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Can I Earn From Share Market As Per Astrology

Can I Earn from the Share Market as Per Astrology?,  how the study of birth chart help to take right investment decisions?.

Do you want to earn from share market, do you want to know about rate of success and failure in share bajar then in this astrology article we will be able to know the potential of stars in our horoscope helping in achieving success in stock market. 

Mostly people believe that stock market is the best place to earn huge in less time and so they want to enter in it as soon as possible so as to become millionaire but the truth is different, unfortunately many ones' failed in doing so. 

Can I Earn from the Share Market as Per Astrology?,  how the study of birth chart help to take right investment decisions?.
Can I Earn From Share Market As Per Astrology

Thinking about becoming millionaire is like a mirage for those who don't have powerful stars in their horoscope. So before entering in share market it is good to consult any experienced ASTROLOGER to know about chances to earn from stock market. 

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Experience says that it is not possible to predict share bajar and so small investors, short time investors easily trapped in it and loose their savings. In fact many ones' enter in debt zone. 

There are 2 types of Investors in share market:

  1. Intraday investors=  who daily invest and daily book their profit or loss. 
  2. Long term investors= who are capable to invest for years. 

Intraday trading is very risky for those who don't have powerful planets in their birth chart. 

It is believed that the positions of celestial bodies like planets and stars in birth chart affect the decision making power of a person and because of this one is able to earn or lose money in stock market or in other investment. 

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How Planets AFFECTS the decision making?

Destiny plays a very important role in our life and we can know our luck by studying our horoscope. 

  • If any native has powerful ascendant in Natal Chart than no doubt person is able to be calm during bearish market and bullish trend and thus take every decision perfectly while in case of weak ascendant person is not able to remain calm in both the stock market condition and not able to book profit. 
  • Next is if the Income house, share market house in birth chart is not powerful then also the person is not able to book profit, some types of problems may affect his or her decision.
  • If 5th house is positively attached with 2nd house, 11th house or 9th house then native is able to earn good from speculative work
  • It is also experienced that during transit of bad planets native take bad decisions and face losses in share market. 
  • During the transit of good planets person is able to earn good income smoothly. 
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Let's Understand Some Factors Affecting The Share Market:

The share market, or stock market, is a financial battle area where buying and selling of shares are going on continuously. 

There are many factors which affects the stock market like as =

  1. Political movements
  2. Global news
  3. Corporate news
  4. Government announcement
  5. Natural Disasters
  6. Investors Sentiments etc. 

But in the same environment one person book profit while other book loss why this happen, The answer is BECAUSE OF DESTINY which can be studied through horoscope. 

How Birth Chart Analysis helps in Taking Decision Making Regarding Share Market?

  • Through astrology reading we can know that whether to enter in intraday trading or to go for long term investment. 
  • Through horoscope study we can know the best time to enter in share market. 
  • We can know the lucky day to enter in stock market. 
  • We can know the best time to open Demat Account to start trading. 
  • We can know the time when not to work. 

Although the idea of earning from stock market as per astrology may seem interesting, but you cannot be successful in stock market just on the basis of astrology, you have to learn how the stock market works, you have to make proper research on the companies in which you want to invest. Keep an eye on the news of the country and the world, only then you can earn from the stock market in the right way.

Through HOROSCOPE READING we can know about is it possible to earn only through share market and at what extent. 

  • Can I enter in intraday trading?
  • Is long term investment is good?
  • What is the best day to open Demat Account?
  • Best time to Start Share trading work.
  • Bad Transit time to take precautions while trading etc. 

Can I Earn Through Share Market?

  1. Yes! If Ascendant is powerful and making positive relation with 5th house and 11th house. 
  2. Yes! If profit house is making good relation with luck house and earning house. 
  3. Yes! If profit house is making positive relation with 8th house and 5th house. 
  4. Yes! If positive planets are generating good energies in ascendant, profit house, luck house, earning house. 

So astrology can give deep insight about many questions related to enter in trading market. 

Can I Earn from the Share Market as Per Astrology?,  how the study of birth chart help to take right investment decisions?.


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