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How To Perform Diwali Pooja? |How To Do Laxmi Pujan?

How To Perform Diwali Pooja?, How To Do Laxmi Pujan?, Astrologer for proper guidance to solve any problem. Diwali is a festival of light, it is a festival of Maha laxmi, It is a festival of doing something special for a prosperous life. There are various ways to do deepavali pujan. Different cast, different method. Deepawali is one of the great festival of India, every Indian waits for this festival and children are very eager for this festival because they get a chance to use crackers. It is believed that Goddess Laxmi personally comes in the night of deepawali and bless the devotees. How To Perform Diwali Pooja Before moving further first of all it is necessary to know the importance of Deepawali. So Let's understand this Diwali night scientifically, spiritually and physically: Deepawali falls on the Amavasya that is no moon night.  As per Hindi panchang it falls on the Kartik Month.  It falls on the darkest night of the year.  In tantra No Moon Night

How To Perform Dhanteras Pooja

How to do dhan-teras pooja, know the procedure in English, dhanteras puja process, astrologer for best analysis of horoscope. Kartik month is very auspicious as per Hindu religion and vedic astrology, Because many important celebrations are enjoyed by people. One of the festival which is very popular in kartik month is DHAN-TERAS. DHANTERAS MAHURAT On 2nd of November 2021. Teras tithi will start at 11:33 AM on 2nd of November 2021 and remain till 9:03 AM of 3rd of November 2021.   How To Perform Dhanteras Pooja This is celebrated on the 13th day of kartik month as per hindu panchang. It is believed that worship on this day and buying auspicious metal on this day will bring prosperity in life. Actually the 5 days from this day are very important because next day is known as narak chaturdashi  on which special cleaning process is done so as to welcome mahalaxmi after this Diwali will be celebrated and after this govardhan Pooja is celebrated and then Bhaai Dooj.  So fr

Transit of venus in sagittarius on 30 october 2021

Transit of venus in sagittarius on 30 october 2021, know the predictions or rashifal as per vedic astrology, जानिए शुक्र के राशिपरिवर्तन का क्या असर होगा 12 राशियों पर | Venus will transit in Sagittarius on Saturday, 30 October at 3:56 PM, which is a friendly sign of Venus, so the people of 12 zodiac signs will definitely get its benefit. Transit of venus in sagittarius on 30 october 2021 The planet Venus is related to love, luxury, entertainment, and attraction power, so whenever Venus changes its zodiac, its effect on people is completely visible. People who have strong Venus in their horoscope get all kinds of happiness in life, whereas when Venus is inauspicious in the birth chart then the person has to move ahead in life with many struggles. हिंदी में पढ़िए 30 अक्टूबर को शुक्र के धनु राशी में गोचर का राशिफल  Let us know what will be the effect of the transit of Venus in Sagittarius on 12 zodiac signs: Watch video here: Predictions of ARIES when Venus transit in Sagittari

Pushya Nakshatra Before Diwali

when is Pushya yoga before deepawali, what to do on this day for luck and prosperity.  Every year, deepawali comes in kartik month as per hindu panchang and before this a very important day come and i.e. pushya yoga. This pusya naksharatra which comes before diwali is very auspicious and is beneficial for businessmen, service persons, housewives, students etc.   pushya nakshatra before diwali It is clearly said by scholars that purchasing anything on pushya yoga is very beneficial, If you want to enhance your luck then do buy things on pushya day, students can buy books on this auspicious day, ladies can buy gold jewelries on this sacred day, businessmen can buy special tools and accounting books on this lucky day. So there is no need to see any other time if you are buying or starting anything on pushya yoga. In the year 2021, pushya nakshatra will start at 9:42 AM on 28th of October, thursday and remain till 11:38 AM of 29th october. So actually we will get 2 days

Totkay For Kartik Month

What to do for success in kartik month, totke to improve business and to attract money, best poojas to do on karthik period, astrologer for reading and solutions. As I said in my previous article that kartik month is one of the best month to perform the pooja or rituals to attract money. Devotees perform pujas to attain the desired success on this month of kartik. So in this article I am going to tell you some important totkay which will open the way of success. In 2021, kartik month is from 21 october to 19 November. पढ़िए   कार्तिक महीने के लिए टोटके हिंदी में totkay for kartik month Watch Video here: Totkay For Karthik Month For Success: If you want to please mahalaxmi then start the special meditation with 'Shreem' beej mantra daily in the morning and in the night before sleeping. In kartik maas or month chant the 'shree suktam' daily and before that offer deepak with clove to mahalaxmi. Read about  Deepawali Tantra For Success . Rope

Karwa Chauth Significance

Karwa chouth significance, history with way to perform karwa chowth pooja, benefits of kawa mata pujan and astrology.  A day for which whole the year married women wait, a day in which whole the day wife keep a fast for the well being of husband, a day to worship karwa goddess is known as Karwa choth. In India this day is celebrated with huge craze and ladies are seems to be excited too much on this day. This day husbands are also feel proud because in the night, wives worship there husbands. This pooja is the symbol of rich tradition of the great India. In 2021, karwachouth will be celebrated on 24th of october, sunday. karwachoth astrology importance This day falls before deepawali and on the 4th day after sharad poornima, ladies celebrate this with fun and masti. This day is very important for both husband and wife as husbands are worshiped on this day and in return they give auspicious gifts to their partners. हिंदी में पढ़िए करवाचौथ के बारे में   Karwachoth com

Kartik Month Importance

Kartik Month Importance, What to do for success in kartik month, importance of kartik bath, Astrologer for easy remedies of problems. If you are facing financial problem then kartik month is best to do the rituals for making money, if you want to please the goddess of money mahalaxmi then kartik month is the best month to do pooja to get the blessings of mata laxmi. People who are aware of kartik month importance do not leave a single day and perform the best possible efforts to open the way of success. In 2021, kartik month is from 21 october to 19 November. Kartik Month Importance kartik month is also important because dhan teras, diwali, karwa choth etc are the important occasion which comes only in this kartik month. So this month is a month to perform sound rituals or pooja(puja) to remove the hurdles or obstacles in life.  Importance of Kartik isnaan or kartik bath: As per Indian mythology taking bath in holy river during kartik month is very auspicious and r

Sharad Poornima- What To Do ? | Importance

Sharad Poornima- What To Do ? | Importance, Some facts related to Shard Poornima, Whom To Worship as per Astrology. The most powerful full moon night of the year is sharad purnima and it is believed that if anyone is facing financial problem and health issues then it is good to worship in the night of sharad poornima. This night is also related with blessings of goddess mahalaxmi.  As per vedic astrology, if moon is powerful in birth chart then person live a prosperous life and debilitated or weak moon leads to dissatisfied life and weak mind power. So moon is very powerful from the point of view of vedic astrology.  In the year 2021 Sharad Poornima night is on 19th of October, tuesday. Poornima tithi will start at 7:05 PM of 19th of october and remain till 8:27 PM of 20th october, wednesday.  As per the Hindu calender there are 12 full moon days i.e. poornima in 12 month. Among them the SHARAD POORNIMA is the most important.   importance of sharad poornima Some facts re

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