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Benefits Of Ugram Veeram Mantra

What are the benefits of Ugram Veeram Mahavishnum Mantra?, Powerful protection mantra,  उग्रं वीरम मंत्र.

The most powerful mantra for the devotees of Lord Narasimha is Ugran Veeram Mantra which easily destroys any type of fear and opens the way to success.

Lord Narasimha is the powerful and terrifying form of Lord Vishnu. This is the fourth incarnation of the Lord and in this form the Lord saved the great devotee Prahlad from the demon Hiranyakashipu. This incarnation is terrifying because the power of both a lion and a man is seen in this incarnation. The form of God is very terrible but it protects the devotees from evil forces.

A divine mantra of Lord Narasimha which fills life with positivity, divinity and confidence.

It is good to chant this mantra daily to prevent evil forces from harming us.

If you feel that you are suffering from black magic or any other evil power then don't worry, start chanting this mantra and if possible do havan too.

There is no need to be afraid of negative energies, there is no need to panic in the face of adversity, there is no need to cry when faced with failure in life. Chant Narasimha Mantra regularly with full faith and devotion.

If one is facing frequent health problems then it is good to start worshiping Lord Narasimha.

What are the benefits of Ugram Veeram Mahavishnum Mantra?, Powerful protection mantra,  उग्रं वीरम मंत्र.
Benefits Of Ugram Veeram Mantra

हिंदी में पढ़िए उग्रं वीरम मंत्र के चमत्कारी फायदे 

Let us know the benefits of Ugram Veeram Mantra:

  1. By chanting this one can get freedom from premature death.
  2. This mantra is able to save the person from the effects of any type of witchcraft.
  3. You can get protection from black magic.
  4. One can be free from any kind of fear.
  5. Any kind of adverse situation can be overcome.
  6. If anyone is affected by ghost or any other negative energy then don't worry, use this powerful mantra of Lord Narasimha.
  7. If enemies are troubling you then use this powerful Ugran Veeram.
  8. It is the solution to anxiety, depression and negative thinking.
  9. Even if you feel that you are going through Bandhan Dosh, you can use this Shakti Shali Mantra.

Lyrics of Ugram Veeram Narsimha Mantra:

उग्रं वीरं महाविष्णुं ज्वलन्तं सर्वतोमुखम्। नृसिंहं भीषणं भद्रं मृत्युमृत्युं नमाम्यहम् ॥

In English:

Ugram Viram Maha Vishnum Jvalantam SarvatoMukham |

Nrusimham Bhishanam Bhadram Mrutyu Mrutyum Namamyaham ||

Meaning of Ugran Veeram Mantra:

I bow to Lord Narasimha who is extremely ferocious, courageous and an incarnation of Lord Maha Vishnu. He is full of effulgence and has faces in every direction, he is terrifying, auspicious and the death of death.

What is the best time to start Ugran Veeram Mantra?

It is auspicious to chant this mantra in the evening. But use any auspicious day to start chanting this powerful Ugram Veeram mantra of Lord Narasimha.

Chant it on Holi night, Diwali night, at the time of eclipse, Shiv Ratri, Navratri if you are going through any special problem.

What are the benefits of Ugram Veeram Mahavishnum Mantra?, Powerful protection mantra,  उग्रं वीरम मंत्र.


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