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GhorKashtodharan Strotram For Freeness

Ghorkashtodharan Stotra Lyrics with meaning in english, Why should recite this Stotram?, घोरकष्टोधरण स्त्रोत्रम.

If anyone want freeness from the birth and death, if anyone want success in this materialistic world as well as after death then no doubt this divine prayer is very good. 

Many types of measures are mentioned in Hindu religious texts like mantra, tantra, bhajan, stotra recitation etc. The easy way to please God is the recitation of Stotram. Stotras are chanted to please the Gods and Goddesses and this practice has been going on since long in Hinduism.

Special types of strotram have been made to please every God for a special work.

In this article we will know GHORKASHT STROTRAM. Any kind of suffering in life goes away by its regular recitation. That's why it should be recited daily.

Ghorakshtodharana stotra is a very famous stotra of Datta sect, people of Datta sect always recite this stotra. Through this hymn, devotees request Shri Datta to free from the suffering of this life and death, O Lord. Human life is bound in the bondage of birth and death, free me from it.

Ghorkashtodharan Stotra Lyrics with meaning in english, Why should recite this Stotram?, घोरकष्टोधरण स्त्रोत्रम.
GhorKashtodharan Strotram For Freeness

हिंदी में पढ़िए घोरकष्टोंधरण स्त्रोत्रम के फायदे 

The most severe suffering for man is this human life itself and to get rid of it, prayer is made to Datta Guru in this Strotram.

Man remains trapped in the cycle of birth and death, and it is extremely painful. To get rid of this, we pray to Guru Dattatreya in this Ghorakashtodharanstotra.

Shri Sadguru Bhagwan Shri Shripad Vallabh Swaroop Shri Vasudevananda Saraswati, Shri Tembeswamy together composed this Ghorakshtodharan stotra. Recitation of this stotra gives us inspiration to walk on the path of devotion and freedom from many kinds of sufferings related to human life.

By reciting this stotra received from Shri Mukh, one gets love for religion, good thoughts, devotion, true company. So in the end all worldly and transcendental desires are fulfilled in this body. As a result, you get the benefit of the fourth Purusharth SALVATION. After the completion of all the four Purusharths of Dharma, Karma, Artha and Moksha, the fifth Purusharth of Bhakti is attained.

In this way the person who regularly recites these five verses becomes blessed in every way. Moreover, such devotees are dear to Sri Dattatreya. Make Ghorakshtodharan Stotra accessible to as many people as possible so that everyone can take advantage of it.

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|| घोरकष्टोधरणस्तोत्रम ||

श्रीपाद श्रीवल्लभ त्वम् सदैव । श्रीदत्तास्मान्पाहि देवाधिदेव ।।

भावग्राह्य क्लेशहारिन्सुकीर्ते । घोरात्कष्टादुद्धरास्मान्नमस्ते ।। १।।

त्वम् नो माता त्वम् पिताऽऽप्तोऽधिपस्त्वम् । त्राता योगक्षेमकृत्सद्गुरुस्त्वम् ।।

त्वम् सर्वस्वम् नोऽप्रभो विश्वमूर्ते । घोरात्कष्टादुद्धरास्मान्नमस्ते ।। २।।

पापम् तापम् व्याधिमाधिम् च दैन्यम् । भीतिम् क्लेशम् त्वम् हराऽऽशु त्वदन्यम् ।।

त्रातारम् नो वीक्ष्य ईशास्तजूर्ते । घोरात्कष्टादुद्धरास्मान्नमस्ते ।। ३।।

नान्यस्त्राता नापि दाता न भर्ता । त्वत्तो देव त्वम् शरण्योऽकहर्ता ।।

कुर्वात्रेयानुग्रहम् पूर्णराते । घोरात्कष्टादुद्धरास्मान्नमस्ते ।। ४।।

धर्मे प्रीतिम् सन्मतिम् देवभक्तिम् । सत्संगाप्तिम् देहि भुक्तिम् च मुक्तिम् ।

भावासक्तिम् चाखिलानन्दमूर्ते । घोरात्कष्टादुद्धरास्मान्नमस्ते ।। ५।।

श्लोकपंचकमेततद्यो लोकमङ्गलवर्धनम् । प्रपठेन्नियतो भक्त्या स श्रीदत्तप्रियो भवेत् ॥ ६॥

|| इति श्रीमद वासुदेवानन्द सरस्वती विरचितं घोरकष्टोधरणस्तोत्रम सम्पूर्णम् ||

|| Lyrics of Ghorkashtodharan Strotram in English ||

Shreepad Shreevallabh Tvam Sadaiv  Shreedattasmanpahi Devadhidev 

Bhavgrahya Kleshharinsukeertey Ghoratkashtadudhrasman Namaste ||1||

Tvam No Mata Tvam Pitapto dhipastvam  Trata Yogkshemkritsadgurustvam 

Tvam Sarvasvam No Prabho Vishwamurtey Ghoratkashtadudhrasman Namaste ||2||

Paapam Taapam Vyadhi Madhim Ch Dainyam Bheetim Klesham Tvam Harashutvadinyam

Traataar Nanno Viksh Ishaastjurtey Ghoratkashtadudhrasman Namaste||3||

Naanyastraata Naapi Daata Na Bharta Tvato Dev Tvam Sharanyokaharta 

Kurwatreyanugraham Purnaratey Ghoratkashtadudhrasman Namaste ||4||

Dharmey Preetim Sunmatim Dev Bhaktim Satsangaptim Dehi Bhuktim ch Muktim

Bhavasaktim Chakilanand Murtey Ghoratkashtadudhrasman Namaste||5||

Shlokpanchak Metadhyo Lokmangalvardhanam

Prapathe Neeyto Bhaktya Sa ShreeDattpreyo Bhavet ||6||

|| Iti Shrimad Vasudevanand Saraswati Virachitam | Ghorkashtodharn Stotram Sampoornam ||

Ghorkashtodharan Stotram Meaning in English:

Hey, God! Shripad Shrivallabh! You are eternally formless. You yourself are the form of Shri Dattatreya. Accept our prayers and protect us. Take away all our sorrows and sufferings, we worship you. I praise your beautiful name, I sing kirtan. Get us out of dire trouble, we bow down to you.

You are the mother, you are the father, you are the brother and you are the sister. O Sadguru, you are the liberator, that is, you are the one who will get us out of this grave crisis, you are the one who will show us the path of Yogakshema.

We are nothing without you, you are everything, you are the idol of the world, you save us from severe troubles, we bow down you.

Oh God, you are the destroyer of our sin, fever. You are the remover of all diseases, sorrows, sufferings, poverty. You are the one who frees me from the fear and pain of this birth and death. No one else can do it except you. you are the owner. Get us out of dire trouble, we bow down to you.

Hey Sadguru! There is no one to save us except you. There is no one to give and take care of us except you. O Sadguru,  Oh Atriya (Son of Atri), be kind to us, save us from dire straits, we salute you.

Hey Akhilandmurte! You are the embodiment of all the joy in the world. Give us righteousness, concord and your devotion and love for God. O Lord, grant us Satsang Bhukti and Mukti, save us from terrible distress, we salute you.

The above five verses are for public welfare. Anyone who chants this stotra with constant devotion will be dear to Sridatta.

Ghorkashtodharan Stotra Lyrics with meaning in english, Why should recite this Stotram?, घोरकष्टोधरण स्त्रोत्रम.


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