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What is Kundlini Shakti how to activate Chakras

What is Kundalini Shakti, how to awaken Kundalini Shakti, what are the Beej antras to awaken Shakti Chakras?, how Kundalini Shakti is awakened?

Kundalini Sadhana is a very mysterious and confidential yoga practice, which is described in our Yoga texts. But it is necessary for all, it is very necessary to understand the truth of life. It is the most powerful way to awaken the dormant powers within us.

If you are looking for Mooladhaar Chakra Awakening Mantra, Swadhishthaan Chakra activation Mantra, Manipur Chakra Activation Mantra, Anhad Chakra awakening Mantra,  spell to awaken throat chakra and sahastrdhaar chakra then here in this article you will get complete detail.


  • What is Kundalini Shakti?
  • What are Shakti Chakras?
  • Importance of Sushumna Nadi
  • What are the mantras to awaken Energy chakras?
  • What are the advantages of Shatchakra Bhedan?
  • How to wake up Kundalini?
What is Kundalini Shakti, how to awaken Kundalini Shakti, what are the Beej antras to awaken Shakti Chakras?, how Kundalini Shakti is awakened?
What is Kundlini Shakti how to activate Chakras

What is Kundalini Shakti?

The description of Kundalini Yoga is found in the Indian Yoga texts, under which the sleeping power has to be awakened in the Muladhar Chakra.

Kundalini Shakti can be awakened in many ways such as-

  • Taking shaktipat by a Competent Master
  • Through hatha yoga.
  • By bhakti yoga
  • By mantra Chanting and meditation etc.

When the Kundalini is awakened, Shatchakra Vedhan(षट्चक्र वेधन) takes place, that is, the ENERGY CHAKRAS inside our body begin to awaken through which the seeker pass through various experiences and at the same time attains various siddhis i.e. super natural powers.

When the Kundalini Shakti is awakened, it moves upwards through the Sushumna Nadi and Shatchakra bhedan begins.

The following are the names of Energy Chakras in our body-

  1. Root \Chakra/मूलाधार चक्र 
  2. Sacral chakra / स्वाधिष्ठान चक्र 
  3. Solar plexus chakra/ मणिपूरक चक्र  
  4. Heart chakra/अनहद चक्र 
  5. Throat chakra/विशुद्ध चक्र 
  6. Third eye chakra/ आज्ञा चक्र 
  7. Crown chakra/सहस्त्रधार चक्र 

The chakras through which the superpower Kundalini moves forward, the latent powers start awakening in those chakras and the seeker starts experiencing different types of divine experiences.

According to Yoga texts, Shiva's abode is believed to be in the Sastradal Chakra and Shakti's abode is believed to be in Muladhara. When Shakti wakes up and meets with Shiva in crown chakra then the seeker becomes complete, nothing remains hidden for him, he has all kinds of achievements, he becomes free, he can enjoy Samadhi completely.

The seeker gets the experience of Aham Brahmasmi/अहम् ब्रह्मास्मि.

That is why the importance of Kundalini awakening is very high.

It is said in Varahashruti that -

मूलाद्धाराद्धि षट्चक्रं शक्तिरथानमूदीरतम् ।

कण्ठादुपरि मूर्द्धान्तं शाम्भव स्थानमुच्यते॥ 

That means - from the base of the body to the throat, there is a place of Shakti and from the throat to the forehead there is a place of shambhav.

Importance of Sushumna Nadi:

Sushumna Nadi has a huge contribution in the journey of SELF REALIZATION because the energy moves upward through this Nadi. That's why it has been said in SWAR SHASTRA that perform worship when shushumna nadi is active.

The practice of becoming Shiva from Jiva begins when the Kundalini is awakened.

The journey of salvation begins when the superpower awaken.

The way will open to enter in the world of divine happiness when SHATCHAKRA BHEDAN starts.

The path to enlightenment opens.

A big confusion :

There is also a misconception in the minds of some people that in Kundalini Sadhana one has to leave the household, so this is a completely wrong belief. We can do Kundalini Sadhana while fulfilling our responsibilities in this materialistic world. By the grace of Maha Shakti, we become capable of doing our work better and as the sadhna increases, nothing remains impossible for the seeker in this world.

Shakti Chakras are full of treasures :

The energy chakras within us are full of treasures,. Different types of experiences and achievements are present in each chakra. As we enter and move forward in these power points divine experiences will take us to a different state.

But those who do Kundalini Sadhana should have some special qualities like –

  1. Courage is needed in this sadhana because during the sadhana different types of thrilling experiences happen to the practitioner.
  2. It is very important to have faith on our Guru or God.
  3. It is also very important to have patience because in this sadhna, hurrying means harming ourself.
  4. Strong willpower is needed to perform our practices and meditation regularly. 

Now let us know the Specific Mantra related to specific Chakra:

It has been told in Yoga texts that as the seeker goes on piercing the Shatchakra, he also gets the experience of these mantras. But those seekers who want to experience these Shakti Chakras through mantras can use these mantras under the guidance of a competent spiritual master.

  • The mantra of the Mooladhara Chakra is – ॐ लं परम तत्वाय गं ॐ फट |
  • The mantra of Swadhishthan Chakra is – ॐ वं वं स्वाधिष्ठान जाग्रय जाग्रय वं वं ॐ फट |
  • The mantra of Manipur Chakra is – ॐ रं जाग्रनय ह्रीम मणिपुर रं ॐ फट 
  • The mantra of Anahat Chakra is – ॐ यं अनाहत जाग्रय जाग्रय श्रीं ॐ फट 
  • The mantra of Vishuddha Chakra is – ॐ ऐं ह्रीं श्रीं विशुद्धय फट 
  • The mantra of Agya Chakra is – ॐ हं क्षं चक्र जगरनाए कलिकाए फट 
  • The mantra of Sahastrar Chakra is – ॐ ह्रीं सहस्त्रार चक्र जाग्रय जाग्रय ऐं फट 

The Beej mantras of the Shakti Chakras are as follows:

  1. Root chakra            =    लं 
  2. Sacral chakra          =    वं 
  3. Solar plexus chakra=    रं 
  4. Heart chakra            =   यं 
  5. Throat chakra          =   हं 
  6. Third eye chakra    =    ॐ 
  7. Crown chakra        =    ॐ 

Special thing that every seeker must keep in mind:

There is no doubt that the seeker gets siddhis during Kundalini Sadhana, but the seeker who gets trapped in the siddhis cannot travel further, he remains entangled in the illusion of siddhis and life gets ruined, so be very careful. Stay away from any kind of attachment and greed and continue your journey because very rare pleasures and experiences are waiting for you ahead.

Let's have some more information about Shakti Chakras:

  1. Root chakra: It is also called the mooladhart chakra and this place is located between the anus and the root of the penis, which feels somewhat raised from other places. In this divine place, the Kundalini-Shakti resides in the sleeping posture wrapped in three and a half rounds. This chakra is related to the earth element and due to the awakening of this chakra, the greed within the seeker ends and at the same time he starts understanding the earth element very deeply.
  2. Sacral chakra: It is also called Swadhisthan chakra and the place of this Shakti Chakra is between the navel and the Root chakra. This chakra is related to the water element. On the awakening of Swadhisthan Chakra, laziness starts ending from inside the seeker, kindness awakens, full faith in Parascience starts and practitioner starts understanding water element more deeply.
  3. Solar plexus chakra: This place is also called the Manipur Chakra and its place is the navel origin. This chakra is related to the element fire. With the awakening of Manipurak Chakra, cruelty starts ending from inside the seeker, hunger starts to be controlled, ego ends, new energy starts flowing in the body. The seeker begins to understand the element of fire very deeply.
  4. Heart chakra: This chakra is also called the Anhad chakra or hriday chakra. This chakra is related to the air element. With the awakening of the Anhad Chakra, the power to take samadhi comes within the seeker, divine bliss is attained, faith and love are awakened. The seeker starts understanding the air element more deeply.
  5. Throat chakra : It is also called the Vishudh chakra and its location is the throat. This chakra is related to the sky element. On the awakening of Vishuddha Chakra, the person gets speech achievement,  Mastery in singing and playing instruments is achieved.
  6. Third eye chakra: It is also called the Agya chakra and its location is in the middle of the eyes. With the awakening of the Agya Chakra, the bonds of the seeker start breaking, he starts feeling Shiva everywhere, he gets divine vision. The seeker starts understanding Illusions/Maya. He starts getting the knowledge of past, present and future.
  7. Crown chakra : It is also called sahastradhaar chakra and it is the place of Shiva. Its place is the brain, we also call it Brahmarandhra. As soon as the Sahastradhar Chakra is awakened, the seeker gets all the achievements, he becomes omniscient, he has the knowledge of the infinite world, he is complete. He becomes equal to God, he becomes Shiva.

Let's know what are the benefits of awakening the Kundalini Shakti?

  1. Purification of 72000 nadis starts.
  2. New energy starts flowing in the body.
  3. The seeker gets sharp intelligence, due to which he is able to do his work effectively and efficiently.
  4. The seeker begins to understand the illusion of happiness and sorrow, ignorance is destroyed. The seeker gets many types of supernatural powers due to which nothing remains impossible for him. 
  5. Inner peace is attained.
  6. The seeker is able to take advantage of the samadhi.
  7. The meaning of shivam viddyate na kvachit is known.

How to activate Kundalini Shakti?

According to the Indian Yoga texts, the seeker can awaken the super power Kundalini by practicing Mulabandha, Uddiyana Bandha, Jalandhara Bandha and Kumbhak in hatha yoga.. But a healthy body and a strong mind is needed.

There is another easy method in which Competent spiritual master give Shaktipat and Journey to experience Aham Brahasmi start of seeker. 
As the seeker travels with the Kundalini Shakti, life changes, every moment a new experience thrills him.

Hopefully you have found useful information about Kundalini Shakti and will try to transform your life completely.

सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः सर्वे सन्तु निरामया।
सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु मा कश्चित् दुःखभाग् भवेत्।।

May all be happy, may all be disease-free, may all be blessed, may no one be a part of sorrow.

With these good wishes, best wishes to all of you for your Shakti Chakra Sadhana.

What is Kundalini Shakti, how to awaken Kundalini Shakti, what are the Beej antras to awaken Shakti Chakras?, how Kundalini Shakti is awakened?.


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