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Divine Snake Mantra To Remove obstacles of life

Names of 9 powerful naga, Navnag strot, serpent spell to make life successful, Remedies of health issues, solution of debt problem, malefic rahu and ketu remedies.

There are 9 serpents who are very powerful and have divine powers. When anyone recite the names of these nine snakes then no doubt unseen obstacles go away from life. 

The divine spell to worship the 9 nagas is known as NAVNAG STROT.  

This strot is so powerful that practitioner of this spell is able to overcome from curses, negative energies, rahu dosha, diseases, debts etc. 

This is a healing mantra as well as protection mantra. 

Names of 9 powerful naga, Navnag strot, serpent spell to make life successful, Remedies of health issues, solution of debt problem, malefic rahu and ketu remedies.
Divine Snake Mantra To Remove obstacles of life

हिंदी में पढ़िए नवनाग स्त्रोत्रम के फायदे 

Benefits of reciting 9 names of serpents/naga:

  1. If anyone is facing chronic health issues then this navnag strot is very helpful.
  2. If anyone is facing black magic problems in life then it is good to recite this navnag strot .
  3. If any lady is facing premature death of baby then it is good to worship snake god with this spell.
  4. If debt is increasing day by day then it is good to worship 9 snakes daily in the morning and before going to bed and pray for successful life. 
  5. If there is KALSARP DOSHA in horoscope then do use this  NAVNAG STROT for hurdle free life. 
  6. If rahu and ketu are affecting life then also you can use this divine spell.
  7. If enemies are creating obstacles and making life hell then use this serpent spell to make life better. 
  8. If marriage is not happening due to any sarp dosha in birth chart then this spell is very helpful.

Which is the best day to start worship of snake?

  • As per hindu calendar, every panchmi tithi is good to start naag-pooja. 
  • With this NAGPANCHMI is also the best day to perform worship of snake. 

Here is the Navnaag Strot:

अनन्तं वासुकिं शेषं पद्मनाभं च कंबलं |

शंखपालं धृतराष्ट्रं तक्षकं कालियं तथा ||

एतानि नव नामानि नागानां च महात्मनं |

सांयकाले पठेन्नीत्यं प्रातःकाले विशेषतः|

तस्य विषभयं नास्ति सर्वत्र विजयी भवेत ||

ll इति श्री नवनागस्त्रोत्रं सम्पूर्णं ll

anantaṃ vāsukiṃ śeṣaṃ padmanābhaṃ ch kaṃbalaṃ

śaṃkhapālaṃ dhrātarāṣṭraṃ takṣakaṃ kāliyaṃ tathā

ĕtani ṇava ṇavāmi ṇagananca ṃahatmana

Sayam Patenityam Prathahkāle Viśeśita

ṭasya Viśabhayam ṇāsti Sarvatra Vijayā Bhaveth

 Meaning of nav nag mantra 

The names of the 9 Naag Devatas – Anant, Vasuki, Shesh, Padmanabh, Kambal, Shankhapal, Dhrutrashtra, Takshak and Kalia – Whoever recite these 9 names of snake daily in the morning will be away from any fear and get victory in life always.  

People with Kalsarpa Yog, Sarp Dosh and Rahu Dosh should listen or recite this Stotra 9 times every day. For better results, as the stotra itself suggests, one could do it twice a day i.e. morning and evening. 

These are the names of 9 powerful and divine snakes which are worshipped for decades:

  1. Ananth naga
  2. Vasuki naga
  3. Shesha naga
  4. Padmanabha naaga
  5. Kambala serpent
  6. Shankhapala serpent
  7. Dhrithrasthra snake
  8. Thakshaka naga
  9. Kalya naaga 
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Names of 9 powerful naga, Navnag strot, serpent spell to make life successful, Remedies of health issues, solution of debt problem, malefic rahu and ketu remedies.


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