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What is holashtak

What is holashtak, importance of holastak, what to do, prohibited works, holashtak 2023 start and end date.

Hoalstak starts before 8 days of holi celebration i.e. festival of colors and are very important from the point of view of performing spiritual practices and tantra practices. If anyone is suffering in life due to health, money, enemies etc. then it is good to perform prayers in these days. 


significance of holastak as per astrology, date of holastak
What is holashtak

हिंदी में पढ़िए होलाष्टक क्या होता है ?

What is holastak?

Every year from falgun shukla paksh ashtmi till Holika dahan, the 8 days are known as HOALSTAK. These 8 days are prohibited for any type of auspicious work as per Hindus. 

So in layman language the 8 days before holi festival are known as holastak days in which no celebrations are done like as marriage, opening of home or shop, mundan etc. Holastak represent the arrival of a festival of color. Holastak will end with holika dahan.

In the year 2023, Holastak will start from 27th of Februray, Monday and remain till night of 7th march, Tuesday.

Why is Holashtak inauspicious?

There are 2 beliefs. First is on the ashtmi of falguni month, Lord shiva burnt kam dev i.e. god of love and romance to ashes. Kamadeva had broken the penance of Shiva and because of this lord shiva became angry and burnt him. And so from the ashtmi of phalgun month auspicious works are prohibited.

The second belief is that King Hiranyakashipu had tortured his son Prahlad a lot in these days to remove him from the devotion of lord Vishnu.

What happens before Holi festival?

The previous night of holi festival is very important and as per tantra the night is among Maharatri i.e. biggest night to perform tantra and spiritual practices. 

On this night holika is burnt i.e. bonfire is arranged and rituals are done whole the night. People worship the holika and devotee prahlaad and also burn their problems. The next day is celebrated as dhulendi i.e. holi in which people sprinkle colors to each other and distribute sweets, arrange party.

What is the the meaning of HOLIKA DAHAN?

Holika was the sister of cruel king Hiranyakashyapu who tried to kill Bhakt-Prahlad who is the devotee of lord Vishnu. Holika had the boon of not getting burnt by fire. But when she tried to kill bhakt prahlaad then holika got burnt and from that day people perform holika dahan process in the memory of holika i.e. killing evil.

As per tantra, if anyone perform spiritual practice on this night then no doubt success will come.

Why is Holi so important?

An ancient Hindu festival, which later became popular among non-Hindu communities as well, Holi heralds the arrival of spring after winter. It signifies the victory of good over evil and is celebrated as a day of spreading happiness and love. The festival is also celebrated as thanksgiving for good harvest.

Which works are prohibited during holashtak i.e. 8 days before holi festival?

As the eight days of holastak are said to be inauspicious and so as per vedic culture some works are prohibited like as Garbhadhana (conception), Pumsavana (rite celebrating the fetus), Jatakarman (rite celebrating the birth), Namakarana (naming the baby), Annaprashana (baby's first feeding of solid food), Upanayana (entry into school rite), Vivah sanskar i.e.marriage, yagyopavit sanskar, chudakarm sanskar i.e. mundane, ear piercing, new construction etc.

Which works can be done during holastak?

The days of holastak are very good to perform spiritual practices, listening stories of god and goddess, performing meditation, donating food, cloths to needy.

The days of holastak are very good for social work to gain virtues. So perform penance, chant spells of deities.

One very important work is to make arrangement for holika dahan in 8 days before holi. The holika dahan is a very sacred process and so the place must be maintained properly. Use good qualities wood and dry cow dung i.e. kande or uple.

If anyone is suffering in life because of health, money, disturbed family life then it is good to perform rituals.

Donate food, clothes, money to needy as per capacity and pray to god to fulfill your wishes.

Remedies of problems in holika dahan as per astrology:

The night of holika dahan is very important and if anyone is suffering from doshas in horoscope then astrologers suggest to worship on this night and to put grains, coconut, dry fruits etc as per need to minimize impact of malefic planets. 

Read details what to do in holika dahan ?

Holastak also represent change of season, we can see a good change in weather i.e. Winter start getting away and summer takes entry. The environment become very good to enjoy every moments with friends, family etc. 

What is hoalshtak, importance of holastak, what to do, prohibited works, holashtak 2023 start and end date.


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