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Astrology Reasons of Court Cases and Solutions

Astrology reasons of court cases, legal issues remedies in jyotish, litigations reasons and remedies, Court cases reading from the birth chart.

There are many people who are facing legal problems/court cases. Some are genuinely facing this problem while some are trapped because of conspiracy by enemies. Now the question is why people suffer from legal issues, which planets are responsible for court cases, which houses are responsible for litigation problem, why some people suffer from false allegations etc. 

Astrology is the study of the movements of celestial bodies and their influence on human affairs. 

The positions of the planets can indicate the likelihood of winning or losing a court case. 

Legal proceedings are not easy and needs time, money and patience.

Through Vedic astrology readings it is possible to find the reasons of legal issues. 

 Once we find the reasons, we can find solutions. 

Astrology reasons of court cases, legal issues remedies in jyotish, litigations reasons and remedies, Court cases reading from the birth chart.
Astrology Reasons of Court Cases and Solutions

Why any person face Court Cases Problems in Life?

Astrology says that behind every happening there is impact of planets and stars which are the results of our past deeds in past life. So it is always advised to perform good works, remains positive to attract positivity in life. 

Through BIRTH CHART READING, we can easily find out the real reasons of trapping in court cases or jail yoga or any type of bandhan yoga. 

  1. Malefic Saturn in birth chart is responsible for litigation problems in life. In Many horoscope it is seen that Bad Shani in 6th, 8th or 12th house has made the person trapped in litigations. Shani is a planet which is related with justice and so Shani is directly related with the court case decision. During the transit of Saturn we get the major changes in life. It is generally seen that  if Saturn is malefic in birth chart and present in 6th, 8th or 12th house then it affect the life badly, such a person faces legal problems in life.
  2. Problem in 6th, 8th and 12th house in horoscope is also responsible for court cases because the sixth house is related with hidden enemies, court cases, debt, justice etc., the eighth house is related with return of deeds we did in past life and Twelfth house is related with expenses, imprisonment etc. When 8th and 12th house is making any bad relation with 6th house or with each other then there is great possibility of Legal Problems in life. 
  3. Saturn also delays the decisions and also creates misunderstanding between the parties, it causes or takes the native through extreme stress and misery during the court cases.
  4. It is found in studies that when malefic rahu is present in 6th, 8th or 12 house then the native may trapped in conspiracies. The impact will be seen more if rahu is present in Transit.
  5. Malefic Mars is also very dangerous for a native if it is sitting in sixth, 8th or twelfth house.  It makes environment negative and trap a person in legal matters. 
  6. Malefic sun is also very dangerous in birth chart, it is responsible for unfavorable decision, defamation. There are great chances of facing false allegation etc. 
  7. The conjunction of Rahu and Saturn in 6th, 8th or 12th house is very dangerous and push the native in legal matters. 
  8. If the Lord of the sixth house is present in 8th house or 12th house then the native may deal with court cases time to time. 
  9. The conjunction of Rahu and Mars in 6th, 8th and 12 houses are also very dangerous.
  10. Any type of grahan yoga or chandal yoga in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house is also responsible for litigation problem in life. 
  11. Malefic or weak 6th house is the basic reasons of facing legal issues in most of the case but this rule is not applicable in all cases. 
  12. Weak ascendant is another reason of suffering from court case and unable to win. 

Types of Courts Cases:

There are 2 main types of court cases: criminal cases and civil cases.

1. Criminal cases: are brought by the government against an individual or group who is accused of breaking the law. The goal of a criminal case is to determine whether the accused person is guilty of the crime and, if so, to punish them. The punishment for a crime can vary depending on the severity of the crime, but it can include fines, imprisonment, or even death.

2. Civil cases: are brought by one person or group against another person or group. The goal of a civil case is to resolve a dispute between the parties. This can involve issues such as property ownership, contract disputes, personal injury, or even divorce. The outcome of a civil case can include an award of money damages, a change in the legal relationship between the parties, or even an injunction ordering one party to do or not do something.

In addition to criminal and civil cases, there are also a number of other types of court cases, such as:

  • Family law cases involve issues such as divorce, child custody, and child support.
  • Employment law cases involve issues such as discrimination, wrongful termination, and wage and hour disputes.
  • Intellectual property cases involve issues such as copyright, trademark, and patent infringement.
  • Administrative law cases involve challenges to government regulations or actions.

While dealing with court case matter it is also necessary to know about opponent powers. For this 7th house and 6th house is studied very minutely and then it is predicted how strong is the opponent and what measures can be adopt to make ourselve powerful. 

With this Prashn Kundli is also made to know about present conditions of case. 

To study the Chances of winning the reading of transits is also studied minutely. 

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Now Let’s know why people don’t want to entangled in any court case:

  1. Legal matters takes years to get decision.
  2. There is no guarantee that Justice will be in favor. 
  3. There is great probability that if the approach of person is strong then case may go in favor of that person. 
  4. There is loss of time, money and energy.
  5. It is also very difficult to find good advocate/lawyer in budget. 

Can astrology help winning Court Cases? 

Astrology is a predictive science and so if we use it minutely then it helps to move in a right direction at right time.

  1. An experience astrologer will give you the right date and time to file case.
  2. One can get right gems stone to wear to enhance power of planet to win court case. 
  3. Astrologer can tell about right pooja/Prayer to perform as per birth chart which will increase chances of winning. 

Remedies For Court Cases:

There are many ways to make chances strong to win legal matters like as –

  • Shanti pooja of Malefic planet which is creating problems in life. 
  • Recitation of Kavach as per our birth chart is also very powerful way to dominate enemies and win court case
  • Baglamukhi puja/Pitambara Worship is another best way to make ourselves strong before opponent.
  • Goddess Kali Pooja is also very good to win court case. 
  • Lord hanuman pooja is also one of the best way to overcome from jail yoga or bandhan yoga. 
  • Goddess pratyangira saadhna is also very effective in litigation cases. 

How to predict court case winning possibilities in astrology?

  1. If the ascendant is strong then there is great possibility that native will win court case. 
  2. If positive and powerful Saturn is present in sixth house then it helps to win court case. 
  3. If sun is very powerful then also it helps the native to overcome from legal issues. 
  4. When there is transit of positive planet then it enhances the chance of winning court case. 
  5. If Jupiter is supporting you in birth chart then there is great possibility to come out at the end.

So we can predict that how much chances are there to win any court case and there are many ways to make ourselves powerful and positive to increase the chances of winning any court case. 

First of all it is necessary to analyze birth chart minutely and then it is good to adopt right remedy to attract success in life. 

Hope this article will help everyone to understand  how to deal with legal matters/litigations/court cases through astrology

Astrology reasons of court cases, legal issues remedies in jyotish, litigations reasons and remedies, Court cases reading from the birth chart.


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