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Fees Per Person:
Services Pricing Per Person
Horoscope Reading 600 INR or $11
Match Making For Marriage 901 INR or $21
Black Magic Analysis & Remedies 1500 INR or $24
Love Compatibility Reading 901 INR or $21
Numerology Reading Service 2100 INR or $30
Palm Reading Service 901 INR or $21
Vastu Consultancy 5100 INR or $81
Child Birth Consultancy 1200 INR or $21

Pay Securely via Debit cards/credit cards/Net Banking Here

Phonepe Number :: +91 989 369 5155

Client Out side India Can Use Paypal To Pay Fees Below::
Paypal ID is :

UPI ID:astroshree@ybl

Use Your Email To Send DETAILS To ""::

Send The Following Details For Proper Analysis:
  • Name :
  • Gender (M/F):
  • Date of Birth (DD/MM/Year) :
  • Time Of Birth(Hrs:Mins) :
  • Place Of Birth :
  • Contact No. :
  • Questions :
  • Weight :
  • Both Palm Photos (If want palm reading) :
  • Latest Photo(If want black magic analysis) :
  • Mode Of Payment Used To Pay Fees(PAYTM Or Bank Transfer Or Paypal):
  • (Plz. Attach Proof) is one of the the best astrologer website based on vedic astrology, for online Astrology services. One can get minute analysis and reading of horoscope/birthchart/kundli and get answers of all problems, doubts related to career, marriage life, love life, health issues, progeny, business etc. 

Astrologer Om Prakash is one of the best astrologer in India who is serving the society for the last 18+ years. His predictions based on vedic astrology and he also guide people about vastu problems, black magic problems, numerology reading etc. 

His regular research on occult sciences makes him able to provide solutions of different problems of life. 

Anyone from anywhere in the world can consult the best astrologer in india as  per comfort. You can know about your tough period, golden period, lucky gems stone, best prayers, best poojas to make life successful.

Astrology consultation, talk to astrologer, online astrology consultation, astrology consultation on phone, best online astrology consultation, best astrologer, jyotish contact number, astrology consultation on whatsapp, astrologer contact, contacts number of jyotish, email of vedic astrologer.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q1.Why should you choose ?

With 18+ years of experience in prediction as per vedic astrology. Highly accurate predictions with simple remedies of problems related to career, love matters, relationships, black magic, health, progeny, marriage etc.

Q2. Why should you choose ?

You can contact astrologer via email and contact number. Process is given in the page. You have to deposit the consulting fees and then send the required details in email Within 1 day you can get reply. You can also talk to astrologer on +91 989 369 5155.

Q3. Can I get analysis report in email?

Yes, astrologer will send you the detailed analysis report and answers of your question in email in easy language so that anyone can understand. Astrologer Om Prakash himself make report and will talk to you if you want.

Q4. How much time it will take to get horoscope analysis report? ?

Astrologer will send you the report within 1 day. You can also chat in WhatsApp

Q5. Is it possible to Chat on WhatsApp?

yes, it is possible to chat on whatsapp, if you have any doubt then you can chat on whatsapp or you can call too

Q6. What are the payment options available?

If you are from india then you can use internet banking, UPI, paytm, Google pay, phone pay. If you are outside india then you can use PayPal. All the payment gateways are secure for everyone.

Q7. Can I chat with astrologer Om Prakash for free?

No, free astrology consultancy is not available right now. You can get only paid consultation from One of the best #ASTROLOGER. You can choose various services as per your requirement.

Q8. Which astrology is more accurate?

Vedic astrology is the most accurate as it is the most ancient science to read kundli/horoscope/birth chart.

Vedic astrology is the ancient science of predictions which has proved its authenticity worldwide. The kundli/birth chart/horoscope consists of planets and zodiac signs and keeps the secrets of past, present and future. An experienced astrologer is able to reveal the secrets life by reading the horoscope deeply. We can get predictions related to career, finance, love life, marriage life, health etc. We can also know the remedies like which pooja is good, which gems stones will be beneficial, which offering will help to minimize the problems of life, which spell will give energy etc. 

Our life is influenced by planets and vedic astrologers are able to know that how the life will change as per transits. And so astrology help everyone to take better decisions in life time to time. 

Astrologer Om prakash also provide regular predictions in his YouTube channel and regarding coming planetary transit impacts on life of 12 zodiacs people. Interested visitors can subscribe to get the latest updates.

Take the best astrology consultancy service online through and get the guidance directly from renowned astrologer(Dr. Om Prakash) who is serving society for years and thousands are living satisfactory life under his guidance. 

He has the knowledge of vedic astrology, vastu, numerology, prashn kundli, pet astrology etc. So you can ask about any problems of your life. 

Get the best predictions from one of the best astrologer, know about your love life, know about your career, know about the malefic and favorable planets in your horoscope, know about the week planets and easy remedies. 


  • Guidance directly from Experienced Astrologer (18+ Years of experience) in vedic astrology.
  • Minute Analysis of Horoscope
  • Predictions based on Study of divisional charts
  • 100% Privacy Maintained
  • Secure Payment Methods
Direct guidance from best astrologer Divisional charts predictions personal consultancy Secure Payment Method

Astrology is a science of prediction by analyzing the birth-chart of a person. One of the best vedic jyotish om prakash is an expert in giving prediction by analyzing the horoscope of any one. He is a passionate astrologer with having 20+ years of experience. He is not only good in giving prediction but also expert in providing perfect solutions of problems through gems stone, prayers, pooja, totkay etc. 

He is doing regular research to provide best to clients and also publish updates in social media platform like face book, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram. He has been helping people worldwide for years in love marriage, carrier selection, financial problems, black magic, etc. Astrologer om prakash is a well known astrologer in the world who have in-depth knowledge of astrology, vastu, remedial vastu, numerology and other occult science.

Astrology consultation, talk to astrologer, online astrology consultation, astrology consultation on phone, best online astrology consultation, best astrologer, jyotish contact number, astrology consultation on whatsapp, astrologer contact, contacts number of jyotish, email of vedic astrologer.


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