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Life Partner Predictions By Astrologer

Life partner prediction from astrology, important house for marriage partner prediction, nature of life partner, direction of marriage, Spouse calculation through astrology, predicting extra marital affair.

The most difficult part of life is to take decision about life partner because one has to spend whole life with a person whom is unknown for him or her till now. This is only in case of arrange marriage.

Generally when one become adult then some questions arise in mind regarding spouse:

  • When will I get life partner?
  • How will he or she look?
  • What will be the nature of my spouse?
  • Girls think that will I get businessman or service man.
  • Will I get a rich partner?
  • Will my life partner will take care of me?
  • How will be my romantic life? And so on.

all about Life Partner Predictions By best astrologer
Life Partner Predictions By Astrologer
In this article we will see about life partner astrology predictions.
In horoscope, generally marriage predictions are done by studying the seventh house. This is the relationship revealing house and tells us about how will be the life partner, what will be the nature and direction.

What is the expectation of a boy or girl regarding spouse?

Every boy wants to have an educated girl, beautiful and smart girl, hot female who can assist to enjoy the life happily.
Every girl has a dream to have handsome boy, caring husband, rich life partner, smart and romantic spouse to enjoy life.
But not everyone is lucky to have the partner of choice, this all happen due to impact of planets in life. We can predict everything through horoscope analysis.

Which house in horoscope is responsible for life partner predictions?

Vedic Astrology provide details about how to predict spouse and for this seventh house of horoscope is considered by astrologers. The study of master of 7th house and and the study of planets present in that house is important.
Every zodiac has a master planet and as per that the nature and happenings affected in life. For example master of Aries and Scorpio is mars, Taurus and Libra is Venus, Gemini and Virgo is mercury, cancer is moon, Leo is sun, Sagittarius and Pisces is Jupiter, Aquarius and Capricorn is Saturn.
Every planet has some characteristics and as per that the nature of person changes.

Let’s know that which planets are responsible for Life partner predictions?

Generally people think that venus is the only planet which decide the life partner but this is not so. For boys, venus is important but for girls Jupiter is important related to marriage. To the marriage time also astrologers check the transit of Jupiter and venus in boy and girls horoscope. With this the study of zodiac present in marriage house and the planet present in that house is also necessary.

How to predict the look and nature of life partner?

As i said earlier that the study of planets and zodiac is necessary to predict about spouse. We can predict about complexion, nature through horoscope reading.
  1. If any hard planets like saturn, rahu or ketu sits in 7th house then it makes the nature of person rigid, serious in nature but very matured and caring. Regarding look the partner may look older than you. He or she may be religious and also don’t want changes in life too much. There may be lack of romanticism but you will be cared very much.
  2. If 7th house is affected by Jupiter then the spouse will be very intelligent, practical in nature but he or she may be egoistic. Your partner will be able to put positive impacts on others because of knowledge and impressive look. Jupiter brings good character life partner in life to whom one can pride.
  3. If venus planet present in seventh house then you will be lucky in case of romance, look, nature. You will be able to enjoy every moment with your partner and sexually you will be satisfied. These types of partners are fond of cosmetics, entertaining medium which may increase the expenses too.
  4. If marriage house is associated with Mars planet then your spouse will be full of energy and creativity. Due to over energy, you may face problem in maintaining relationship with him or her. Due to mangal look will be impressive and dominating. He or she may be short tempered.
  5. If moon is present in life partner house then your life partner may be emotional, fair in look, very sensitive, soft skin with unstable mind i.e mood changing nature will be seen. You can also find change in your spouse as per changing moon size. Sometimes you may face problem in predicting the nature due to mood changing nature. The best way to control your partner is to handle emotionally.
  6. If mercury planet is present in 7th house then your life partner will be intelligent, dynamic in nature and have very good communication skill. He or she may be smart enough to handle every situation perfectly. Sometimes the dynamic nature may arise problems in life but overall these life partners make life interesting by different ways. Look wise your spouse may be fair and not have much height.
  7. If sun is present in marriage house then you may get a leader as a life partner because sun is the king of planets. Ego may also be seen in nature and he or she may be fond of travelling. Height will be average but knowledgeable. Sun also make the person romantic and caring but don’t try to dominate otherwise relationship will be affected.

Let’s See some special impacts of different planets on 7th house:

  • If ketu is present in seventh house in man horoscope then it is very possible that the person may make friendship with widows and sometimes relationship may become deep.
  • If rahu sits in marriage house then this type of person make relationship and friendships with lower category people and sometimes this may bring defame in life.
  • When saturn present in the 7th house in kundli then this may affect the relationship and person is interested in making relationship with aged women, divorced ladies or widows. The success in relationship depends upon the intensity of planet in horoscope. Read about how to remove doshas after marriage?
  • Venus/shukra in marriage house enhance the sexual tendency and sometimes this may be responsible for sexual diseases. It is necessary to take care too much.
  • Mars in the life partner house may insist the person to make extra marital affairs.
  • Moon in 7th house may insist person to get emotionally involved in relationships.

How to know the direction of the life partner?

It is necessary to keep in mind minute principles in mind before predicting the direction of life partner/spouse.
We can predict the direction by using 2 ways:
  1. Through zodiac signs present in marriage house.
  2. Through planets present in partner house.
  • If vrishabh, singh, vrischik and kumbh rashi is present in life partner house in horoscope then it is very possible that the person may get partner nearby city or village.
  • If mithun, kanya, dhanu and meen rashi is present in 7th house then life partner may be from the same city or village or very near city or village.
  • If mesh, kark, tula and maker is present in seventh house then spouse may be from far.

To know the direction of spouse as per planet present in marriage house, it is good to know the direction of planets first-

Planet Direction
Sun East
Moon North-West
Mars South
Mercury North
Jupiter North-East
Venus south-East
Saturn West
Rahu South-West
Ketu North-East

Now Let’s Check the zodiac signs directions:

zodiac Direction
Aries East
Taurus South
Gemini West
Cancer North
Leo East
Virgo South
Libra West
Scorpio North
Saggittarius East
Capricorn South
Aquarius West
Pisces North

If sun is present in the marriage house then it is very possible that life partner may be from east direction city or village.
If venus is present in 7th house then it is possible that the spouse may be from south east direction. And so on.
No there is a very important question which arise in mind that if more than 1 planet is present in life marriage house then which planet will clear about direction. So in this case the powerful planet is responsible. Astrologer can clear after proper analysis of horoscope.
horoscope reader for marriage prediction
prediction about marriage partner

If you want to know about your marriage time, partner nature, life after marriage, if you are facing problems in finding life partner then do consult astrologer and get proper prediction with remedies.

Marriage partner prediction from astrology, important house for marriage partner prediction, nature of life partner, direction of marriage, Spouse calculation through astrology, predicting extra marital affair.


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