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Vedoktam Ratri Suktam Lyrics and Benefits

Ratri Suktam, Durga Saptashati Vedoktam Ratri Suktam, Durga Saptashati वेदोक्तं रात्रि सूक्तं.

Description of this powerful Suktam is found in Rigveda. There are 8 hymns in this and in which the glory of Goddess Ratri has been told. Goddess Ratri observes the deeds of all the living beings of the world and gives fruits accordingly. It is only by the grace of the Goddess that we creatures sleep happily.

Ratri Suktam, Durga Saptashati Vedoktam Ratri Suktam, Durga Saptashati वेदोक्तं रात्रि सूक्तं.
Vedoktam Ratri Suktam Lyrics and Benefits

Lyrics of Ratri Suktam

॥ अथ वेदोक्तं रात्रिसूक्तम् ॥

ॐ रात्रीत्याद्यष्टर्चस्य सूक्तस्य कुशिकः सौभरो रात्रिर्वा

भारद्वाजो ऋषिः, रात्रिर्देवता,गायत्री छन्दः, देवीमाहात्म्यपाठे विनियोगः।

ॐ रात्री व्यख्यदायती पुरुत्रा देव्यक्षभिः।

विश्वार अधि श्रियोऽधित॥1॥

ओर्वप्रा अमर्त्यानिवतो देव्युद्वतः।

ज्योतिषा बाधते तमः॥2॥

Ratri Suktam, Durga Saptashati Vedoktam Ratri Suktam, Durga Saptashati वेदोक्तं रात्रि सूक्तं.

निरु स्वसारमस्कृतोषसं देव्यायती।

अपेदु हासते तमः॥3॥

सा नो अद्य यस्या वयं नि ते यामन्नविक्ष्महि।

वृक्षे न वसतिं वयः॥4॥

नि ग्रामासो अविक्षत नि पद्वन्तो नि पक्षिणः।

नि श्येनासश्चिदर्थिनः॥5॥

यावया वृक्यं वृकं यवय स्तेनमूर्म्ये।

अथा नः सुतरा भव॥6॥

Ratri Suktam, Durga Saptashati Vedoktam Ratri Suktam, Durga Saptashati वेदोक्तं रात्रि सूक्तं.

उप मा पेपिशत्तमः कृष्णं व्यक्तमस्थित।

उष ऋणेव यातय॥7॥

उप ते गा इवाकरं वृणीष्व दुहितर्दिवः।

रात्रि स्तोमं न जिग्युषे॥8॥

॥ इति ऋग्वेदोक्तं रात्रिसूक्तं समाप्तं। ॥

पढ़िए वेदोक्तं रात्रि सूक्तं के अर्थ हिंदी में 

Meaning in English:

Om. O Divine Mother Ratri, may you, who are the original primordial darkness, both the source and Final destination of all, omnipresent, controller of bondage and liberation alike, come forth to save us — may your presence, effulgent, right within us, be awakened now through spiritual realization. Auspicious protectress of all, you see and pervade your entire creation, reigning everywhere, over everything, in all your glory. 

Eternal divine mother, you fill the vast celestial regions, and the earth. May you dispel all the ignorance of our embodied souls through your divine effulgence, the light of Truth. 

Divine Mother, you alone can bring forth the dawn of the highest liberating knowledge to dispel all the darkness of our ignorance.

May you compassionately give us refuge from your own as‐if‐endless movements, bringing us home instead to rest in you, just as at nigh me, a bird re‐enters its nest upon a tree.

For all of humankind, for animals who traverse by foot, and for birds who fly in the air — even for the ambitious hawk — your rest, liberation, is the only true object, of our desperate search. 

Drive away the she‐wolves of confusion and the he‐wolves of egotism, the thieves — hunger, thirst, delusion, grief, decay, and death. Then, certainly, we will cross safely, to the other side.

Divine Mother, do not subject us anymore to this dark ignorance that has enveloped us. Please forgive our many debts, and come to us now instead as the dawning light. 

O Divine Mother Ratri expression of the heavens — you are the milk‐giving cow, the source of Illumination. Please accept this, our prayer to You — and grant us Victory! 

Ratri Suktam, Durga Saptashati Vedoktam Ratri Suktam, Durga Saptashati वेदोक्तं रात्रि सूक्तं.


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