it must be made with original crystal, this will maintain the energy in office. It will be good to put best quality yellow cloth below statue.
  4. Install a poster of shree yantra in such a way that whoever is sitting must see this yantra directly. 
  5. Don’t put any type of notice board inside office, it must be kept outside in such a way that parents and students can see it easily and with patience. 
  6. Keep a siddha Jupiter yantra in North-East corner of office. It must be installed on auspicious day and time.
  7. If you have used dark color in office then don’t worry use crystal balls in office. You can hang it or you can keep it on table. 
  8. It will be best if you put a big logo of your school just behind you so that who ever enter in office must see it directly, this will put a great impact on parents and students. 
  9. Daily cleaning is must in school office with antibacterial liquid. If there is carpet then dusting is necessary daily.  
  10. To maintain the energy of office it is also good to give dhoop of gugal daily 2 times, morning and evening. 
  11. Do sprinkle original camphor in office to maintain the energy whole day. This will keep everyone calm and energize the  room.
  12.  Don’t keep too many things, paintings in office. Maintain the dignity of office. 
  13.  In the free time it is good to play Saraswati mantra in office or only beej mantra of goddess saraswati.

Some vastu tips for school office cash box:

It is very necessary to maintain the energy of cash box, this is the base of running the school so don’t underestimate the power of cash box, don’t take it as granted. 

Here are some important tips to maintain the energy of cash box:

  1. On shukla paksh of Thursday, do clean the cash box properly and sprinkle some red sandal powder, some camphor and then spread best quality yellow cloth. Now start keeping your cash over it. 
  2. Take 3 raw turmeric, wash it, dry it and then worship it properly with spell of Jupiter and then keep it in cash box. Change it timely on auspicious day and time. 
  3. Install a small charged shree yantra  inside cash box. 
  4. Do sprinkle original camphor time to time in cash box. 
  5. Do give dhoop of saffron on Thursday specially. 

So we have seen some easy ways to increase and maintain the energy of school office, hope school owner must use these tips and give best to society. 

It is also good that school owner show horoscope to any experienced astrologer and use the astrology ways to enhance energy which will help to minimize the malefic planetary impacts. 

  • Know as per your horoscope that which gems stone will help you a lot.
  • Which pooja is helpful for you? 
  • Which daan is good for you?
  • Which color is lucky for you?
  • Which day is best for you? etc. 

How to enhance energy in school office as per vastu, स्कूल के ऑफिस में ऊर्जा को कैसे बनाए रखें ज्योतिष और वास्तु अनुसार, Interior tips for school office, and remedies of vastu dosha in school.


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