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Phulera Dooj Tips To Fill Love In Life

When is Phulera Duj, what is its importance, फुलेरा दोज के उपाय, what remedies for Fulera Duj change life, who should be worshiped on Phulera Duj?

According to the Hindu calendar, every year in the month of Phalgun, the festival of Phulera Duj is celebrated on the second day of Shukla Paksha. This day is specially associated with Lord Krishna and Radhaji.

This year in 2023, the festival of Phulera Dooj will be celebrated on Tuesday, 21st February, because the Dwitiya Tithi will start at around 9:07 am on 21st February and will remain till 5:59 am on 22nd. of february.

The best thing is that on this day, Venus will be exalted in the transit horoscope, due to which this day will be a very auspicious day for the worship of Radha Krishna, the symbol of real love.

Along with this, Jupiter and Saturn will also be in their own sign, due to which the time will be excellent for those who want to start spiritual practice.

According to information, this was the auspicious day when Krishan played holi with flowers  with Radha Rani. That is why even today the devotees of Radha-Krishna celebrate this day with great enthusiasm.

In Mathura, Holi starts from the day of Phulera Duj.

When is Phulera Duj, what is its importance, फुलेरा दोज के उपाय, what remedies for Fulera Duj change life, Tips for lovers on Phulera Duj?
Phulera Dooj Tips To Fill Love In Life

हिंदी में पढ़िए फुलेरा दूज के लिए चमत्कारी उपाय 

Fulera Duj: This day is also special for lovers because on this day remedies are done to make love life successful with the blessings of Lord Krishna and Radhi Rani.

According to the scriptures, the day of Phulera Duj is an auspicious time to do auspicious works. From this day a new business can be started, a new house or land can be bought, a new vehicle can be bought etc.

On this day, special measures are taken to get wealth, love, to increase sweetness in relationships, to get rid of diseases etc.

Whoever worship Radha-Krishna on Fulera Duj with love and devotion , their life gets fill with love and happiness.

People who are living a lonely life and are looking for a good partner must worship on this day.

If problems have increased a lot in married life, then Radha Krishna must be worshiped on Phulera Duj.

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When is Phulera Duj, what is its importance, फुलेरा दोज के उपाय, what remedies for Fulera Duj change life, who should be worshiped on Phulera Duj?

Let us now know some special REMEDIES for Phulera Duj which bring happiness in life:

  1. If the relationship between lovers is deteriorating, tension is arising, mistrust is arising, then worship Radha-Krishna on fulera duj and offer them yellow flowers, offer gulal, offer Makhan-Mishri. And pray for sweet love life.
  2. If there is a hindrance in the love marriage, then in such a situation worship Radha-Krishna together. Offer the items of Shringaar/makeup  to Radha ji and pray for successful love life. 
  3. If you love someone very much, then write his name on the Bhojpatra with saffron ink and offer it at the feet of Radha Krishna on Phulera Duj and pray to get him or her.
  4. If there is trouble in every field of life, then make small balls of cow dung on Phulera Duj and dry them and make a garland of them. Burn this garland in Holika Dahan, This will make bad luck leave you.
  5. On this day feed the cow and the calf together with love and take their blessings, it brings good fortune.
  6. Worship Radha Krishna together with whomever you love. Both of you will always be together.

So in this way you can make your life happy by getting the blessings of Lord Krishna and Radha Rani on Phulera Duj.

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One can get rid of the troubles of love life.

Can end the problems of married life.

Can bring love and happiness in life.

If you want to know why there are problems in your life as per your own horoscope, which remedies are auspicious for you, which worship should be done, which mantra should be chanted, then you can take astrology service know.

When is Phulera Duj, what is its importance, फुलेरा दोज के उपाय, what remedies for Fulera Duj change life, who should be worshiped on Phulera Duj?.


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