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Grahan Dosha Effects In 12 Houses Of Kundli

Grahan dosha impacts in 12 houses of kundli, what major problems arises when horoscope contain grahan yoga, solutions by astrologer.

There are many types of yoga forms in horoscope, some are bad, some are good, some are boon for the native while some are curse and in astrology, astrologers give predictions while analyzing these yogas. In this article we will see how grahan yoga affect the life of native by forming in different house of horoscope.
Grahan dosha impacts in 12 houses of kundli, what major problems arises when horoscope contain grahan yoga, solutions by astrologer.
Grahan Dosha Effects In 12 Houses Of Kundli

Types of Grahan yoga in Horoscope:

Generally there are 2 major types of grahan yoga-
  1. Surya grahan yoga- this form when sun sits with rahu or ketu in any house of horoscope.
  2. Chandra grahan – this form when moon sits with rahu or ketu in any house of kundli.
Since in astrology we know that rahu and ketu when sits with other planets form graham yoga but why only sun and moon is considered mainly. So in actual when rahu and ketu sits with other planets then the name become change like –
  • When rahu and ketu sits with Jupiter/brihaspati/guru then it form guru grahan yoga which is also called chandal yoga, daridra yoga.
  • When venus combined with one of the shadow planets then it form shukra grahan yoga.
  • When one of the shadow planet sits with mars then Angarak yoga form.
  • When malefic rahu aur ketu sits with mercury then budh grahan yoga forms.
  • When shadow planet sits with saturn then it creates accidental yoga or disease yoga.
As per astrology rahu and ketu are shadow planets and when sits with any planets some malefic impacts arises in horoscope and also increase struggle, the intensity of grahan yoga seen more if they are in full power and malefic too in kundli.

Sometimes It becomes necessary to adopt grahan shanty pooja at once when detected and sometimes home remedies are enough.

What impacts are seen in native life due to Grahan Yoga in Horoscope?

We know that whenever lunar eclipse and solar eclipse happen, darkness increases, in the same way person life also gets affected. Struggle increases in life, negative thoughts arises in mind, everywhere hurdles are ready to welcome.

Let’s see the impact of Grahan yoga in 12 houses of kundli:

  1. If First house of kundli is affected by grahan dosha then it affect the look of a person with the decision making power. Person may take wrong decision which will further responsible for loss in business and health. It also take out the peace of mind and arise worries, anxieties, fear, frustration in life. The planets in this house see the 7th house directly/fully and so also affect the partnership, marriage life of a person. Do consult astrologer for best remedies with some home remedies.
  2. If second house of horoscope is affected by Grahan Yoga then It affect the relationship with in-laws, savings, financial losses, problem in eye sight. The grahan in this house deprive the person to take benefits from in-laws and also some people lost their huge income in speculations. The planets in this house look the 8th house fully and so also affect the health of person. Some person suffers from chronic health issues. It is good to consult an experienced best astrologer for perfect solutions.
  3. If the grahan yoga forms in 3rd house of kundli then person may have bad relationships with brothers and sisters. Person will power is unable to face the challenges of life. Breakup and misconceptions with friends, family members give rise to frustration, irritation in life. The person dominated by close ones. It is necessary to adopt remedies by consulting astrologer, if so.
  4. If the grahan dosha is disturbing the 4th house in kundli then It affect the happiness of person, native is not able to get happy easily in life. This yoga deprive the person from peace, stability, love, luxuries in life. Sometimes relations from mother are affected badly or health of mother is affected. Person is not able to make is property sometime and also lost what he have in life. 10th house is directly seen by planets in 4th house and so native also face problems in having stable livelihood. So it is necessary to adopt some powerful remedies by consulting astrologer.
  5. If grahan dosha disturb the 5th house in horoscope then native may face too much problems in completing studies, also after marriage, problems may arise in having healthy baby. Luck may not favor the person and so struggle arise in every segment of life. Person may not get the favor of children to which may create irritation in mind. Native may not able to use the knowledge at level best to generate income which may create frustration in mind. The eleventh house is fully seen by planets in fifth house, due to which person may not able to earn satisfactory in life. Consult best astrologer to know the planetary effects and their remedies.
  6. Sixth house in kundli is related with enemies in life, health, expenses and so if grahan forms here in 6th house of kundli then It gives power to hidden enemies and person suffers due to different health issues, unknown obstacles, hurdles. These types of persons also suffers from misconception which may create huge problems.Person is unable to save money due to unwanted and sudden expenses in different segments of life. Native may also face problems in life due to black magic done by enemies. So it is good take proper advise by consulting astrologer in this case.
  7. If grahan dosha is forming in 7th house in horoscope then it affect the marriage, partnership, and private part of body. Native may face problem in maintaining relationship with partner, wife, and beloved due to malefic impact of graham yoga in seventh house. Misunderstanding, misconception may take away the peace of mind. Sometimes breakup may also take place, divorce is possible, and business breakup is also possible. Person may take wrong decision due to frustration, depression and anxiety. In this case do follow your astrologer advise to bring back life in length and line. Sometimes graham dosha in seventh house affect the health of wife which will give more pain.
  8. Eighth house in kundli is mainly related with health and longevity so if the person is having grahan dosha in 8th house then it is possible that he or she may suffer from chronic disease or by negative energies. Accidents are possible during the transit of rahu. Person may face problems with his or her life partner too. Problems may occur in lower body parts. So don’t ignore this if you have this yoga in horoscope, do chant the mahamarityunjay mantra daily and also consult astrologer for other effective remedies.
  9. Destiny is predicted by studying the ninth house of horoscope. This house shows that how luck will support the native in life. Powerful 9th house means person may live life smoothly and in every work, fortune will support. But in case of graham dosha in 9th house, person may be unfortunate and face too much problems in life. Person has to work very hard to fulfill dreams and now one can supports from back to stand in society. The one positive aspect of this yoga is that person is self-,made.
  10. The 10th house of horoscope is related with livelihood, profession, work and so graham in this house may put the person in instable work i.e person may change jobs or business again and again in search of satisfaction and stability. Native may also not get the ancestral property because of malefic tenth house in horoscope. Person may also work hard to make himself or herself happy.
  11. The 11th house  in horoscope is related to income and also affects the children, education directly. So grahan in this house affect the income source as well as children, education. Financial problem may take the person in debt zone. So do consult astrologer to know the best gems stone and shanty pooja to minimize the impacts of graham dosha in this house.
  12. Twelfth house of horoscope is an expense house and also related with eyes. Grahan in this house leads to problem in eye sight, unwanted expenses. Person may be addict of drugs and so lost the savings of life. Person may also suffer from enemies attack and spends too much in protection ways. So grahan yoga in this house is not good at all.
So due to the effect of graham dosha in kundli, native may face harassment, misconception problem,baby problem after marriage, frustration in life, disputes with life partner and business partner, career problem, financial problem, love problem, depression etc. So don’t ignore the incidents happening in life, do consult best astrologer for proper remedies of grahan dosha.

How to minimize the impacts of graham yoga in horoscope?

  • It is good to offer ardhya/offer water to god sun at sunrise time and recite aditya hriday strot.
  • It is good to contact astrologer for grahan shanty puja after proper analysis.
  • Donate 4 coconuts on Wednesday evening. Do this atleast 8 wenesday.
  • Fast depends upon planetary position, So this can be advised only after analysis of horoscope.
  • If any skin disease is harassing due to graham yoga in horoscope then it is good to keep Pradosh fast.
  • Don’t ever do any drugs otherwise it will finish you financially, physically
  • Do shiv pooja regularly and daily.
  • Do bath by putting some tulsi leaves in water.;
  • Do consult astrologer for minute reading and perfect solutions of grahan yoga in horoscope. Get rid of children problem, black magic problem, love problems, marriage problem, legal issues, career obstacles.

Grahan dosha impacts in 12 houses of kundli, ग्रहण दोष का १२ घरो में प्रभाव जानिए हिंदी में, what major problems arises when horoscope contain grahan yoga, solutions by astrologer.


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