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Gupt Navratri from 11 July to 18 juy 2021 significance

When will Gupt Navratri start in 2021, importance of Navratri of Ashadh month, auspicious time of kalash sthapna, how will be the position of planets, which sadhna can be done, what things should be kept in mind for success in Gupt Navratri.

On 11th July 2021, Sunday, the Navratri of Ashadh month will start, which we all know by the name of Gupt Navratri.

Gupt Navratri from 11 July to 18 juy 2021 significance by best astrologer in india
Gupt Navratri from 11 July to 18 juy 2021 significance

Now the most important question is why this Navratri is called Gupta, the answer is, in this Navratri, knowledgeable people do spiritual practice secretly to fulfill their wishes and they get success because Navratri of the asadh month is very powerful.

The gupt navratri of this year July 2021, is very important because this time we are going to get a very good yoga of planets, which will benefit the seekers a lot.

Let us now know when we can establish the kalash i.e. ghat-sthapna time on  11th of july ?

The kalash sthapna is done on Pratipada i.e. on ist day of shukla paksh and on 11 july, Pratipada will remain till 10:25 am approx , so if  it is good to do the ghat sthapna between 9 to 10:25 in the morning.

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Let us know the importance of Gupt Navratri of Ashadh month of 2021 according to vedic astrology:

  1. This time Gupt Navratri will start from 11th July, Sunday and on this day there will also be a Mahayoga of Ravi Pushya, so those who start spiritual practice from this day with a specific wish will definitely get success.
  2. At the beginning of Navratri, the moon will remain in its own zodiac sign, so that all of us will get more strength to fulfill our resolutions.
  3. Saturn will remain in its own sign so that those who do spiritual practice will get benefit.
  4. Rahu and Ketu will remain exalted, which will benefit those who practice tantra.
  5. Not only this, Sun and Mercury will be together and form Budhaditya Yoga, this is a raj yoga and will benefit all of us a lot.
  6. This gupt-Navratri will be very helpful for getting name, fame, power.

Let us know that which wishes can be fulfilled by performing rituals or practices in this Gupta Navratri of Ashadha month from July 11 to July 18, 2021:

  • Navratri days are the most powerful time to worship dash-Mahavidya and the nine forms of the Goddess. Any person who wants to gain special powers or want to fulfill any wish, they can do practices or worship during Gupt Navratri.
  • If there is a lot of trouble due to any planet in the horoscope, then it is good to perform grah shanty pooja in Gupt Navratri.
  • If you are not getting a job, then by worshiping your Kul devi i.e. home-goddess or goddess Durga is good. 
  • If anyone is facing too much problems in marriage then do worship goddess to get desired life partner. 
  • If black magic has been done on someone, then in such a situation, powerful pujas are performed in Navratri to save them.
  • If no work is being done for a long time, then even in such a situation you can fulfill your wish by worshiping Bhagwati.
  • Disciples can recite guru mantra to get success in life. Guru Mantra is fully capable of fulfilling all the wishes, there is no doubt about it.

Let us now know some easy ways to do in Gupt Navratri of ashadh month(11 to 18 july 2021):

  1. If you have time, then you can recite Durga Shaptashati daily, its method is given in the book. You can recite accordingly. But on the day of Navami, do worship girls and please them by giving food, clothes, money and take their blessings.
  2. If you are troubled by evil eyes, enemies keep doing some tricks on you, then in such a situation, recite Durga Kavach daily as much as possible and pray for protection, at the time of reciting offer Deepak and incense.
  3. If you want to progress in business, then you should make a swastika from NAAG-KESAR  on a bhoj part in Gupta Navratri, worship it with Lakshmi mantras and then keep it in the safe.
  4. If there is a problem in your married life, then in such a situation, offer makeup items(shringar ka samaan) to the mother and pray for good luck.
  5. Those who want spiritual progress should chant their Guru Mantra or Ishta Mantra.
  6. Those who are failing in every segment of life should chant the Navarna Mantra of the Goddess. The mantra is (Aim Hreem Kleem Chamundayai Viche). Keep in mind that chanting is not to be done mentally.
  7. Students should chant the mantra of Mother Saraswati more and more during Gupta Navratri, sitting on a yellow woolen seat.
  8. Vashikaran Sadhanas are also successful in Gupt Navratri to attract someone special.

So you can do spiritual practice or get rituals done in Gupt Navratri to fulfill any of your wishes.

Some special things should be kept in mind while performing any ritual in Gupt Navratri for success:

  1. Keep the secrecy of worship.
  2. Do not  hurt anyone in any way.
  3. Do not do any kind of violence.
  4. Keep yourself away from lust.
  5. Eat vegetarian and non spicy food.
  6. Keep yourself away from any intoxicant.
  7. Do not use non-vegetarian food.
  8. Follow silence as much as possible.

So by keeping some points in mind, we can get success in our practices in gupt navratri. 

So from July 11 to July 18, 2021, in the Gupta Navratri of the month of Ashadh, worship the Goddess to fulfill your wishes.

If you want to know which sadhna will be suitable for you according to your horoscope, then you can contact astrologer.

  • Know which yantra will be good?
  • How to remove bad luck?
  • Which gem will awaken luck?
  • Which worship will bring auspiciousness in life?

Gupt Navratri from 11 July to 18 juy 2021 significance by best astrologer in india
Gupt Navratri from 11 July to 18 juy 2021 significance

When will Gupt Navratri start in 2021, importance of Navratri of Ashadh month, auspicious time of kalash sthapna, 2021 की अषाढ़ महीने की नवरात्री का महत्त्व, how will be the position of planets, which sadhna can be done, what things should be kept in mind for success in Gupt Navratri.


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