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Benefits of Lucky Bamboo plant

What is lucky bamboo, Real name of indoor plant lucky bamboo, Facts related to lucky bamboo?, remedial vastu 

One of the most demanding plant in these days are LUCKY BAMBOO but in actual this plant does not belongs to bamboo family.  In this article we will check facts related to this lucky plant which is used in attracting luck, to remove vastu dosha, to increase positive energies. 

The real name of lucky bamboo is Dracaena sanderiana which comes under family of Asparagaceae, native to Central Africa.

In different part of the world people know this plant with different names like Sander's dracaena, ribbon dracaena, lucky bamboo, curly bamboo, Chinese water bamboo, Goddess of Mercy's plant, Belgian evergreen etc. 

It is actually an African species. Dracaena sanderiana is often confused with Dracaena braunii, a plant from coastal West Africa.

What is lucky bamboo, Real name of indoor plant lucky bamboo, Facts related to lucky bamboo?, remedial vastu
Benefits of Lucky Bamboo plant

Lucky bamboo can thrive in water and soil both but Hydroponic method is most popular.

It has great importance in fengsui.

हिंदी में पढ़िए लकी बम्बू के फायदे क्या है, कैसे दूर करता है वास्तु दोषों को ?

Interesting Facts about Lucky Bamboo Plant:

  1. This plant is very lucky and is gifted in special occasion to beloved. 
  2. This is very popular worldwide. 
  3. This plant grows in indirect sunlight. 
  4. The real name of  lucky bamboo is Dracaena sanderiana which comes under family of Asparagaceae.
  5. This is not real bamboo plant. 
  6.  It purifies air where it is placed. 
  7. When it is placed in right direction in auspicious time then it attracts health, wealth and prosperity. 
  8. Lucky bamboo comes in layers and it’s prices differ as per its layers. 
  9. It is a sign of good fortune.
  10. The importance of lucky bamboo plant depends on how many layers it has. 
  11. It is the most common indoor plant which does not need much maintenance.
  12. It removes vastu dosha when placed in auspicious time. 

Tips to follow while placing Lucky bamboo plant:

  • Change the water weekly. 
  • Don’t use the tap water as there is chance of bacterial infection. 
  • Use only auspicious day and time to buy and place this lucky bamboo plant in office or home.
  • For good health, do place the plant in east direction. 
  • For wealth and prosperity, do place this lucky bamboo in south-east direction. 

Some important question and answers related with LUCKY BAMBOO:

Is lucky bamboo toxic?

It is good to keep this plant away from pets like dog and cat. If they intake it then give rise to abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea etc. For human it is not toxic. 

Does lucky bamboo purify air?

Bamboo removes benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde while also adding moisture to the air to act as a natural humidifier. 

Is lucky-bamboo OK in bedroom?

Yes, we can keep this plant in bedroom as it enhance harmonious relationship. 

Where should I place my lucky bamboo?

We can keep it anywhere but for special benefit it should be kept in a particular direction. 

Does lucky bamboo really bring luck?

Yes because it purify the environment where it is placed so it is a lucky plant. It is a source of positive energies. 

How often should I water lucky bamboo?

It doesn’t need much water and it is good to change it weekly. Water must cover the roots of bamboo. 

Can we buy lucky bamboo ourselves?

Yes, we can buy it and place in our vastu for positive energies. 

Can I transfer my lucky bamboo from water to soil?

Yes we can do this if needed. 

What is the difference between bamboo and lucky bamboo?

Bamboo is actually very tall plant and belongs to grasses while lucky bamboo is a houseplant which belongs to the asparagus family.

What makes lucky bamboo yellow?

When it comes in contact with direct sunlight then it becomes yellow. 

What is lucky bamboo, Real name of indoor plant lucky bamboo, Facts related to lucky bamboo?, remedial vastu.


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