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27 Yogas In Panchang and Its Impacts On Personality

27 Yogas In Panchang and Its Impacts On Personality, shubh and ashubh yoga in astrology, know about the auspicious and inauspicious yogas at the time of birth.

There are 5 basic information in any Panchang which are Tithi, Day, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karan. Among these, YOGAS are mostly used in Muhurta i.e. auspicious time. The work done in auspicious yoga gives auspicious results, while the work done in inauspicious yoga gives rise to struggle. Even at the time of our birth, depending on the yoga in which we are born, its impact is visible in life.

27 Yogas In Panchang and Its Impacts On Personality, shubh and ashubh yoga in astrology, know about the auspicious and inauspicious yogas.
27 Yogas In Panchang and Its Impacts On Personality

पढ़िए हिंदी में ज्योतिष में 27 योग और उनका जातक पर प्रभाव 

How Yogas are Formed:

Yogas have been formed on the basis of the distances of Sun and Moon and these yogas are of 27 types according to Vedic astrology. Every yoga has its own different effect, which we will know in this article.

Muhurt Martand, Muhurt Ganapati, Muhurt Chintamani, Muhurt Parijat, Dharma Sindhu, Nirnay Sindhu, etc. are scriptures regarding auspicious time or yoga and the effect of yoga has been explained in detail in them.

Yoga is formed when the travel of the moon from the sun is divided into 13 degrees and 20 Kala out of 360 degrees.

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How many Inauspicious yogas are There out of 27?

Out of the 27 Yogas given in the Panchang, only 9 Yogas are considered inauspicious and for this reason important works are prohibited in these Yogas. These 9 inauspicious yogas are- Vishkumbh, Atigand, Shool, Gand, Vyaghat, Vajra, Vyatipat, Paridh and Vaidhriti.

So whenever any special work has to be done like shopping, starting a new work, starting a journey, it should not be done when any of the 9 yogas are there.

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The names of 27 types of yoga are as follows:

viswakumbha(विष्कुम्भ) Priti(प्रीति) Ayushsman(आयुष्मान)
Soubhagya(सौभाग्य) Shobhan(शोभन) Atigand(अतिगण्ड)
Sukarma(सुकर्मा) Ghruti(घृति) Shula(शूल )
Ganda(गंड ) Vridhi(वृद्धि) Dhrub(ध्रुव )
Vyaghat(व्याघात ) Harshan(हर्षण) Vajra(वज्र )
Sidhhi(सिद्धि) Vyatipat(व्यतीपात ) Variyan(वरीयान)
paridh(परिध) Shiv(शिव) Sidhh(सिद्ध)
Sadhya(साध्य) Shubh(शुभ) Shukla(शुक्ल )
Brahma(ब्रह्म) Indra(इन्द्र) Vaidhruti(वैधृति)

Let us now know in detail the effect of 27 yogas:

  1. Effects of Vishkumbh Yoga given in the Panchang: As there is poison in its name itself, it is considered an inauspicious yoga and in the same way there can be many difficulties in the work done in this yoga and the results are also not correct. One who is born in Vishkumbh Yoga is loved by the family, is hardworking, has attachment to in-laws as well, has an attractive personality. People born in Vishkumbh Yoga are often the ones who get all kinds of happiness.
  2. Effect of Preeti Yoga given in Panchang: A person born in Preeti Yoga is kind, wealthy, likes to serve others, is a lover of beauty and is luxurious. Such people do some special work in life.
  3. Effect of Ayushman Yoga given in Panchang: The people born in Ayushman Yoga are successful and scholar. These people are full of energy, they have good health and long life.
  4. Effect of Saubhagya Yoga given in the Panchang: The people born in this Yoga are lucky, progressors, are fond of and are adept at mixing with people.
  5. Effect of Shobhan Yoga given in the Panchang: The person born in Shobhan Yoga has amazing power to attract the opposite sex, such people are clever, virtuous, luxurious. Such people are very dedicated towards their work. If such people control their lust, then definitely they make a lot of progress in life.
  6. Effect of Atigand Yoga given in the Panchang: The people born in Atigand Yoga are courageous, like to do the works of religion but are also luxurious. They like tamasic(unhealthy) food very much. If they avoid wrong company, then can make a lot of progress in life.
  7. Effects of Sukurma Yoga given in Panchang: The people born on Sukurma Yoga are wealthy, social, like to live a disciplined life, do whatever work they do efficiently and become successful.
  8. Effect of Dhruti Yoga given in Panchang: The people born in Dhriti Yoga have good patience, want to live life peacefully but want to enjoy full materialistic pleasures. They like to find and do new things. Are fond of gadgets. Lust also bothers them, due to which sometimes they get trapped in wrong actions.
  9. Effect of Shool Yoga given in the Panchang: Some or the other problem persists in the life of a person born in Shool Yoga. Be it love life or work life, they go through one or the other problem. Some kind of health problem also bothers regularly. Such people get cheated many times in life. To say in one sentence, Such people become strong by stumbling.
  10. Effects of Gand Yoga given in the Panchang: The person born in Gand Yoga becomes wealthy, strong in life but takes trouble due to his principles. These people are stubborn and short tempered.
  11. Effect of Vriddhi Yoga given in the Panchang: The people born in Vriddhi Yoga always think of moving forward in life. Such people are expert in getting their work done and this quality makes them good businessmen, they know how to earn and save money. If there is any ambush in the birth chart, then it ends due to this yoga.
  12. Effect of Dhruv Yoga given in the Panchang: The people born in Dhruv Yoga are powerful, have longevity, are firm in rules, become wealthy. Such people do not stop trying despite the struggles in life.
  13. Effect of Vyaghat Yoga given in Panchang: The person born in Vyaghat Yoga remains troubled in life due to his own wrong behavior and goes through struggles. People give them the name of quarrelsome, selfish or arrogant.
  14. Effects of Harshan Yoga given in the Panchang: People born in Harshan Yoga gain land in life, they have all kinds of happiness, such people are rich in versatility and they also have relations with powerful people of the society. |
  15. Effect of Vajra Yoga given in the Panchang: The people born in Vajra Yoga are considered very powerful and that is why such people are very successful if they work in the army or in the field of security. It is not easy to suppress them. Such people are the ones who use truthful and harsh speech.
  16. Effect of Siddhi Yoga given in Panchang: The people born in Siddhi Yoga are scholar, knower of Scriptures, optimistic. These people are skilled in many tasks and are always ready to help others. These people are also introverted and like to have fun in themselves.
  17. Effects of Vyatipat Yoga given in the Panchang: The people born in Vyatipat Yoga are of unstable mind, go through many physical and mental troubles in life. They enjoy happiness in life by their own hard work and they also serve the parents.
  18. Effects of Variyana Yoga given in Panchang: People born in Variyana Yoga like to associate with the art world. Laziness also found in them little bit. But if they determined to do some work, no one can stop.
  19. Effect of Parigha Yoga given in the Panchang: The people born in Parigha Yoga are learned but there is a lot of struggle in life. Due to irritable nature, they remain unhappy in life. If they avoid wrong company then can make a lot of progress in life.
  20. Effect of Shiva Yoga given in the Panchang: The person born in Shiva Yoga is religious, fond of pilgrimage, is lucky to get fame in society. 
  21. Effect of Siddha Yoga given in Panchang: The people born in Siddha Yoga are learned and wealthy. They are efficient in doing their work, become successful businessmen, get royal positions, are successful in politics.
  22. Effect of Sadhya Yoga given in Panchang: A person born in Sadhya Yoga gets higher education, is rich in versatility, has many sources of income.
  23. Effect of auspicious yoga given in Panchang: The people born in auspicious yoga are of humble nature, live long, become rich, progress a lot in life on their own strength.
  24. Effect of Shukla Yoga given in Panchang: The person born in Shukla Yoga gets the love of the family, is skilled in doing many tasks, becomes popular. If they do not get excited and hasty in life become very successful.
  25. Effect of Brahma Yoga given in Panchang: The people born in Brahma Yoga are always ambitious towards life. Their self-confidence remains in adverse circumstances. They remain prudent. They love discipline. They keep moving forward in life with positive thinking.
  26. Effects of Indra Yoga as given in the Panchang: People born in Indra Yoga aspire for power and respect, succeed in politics, have a sensitive nature, get rich and are fond of. If they avoids wrong company then makes a lot of progress in life.
  27. Effect of Vaidhriti Yoga given in the Panchang: The people born in Vaidhriti Yoga are powerful and expert in getting their work done. They are also selfish. If such people avoid backbiting, then peace remains in life.
So in this way these are 27 yogas, We can check our Birth Yoga in Our Horoscope. 

27 Yogas In Panchang and Its Impacts On Personality, shubh and ashubh yoga in astrology, know about the auspicious and inauspicious yogas at the time of birth.


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