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Gupt Navratri Of Ashaadh Month Importance

Date of Ashadh month gupt navratri 2022, what to do for successful life, how to worship goddess durga in ashadh month gupt navratri?. Gupt Navratri Of Ashaadh Month Importance In the year 2022, GUPT NAVRATRI of Ashadh Month will start from 30th of June, 2022 Thursday, and remain till 8th of july, friday.  Devotees, tantrik practitioners, spiritual practitioners will perform special processes in these days to gain power, success in life. पढ़िए २०२२अषाढ़ महीने की नवरात्री का महत्त्व  Index: What to do in ashadh month gupt navratri? What not to do to avoid problems in life? Planetary positions in 2022 gupt navratri. Which poojas can be performed to attract success in life? What To Do in Ashadh Month Gupt Navratri To Remove Obstacles of Life? Worship goddess katyaayni if you are suffering from delay in marriage. Goddess katyaayni bless devotees and make way to live happy life with deserving partner. If anyone is suffering from black magic or kala jadu or evil eye eff

when is ashadh amavasya

Ashadh amavasya date as per hindu panchang, what is the significance of Ashadha Amavasya?, आषाढ़ माह की अमावस्या की तिथि ,What should we do ?, Astrological remedies to remove obstacles in life. Ashadha Amavasya 2022: The month of Ashadha is very important according to astrology and the no moon night of this month is very important. According to the Hindu calendar, this is the fourth month and after that the month of Shravan will start. Ashadh amaavasya is also known as Halaharini Amavasya or Ashadhi Amavasya. In 2022 we will get 2 days of Ashadhi Amavasya, on 28th June and 29th June. when is ashadh amavasya Let us know the importance of Amavasya of the month of Ashadha: Halaharini Amavas is one of the best day to perform rituals  for ancestral peace. If there is Kaal Sarp Yog or Pitra Dosh in someone's horoscope, then in such a situation, benefits can be taken by worshiping on this day. Apart from this, if some witchcraft has happened on someone, then they can also protect

Mars and Rahu will conjuct on 27 june 2022

What will be the effect of the transit of Mars in Aries, मंगल का राशी परिवर्तन कब होगा, which zodiac sign will get the benefit, know the horoscope / prediction? Mars planet is the symbol of power, is related to passion, is the causative planet of land. Whenever the planet Mars changes its zodiac, there are huge changes in the weather, in the life of the people, in politics etc. On Monday, June 27, 2022, at around 5:39 am, Mars will move from Pisces to Aries, which is Mars' own sign, but Rahu is already present here, due to which there will be a conjunction of Mars and Rahu which will form Angarak Yoga. This conjunction will remain till 9:43 pm of August 10, 2022. Angarak Yoga can increase accidents, disasters, diseases etc. Therefore, we will get to see some auspicious and some inauspicious results of Mars transit. Mars and Rahu will conjuct on 27 june 2022 Let us know what will be the effect of the transit of Mars in Aries in weather and surroundings? There may be an increa

Yogini Ekadashi Significance

Yogini ekadashi significance, what is the importance of yogini ekadashi, benefit of doing fast on this auspicious day, what to do for success. As per the hindu panchang when 11th day of Ashad Krishna paksha come then a very important pooja is performed by devotees to get rid of sins and diseases and this auspicious pooja is called the Pooja of "YOGINI EKADASHI". significance of yogini ekadashi INDEX: what is yogini ekadashi? Benefits of Yogini Ekadashi Pooja What To Do On This Auspicious Day Of Yogini Ekadashi? Yogini Ekadashi Of Year 2022 Ekadashi is also called Gyaras and this day is devoted to worship lord vishnu. Generally devotees of lord vishnu keep fast on every ekadashi and worship peepal tree and god to get his blessings. But when we talk about Yogini ekadashi then here I want to say that this is very auspicious and powerful day to overcome from chronic diseases. As per Hindu mythology by performing the fast and poojas of yogini ekadashi

Mithun Sankranti Significance In Astrology

What is mithun sankranti, when sun transit in gemini, Significance of mithun sankranti, Predictions/rashifal, what to do to gain virtue,free tips by astrologer to make life successful.  sun in gemini predictions When when mithun sankranti takes place then very important event takes place in kamakhya, guwhati, india. It happens only once in year.  In 2022 sun will transit in Gemini on 15th of june, wednesday.   What is Mithun sankranti? When sun enter in Gemini from Taurus then this time is called Mithun sankranti. As per astrology sun will remain in Gemini for approx 31 days i.e. 1 month. In many part of india, this day is celebrated and people worship lord sun on this day. In many part of country Monsoon also arrives and so people enjoy this moment too. हिंदी में पढ़िए सूर्य २०२२ में मिथुन राशि में कब प्रवेश करेंगे और क्या होगा असर ? What Is Done On Mithun Sankranti? Devotees worship lord Vishnu with goddess earth and welcome the rain. People also donate differe

Astrological Remedies To Improve Husband Wife Relationship

Astrological Remedies To Improve Husband Wife Relationship, remedy for removing conflict between husband and wife,  how to improve marriage life through astrology ways, Which planets are responsible for husband and wife relationship?. Marriage is a divine bonding between husband and wife for whole life and so is very important. Every one has some dreams related to marriage but it is a very common thinking that after marriage everyone has to suffer a lot which is not at all true for everyone. But some couple face problems in relationship with time, some husband and wife face too many challenges to move smoothly in life together due to various reasons.  Read about MANTRA TO ATTRACT HUSBAND LOVE Astrological Remedies To Improve Husband Wife Relationship To maintain the bonding in relationship, efforts are needed from both side and sometime one become weak and relationship start collapsing. It is necessary to take care of various points to rejuvenate the relationship so as to enjoy eve

Nirjala Ekadashi Significance in astrology

When is nirjala ekadashi in 2022, significance of this fast, what to do on nirjala ekadashi fast?, what to eat, what to drink?. One of the most auspicious fast as per hindu tradition is the day of nirjala ekadashi i.e. a day to perform fast without drinking water. Nirjala ekadashi is also known as pandav or bheemseni ekadashi. It falls on 11 day of shukla paksh in jyestha month as per hindu calendar. This day is said to be the most powerful ekadashi among the 24 ekadashi to gain virtue by doing fast and rituals.  Nirjala Ekadashi Significance in astrology It is believed that the fast of nirjala ekadashi can give the virtue of all 24 ekadashi so is very sacred and powerful.  The bhima i.e. one of the pandava son has attained the virtue of all 24 ekadashi after doing the fast of nirjala ekadashi.  हिंदी में पढ़िए निर्जला एकादशी कब है ? How the fast of Nirjala-Ekadashi is done? This fast is done without food and water for 24 hours and so is extremely difficult. This auspicious day co

Points to know before consulting astrologer

What one should know before consulting an astrologer, What one should know before consulting an astrologer.    Astrologer is a person who know the language of stars, planets, nakshatra and so are able to predict about weather, personality, future time etc.  People who have deep knowledge of astrology principles and experience become professional astrologer and helps others to live life successfully.  Vedic astrologers are able to give answers of life’s complicated questions. But before consulting an ASTROLOGER it is good to keep in mind some points which will help to get answers clearly.  Index: What is birth chart reading? What Information is needed to consult an astrologer? Can astrologer change the destiny? What questions can be asked from astrologer? Points to know before consulting astrologer हिंदी में पढ़िए  ज्योतिषी से परामर्श करने से पहले किन बातो का ध्यान रखना चाहिए? What is birth chart reading? Chart analysis is the most important part of in vedic astrology to make pr

Ambubachi Mela At Kamakhya

Ambubachi Mela at kamakhya, secrets of ambubachi fair in english, facts related to ambubachi mela, Fair at kamakhya temple, astrologer for horoscope analysis and remedies. When topic related to tantra comes anywhere then we can't ignore the place kamakhya in Guwahati. A very auspicious, sacred and tantrik temple of goddess. It is famous world wide and people visit this place to feel the power of goddess Shakti. big fair at khamakhya temple Ambubachi is the name of fair which is held every year in Kamakhya for 5 days. This is a tantrik festival and is celebrated with great craze. Spiritual practitioners wait whole year to take the benefit of this time. Know About Kamakhya Temple: Kamakhya temple in Guwahati, Assam comes under the shaktipeeth. Here goddess is worshiped in the form of Yoni i.e. vagina. What is Ambubachi Festival? It is believed that once in a year goddess kamakhya enter in menstruation course and this period is celebrated as Ambubachi festiva

Mercury In taurs predictions

Mercury in Taurus predictions, when will mercury become margi in Taurus, क्या असर होगा 12 राशियों पर बुध के वृषभ राशी में मार्गी होने पर. On June 4, 2022, the planet Mercury will be transiting in Taurus, due to which 12 zodiac signs will get very auspicious results. Mercury will remain in Taurus till July 2, 2022. Mercury is related to the art of conversation, it is related to learning, business, willingness to learn about new things, dynamic personality etc. Mercury In taurs predictions हिंदी में पढ़िए बुध ग्रह के वृषभ राशि में मार्गी होने का क्या असर होगा 12 राशियों पर  Let us know that due to the passage of Mercury in Taurus, what will change in the life of 12 zodiac signs? Aries Horoscope predictions: People of Aries will get money due to Mercury being in Taurus sign, they will get a chance to spend good time with family, estrangement will be removed from people, profits of businessmen will increase. Taurus Horoscope: Due to the passage of Mercury in Taurus, your stalled wor

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When is mahashivratri in 2023, how to do worship of lord shiva, where to perform pooja?, Astrology and Shivratri?, What Not To Do on the night of lord shankara?, What type of Poojas are possible on shivratri?, Remedies of Different Problems on Shivratri . Shivratri is very important from the point of view of Hindus. This is very auspicious night from the point of view of spiritual practices. Also if a common person want to full fill materialistic wishes then also this night is very important. If proper worship is done under perfect guidance then no doubt success will come definitely. It is believed that prayers done on the divine night of mahashivratri is equal to thousands of years worship.  This divine night is useful for everyone man, women, lovers, patients because we can do rituals for our any wish on this night of shivratri.  Removal of sins possible by doing worship and meditation on the night of shivratri.  Fulfillment of wishes is possible by invoking lord shiva and  go