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Solution of debt problem ganesh strotram

Remedy of debt problem, Debt Mukti Ganesh Stotram, solution of financial problem through ganesh pooja.

If anyone is passing through debt problem, if business is running in loss, if you are facing problem in saving money there is one of the best solution  i.e. reciting RINMUKTI GANESH STROTRAM. Lord ganesha has tremendous power to remove hurdles of life and if anyone recite this strotram then no doubt life will become successful. 

Debt Mukti Ganesh Stotram, Remedy of debt problem, solution of financial problem through ganesh pooja.
Solution of debt problem ganesh strotram

Who should recite Debt Mukti Ganesh Stotram?

  1. Those people on whom the debt is increasing and there is no way in sight, they should recite this stotra for 3 times daily and should pray to Lord Ganesha to get rid of the debt.
  2. Those who are unemployed and are going through financial crisis, they should also recite this source daily.
  3. Those people who are facing continuous losses in business can also recite this source daily.
  4. Recitation of Debt Mukti Ganesh Stotram helps in removing any kind of financial obstacle.

Those who recite it with full devotion and faith definitely get the blessings of Lord Ganesha.

हिंदी में पढ़िए ऋण मुक्ति स्त्रोत्रम के बारे में 

How to recite Debt Mukti Ganesh Stotram?

This puja should be started with some auspicious time.

Get up early in the morning and get rid of your regular work, then establish Lord Ganesha in the worship.

Offer incense, lamp, naivedya, flowers etc. to Ganapati.

Must also offer Durba grass.

Then start reciting rinmukti ganesh strotram.

Regular recitation of this rinmukti ganesh strotram. definitely opens the way for wealth, strengthens the financial condition, helps in leading a prosperous life.

Let us know some auspicious time to start Ganesh worship for debt relief:

  • This puja can be started on Ganesh Chaturthi coming in every month.
  • If  Sarvartha Siddhi yoga falls on Wednesday, then  we can start this Ganesh Pooja.
  • You can start the rinmukti ganesh strotram from any Guru Pushya Yoga or Ravi Pushya Yoga.
  • Navratri is also best time to start prayers to overcome from debt problem.

Let us know the Ganpati Stotra, the remedy of debt problem:

Ganesh Strotram In Sanskrit:


अस्य श्रीऋणविमोचनमहागणपतिस्तोत्रमन्त्रस्य शुक्राचार्य ऋषि:, ऋणविमोचन महागणपतिर्देवता, अनुष्टुप छन्द:, ऋणविमोचनमहागणपतिप्रीत्यर्थे जपे विनियोग: ।

ऊँ स्मरामि देवदेवेशं वक्रतुण्डं महाबलम । षडक्षरं कृपासिन्धुं नमामि ऋणमुक्तये ।।1।।

महागणपतिं वन्दे महासेतुं महाबलम । एकमेवाद्वितीयं तु नमामि  ऋणमुक्तये ।।2।।

एकाक्षरं त्वेकदन्तमेकं ब्रह्म सनातनम । महाविघ्नहरं देवं नमामि ऋणमुक्तये ।।3।।

शुक्लाम्बरं शुक्लवर्णं शुक्लगंधानुलेपनम । सर्वशुक्लमयं देवं नमामि ऋणमुक्तये ।।4।।

रक्ताम्बरं रक्तवर्णं रक्तगंधानुलेपनम । रक्तपुष्पै: पूज्यमानं नमामि ऋणमुक्तये ।।5।।

कृष्णाम्बरं कृष्णवर्णं कृष्णगंधानुलेपनम । कृष्णयज्ञोपवीतं च नमामि ऋणमुक्तये ।।6।।

पीताम्बरं पीतवर्णं पीतगंधानुलेपनम । पीतपुष्पै: पूज्यमानं नमामि ऋणमुक्तये ।।7।

सर्वात्मकं सर्ववर्णं सर्वगन्धानुलेपनम । सर्वपुष्पै: पूज्यमानं नमामि ऋणमुक्तये ।।8।।

एतदृणहरं स्तोत्रं त्रिसन्ध्यं य: पठेन्नर: । षण्मासाभ्यन्तरे तस्य ऋणच्छेदो न संशय: ।।9।।

सहस्त्रदशकं कृत्वा ऋणमुक्तो धनी भवेत ।।10।।

||इति रुद्रायमले  ऋणमुक्ति श्री गणेश स्त्रोत्रम सम्पूर्णं ||


Ganesh strotram in English:


Asy shreerinvimochanmahaganpatistrotrmantrasya shukracharya rishih, rinvimochan mahaganpatirdevta, anustupchandah, rinvimochanmahaganpatiprityarthe jape viniyogah|

Om smarami devdevesham vakrtundam mahabalam| shadaksharam kripasindhum namaami rinmuktye ||1||

Mahaganpatim vande mahasetum mahabalam| ekmewadwitiyam tu namaami rinmuktye||2||

Ekaksharam twekdantmekam braham sanatanam| mahavighnharam devam namaami rinmuktye||3||

shuklambaram shuklvarnam shuklgandhanulepnam| sarwashuklmayam devam namaami rinmuktye ||4||

Raktambaram raktvarnam raktgandhanulepnam | raktpushpeh pujyamaanam namaami rinmuktye ||5||

Krishnambaram krishnvarnam krishgandhanulepnam| krishnyagyopavitam ch namaami rinmuktye||6||

peetambaram peetvarnam peetgandhanulepnam| peetpushpeh pujyamaanam namaami rinmuktye ||7||

sarwatmakam sarwavarnam sarwgandhanulepnam| sarwpushpeh pujyamaanam namaami rinmuktye ||8||

Aitdrinharam strotram trisandhyam yah pathennarah |shanmaasambyantre tasy rinchedo n sanshayah||9||

sahastrdashakam kritwa rinmukto dhani bhavet||10||

||Iti rudraaymale rinmukti shree ganesh strotram sampoornam||

108 names of ganesha

If anyone is passing through debt problem, if business is running in loss, if you are facing problem in saving money there is one of the best solution  i.e. reciting RINMUKTI GANESH STROTRAM. Lord ganesha has tremendous power to remove hurdles of life and if anyone recite this strotram then no doubt life will become successful. 

Debt Mukti Ganesh Stotram, Remedy of debt problem, solution of financial problem through ganesh pooja.


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