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Atmkarak Planet and Karkansh Horoscope Details

What is Atmakaraka planet, how to find out in the horoscope which planet is Atmakaraka, what is the effect of atmkaraka planet on our life?.

Our present birth is affected by the deeds of our previous birth. Every person is born with a bundle of his unfulfilled desires and his actions start happening accordingly. Till the time we do not get the knowledge of the truth by the grace of any spiritual master, we keep taking birth again and again with the bundle of our unfulfilled desires. To get out of this cycle is called salvation.

The study of Atmakaraka planet also gives us a lot of information about our past life and present life. 

What is Atmakaraka planet, how to find out in the horoscope which planet is Atmakaraka, what is the effect of atmkaraka planet on our life?.
Atmkarak Planet and Karkansh Horoscope Details

To know this, we have to look at the degree of planets in our birth chart. The planet which has the highest degree is called a ATMKARAK PLANET, For Example if the degree of Moon is 29 and all others are below it, then Moon will be a atmkarak planet.

हिंदी में पढ़िए आत्मकारक ग्रह और कारकांश कुंडली का महत्त्व ज्योतिष में 

Let us now know some special things which should be kept in mind while taking out the Atmkarak-Planet:

  1. The planet with the highest degree is called the Atmakaraka planet.
  2. Atmakarak planet can be any of the 8 planets like Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn or Rahu. Some scholars don't even take Rahu.
  3. When you want to find out the degree of Rahu, subtract the degree given in the birth chart from 30, then what comes will be the actual degree of Rahu. For example, if Rahu is showing 16 degrees in the horoscope, then subtract it from 30, then the actual degree of Rahu will be 14.
  4. A planet having a lesser degree than the Atmakaraka planet is called Amatyakaraka.
  5. The planet below this is called Bhatra Karak.
  6. The planet below this is called Matru Karak.
  7. The planet below this is called Putra Karak.
  8. The planet below this is called the Gyati Karak.
  9. And the planet with the lowest degree is called Dara Karak.

Let us now know with which subjects the Karak/causative planet is associated?

  • The Atmkarak planet is associated with self.
  • Amatya karak is an indicator of career.
  • Bhatra Karak is the indicator of brother-sister and father.
  • Matru karak is an indicator of mother and education.
  • The Putra Karak is an indicator of the factor, children, intelligence and creativity.
  • The Gyati karak is an indicator of discord, disease and spiritual practice.
  • The Dara Karak is an indicator of marriage and partnership.

Let us know what is the importance of the Atmakaraka planet in astrology?

As its name suggests, it is the causative planet of the self. Any planet except Ketu can be Atmakarak grah. The special effect will be seen on the house in which this planet is in the horoscope and it will also be more visible when the Mahadasha, Antardasha or Pratyantardasha of that planet is going on.

Through ATMAKARAK GRAH the deeds of the person in his previous birth can be known and what will be its effect in this birth.

The house in the birth chart in which the Atmakaraka planet is present, that house becomes important.

If atmkarak grah is auspicious then definitely gives immense success to the native but if it is inauspicious then it increases the struggles in the life of the native.

Let us now know that which planet can have what effect in life as an atmkarak?

  1. If the sun is a ATMKARAK planet in the horoscope, then the person gets name, fame and position. The person may also have arrogance of his knowledge. The face of such a person has a very bright look, he has an impressive personality.
  2. If the Moon is a ATMKARAK planet in the horoscope, then the person is emotional, generous and gentle in nature, family and social life attracts him more. Such people are very cautious about their safety. The mind of such people becomes unstable very quickly and if the moon is bad then it can also give mental illness.
  3. If Mars is a ATMKARAK planet in the birth chart, then the person can be dominant, powerful, angry and aggressive. He is passionate about his goal. Such people sometimes lose consciousness in their enthusiasm and do harm. There is benefit from land and at the same time there is interest in doing adventure.
  4. If Mercury is a ATMKARAK planet in the birth chart, then the person is able to accomplish his tasks with the tact of his speech. He is the one who changes his thoughts very quickly, he is the one who changes his personality according to the time. The person has a lot of contacts, the person is intelligent, his behavior is efficient.
  5. If Jupiter is a ATMKARAK planet in the horoscope, then the person becomes a good teacher, a good advisor, religious. Such people sometimes become proud of their knowledge due to which there is difficulty in making relationships. The person is scholar and has good reasoning power. The speech of such people is serious.
  6. If Venus is a ATMKARAK planet in the horoscope, then the person has an attractive personality, has a special attraction towards the opposite sex, has a special interest in the art world. They are the ones who live life openly. If Venus is bad, then such people can get wasted in debauchery by falling in wrong company, so care should be taken.
  7. If Saturn is a ATMKARAK planet in the birth chart, then the person is hardworking, clean-hearted, disciplined, determined, but there is a lot of struggle in life. Such people sometimes get very upset due to the inauspiciousness of Shani, go into depression.
  8. If Rahu is a ATMKARAK planet in the horoscope, then the person is obsessive, angry, a special desire is found in him for his supremacy. Such people are also interested in learning occult sciences.

Let us now know how to use the Atmakaraka planet in the horoscope study?

Atmakaraka planets help the person to experience the truth of life, so if the person follows the path of religion and follows his duties, then he gets a lot of benefit during the Transit of the Atmakaraka planet. He can understand bondage and liberation, he can realize the truth, he can be free from all his sorrows.

The position of the Atmakaraka planet is seen using the Navamsha chart and Karakansha Kundli is also used in it.

Let us now know how Karakansh Kundli is made?

Making Karkansh Kundli is very easy. The planet which is the Atmakaraka planet in the Lagna Kundli, the zodiac sign in which it is sitting in the 9D chart becomes the Lagna/
Ascendant in the Karakansh Kundli and the rest of the planets are placed according to the Lagna Chart.

For example, if Jupiter is an Atmakaraka planet in Lagna Kundli and it is sitting in Cancer sign in Navamsa, then in Karakansha Kundli, Jupiter will sit in Cancer sign's as an Ascendant and rest of the planets will sit according to Lagna Kundli.

So in this astrology article, we have come to know that what is the importance of Atmakaraka planet and Karakansha Kundli.

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What is Atmakaraka planet, how to find out in the horoscope which planet is Atmakaraka, what is the effect of atmkaraka planet on our life?.


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