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Navratri october 2021 date, mahurat astrology

What is the date of ashwin navratri in October 2021, mahurat of ghatsthapna, planetary positions, what to do for success as per vedic astrology?, navratri spells.

In October 2021, navratri will of 8 days only and will be from 7th, Thursday to 14th October 2021, Thursday.

What is the date of navratri in October 2021, mahurat of ghatsthapna,
Navratri october 2021 date, mahurat astrology

The days of navratri are very powerful to perform spiritual practices and tantra practices, to worship navdurga and so scholars wait for this time every year. 

When there is talk of Shakti worship, then we definitely remember Navaratri / Durga Puja, devotees play garba to please goddess in these days. The 9 nights of navratri are very important to transform life, to gain power to attract blessings of goddess and divine energies. 

Let's know everything about it, what to do to make life successful in this Navratri 2021.

हिंदी में पढ़िए अक्टूबर 2021 की नवरात्री की तारीख और महुरत 

When To do Ghat sthapna on 7th of October 2021:

Pratipada or ekam tithi will be till 1:48 PM on 7th of October, Thursday so take decisions as per this. 

  1. The first best mahurat is from 6:00 AM to 7:30 AM in the morning.
  2. 2nd mahurat is from 10:30 AM to 12:00 noon.
  3. 3rd mahurat of ghatsthapna is from 12:00 noon to 1:30 PM

Let us know which Mahurat is best to fulfill which desire:

  • If you have everything in your life and you want peace, auspiciousness for yourself and others, then you should do ghat sthaapna in the morning from 6 to 7:30 AM.
  • If you are associated with business and want to increase profit, then you can do ghat sthapna between 12 to 1:30 PM. 
  • If you are suffering from any disease and want to worship mother for health, then also do use the morning mahurat time. 

Watch video here:

What can we do in this Navratri from 7 to 14th October 2021?

  • We can worship nine forms of goddess durga in 9 days.
  • We can install a monolithic lamp/akhand deepak for 9 days to fulfill your special desires.
  • You can keep silence fast for 7 days and meditate on goddess continuously.
  • we can recite Durga Saptashati to fulfill spiritual and materialistic desires.
  • Chanting of Navarna Mantra is also very beneficial to fulfill wishes. 
  • Worship girls in navratri to attract blessings of goddess durga. 
  • Apart from this, you can chant your favorite mantra or Guru Mantra too.
  • If you are suffering from black magic then also you can perform rituals to getrid of it. 
  • Shree Yantra siddhi is also possible in navratris. 
  • Some also perform vashikaran practices.

Let us now know which goddess is worshiped on which day in Navratri:

  1. October 7 -  Mother Shailputri will be worshiped.
  2. October 8 -  Mother Brahmacharini will be worshiped.
  3. 9th of October - Goddess Chandraghanta will be worshiped.
  4. 10th of October - Goddess Kushmanda and Skandamata will be worshiped.
  5. 11th monday - Maa Katyayani will be worshiped.
  6. 12  October - Maa Kalratri will be worshiped.
  7. 13 October - Mother Mahagauri Durga will be worshiped.
  8. 14 October - Goddess Siddhidatri will be worshiped.

Let us know what will be the benefit of burning monolithic lamp/Akhand Deepak in Navratri:

If a devi devotee wants to fulfill a particular wish, then they can burn the monolithic flame, but keep in mind that when the monolithic flame burns in the name of the mother, then the devotee has to sleep on the ground and keep constant purity and celibacy One has to remain engaged in spiritual practice to obtain right result.

Let us now know the Spells/beej mantra of 9 Goddess to please them and to make life blessed:

  1. Shailputri: Hreem Shivaayai Namah(ह्रीं शिवायै नम:)
  2. Brahmacharini: hreem Shree Ambikayai Namah(ह्रीं श्री अम्बिकायै नम:)
  3. Chandraghanta: aim Shreem Shaktaayai Namah(ऐं श्रीं शक्तयै नम:)
  4. Kushmanda: Aim hreem devai namah(ऐं ह्रीं देव्यै नम:)
  5. Skandmata: Hreem Kleem Swaminye Namah(ह्रीं क्लीं स्वमिन्यै नम:)
  6. Katyayani: kleem Shree Trinetrayai Namah( क्लीं श्री त्रिनेत्रायै नम:)
  7. Kalratri: kleem aim Shree Kalikayai Namah( क्लीं ऐं श्री कालिकायै नम:)
  8. Mahagauri: Shree Kleeem hreem Vardadai Namah( श्री क्लीं ह्रीं वरदायै नम:)
  9. Siddhidatri: Hreem kleem aim siddhaye namah (ह्रीं क्लीं ऐं सिद्धये नम:)

Let us know how to install the Kalash:

  1. Clean the place where the kalash is to be installed
  2. Then place a small piece of red cloth and above it put some rice grains on the wooden floor and remember Vighnaharta Ganeshji.
  3. Then put a clean soil in an earthen vessel and sprinkle jau and some water.
  4. Similarly, take a kalash and make a swastika in it, bind Molly(holy thread) on it, then put betel nut, coin, turmeric inside the urn, then keep 5 leaves of mango or Ashoka and place a coconut on it, don’t forget to wrap a holy thread on the coconut.
  5. Invoke and worship Gods and Goddesses on this Kalash.

Let us now know the Benefits of chanting the Goddess's Navarn-mantra:

Aim hreem kleem chamundaaye vicche 

(ऐं ह्रीं क्लीं चामुंडायै विच्चे)

  • This mantra is full of amazing powers, is miraculous, is complete and is capable of giving various types of powers to the chanter.
  • If someone continuously chants this mantra by following the rules and discipline then no work is impossible for him. Any person can fulfill any of his or her  wishes by using this mantra.
  • The meaning of Navarna is 9 so this mantra carries the power of the 9 forms of the goddess, keeps the power of the 9 planets together, keeps the cosmic power in itself.
  • So, whatever the problem, chanting this Navarna Mantra in Navratri removes all kinds of problems from the life of the person.
  • By chanting this mantra, the person can get Dharm, Arth, kama and moksh i.e. person is able to perform responsibilities successfully, able to gain monetary power, able to fulfill materialistic desires and salvation. 

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Now let’s know the planetary positions on 7th October i.e. starting of navratri :

  • 3 planets will remain exalted in the 8 days of navratri and these are mercury, rahu and ketu which is a very good sign for devotees. 
  • Moon and Saturn will be remain positive which is also very supportive for everyone. 
  • Mars will be malefic and Jupiter will remain debilitated which will arise some problems in life. 
  • But overall 5 planets will support everyone and give power to perform worship to fulfill desires. 

So use this navratri from 7 to 14 october to perform prayers, pooja to make life wonderful. 

May goddess bless everyone.


What is the date of ashwin navratri in October 2021, mahurat of ghatsthapna, planetary positions, what to do for success as per vedic astrology?, navratri spells.


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