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How To Win Fear To Live A Rocking Life?

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How To Win FEAR
How to win fear to live a successful life, cause of phobia and remedies, problems arises due to terror and its solutions through occult sciences, best ways to over come from fear.
Fear is a feeling of loosing something like as social status, any person, any thing, money, wealth, beloved, luxuries etc. The main thing is that fear is a feeling which makes a person beggar. In this state of mind person is compelled to live a life of compromise, a life of a slave, a life of hell etc.
Fear is  curse which has the power to ruin the present and future of a person. So it is very necessary to over come from this dangerous feeling. Be alert always to not give permission to the fear.

Let's See How Phobia Arise In Our Mind:

  1. When an educated person not get the desired job fear arises in mind.
  2. When a person is unable to get a desired life partner then also fear arises in minds.
  3. When business slack then also person starts thinking towards negative direction.
  4. When any one talks loudly some persons enter in terror.
  5. When power cut off then also fear arises in mind.
  6. A newly married bride fear off from the new environment.
  7. Some persons faces problems in facing every new persons in life.
  8. Some has phobia of travelling.
  9. Some automatically enter in fear zone without any reason.
  10. Fear arises when boss give target to the Junior.
  11. Fear arises when even after doing every effort no interview call comes.
So fear can be arises any where, any time and in any one mind. This fear has tremendous power to finish a person, it has a power to destroy the life, it has the power to ruin the complete life if not handled properly in time.

Results of Fear:

  • Due to remain in fear for long time depression arises in mind and this depression stop the mind to think in positive direction. 
  • Due to fear person detach himself or herself from world.
  • Due to fear person starts living a lonely life.
  • Due to fear person starts seeing frightening dreams.
  • Due to fear person enter in dark zone of failure.
  • Personal life, official life, social life gets disturbed due to fear of any type.
  • Many types of mental diseases as well as physical problems seen in person due to fear problem.

Astrologer Views On Fear:

If we want to know the reasons through the astrology points of view then following may be the reasons of fear-
  1. When any malefic planets comes in mahadasa or antardashathen in that case person enter in the world of fear automatically.
  2. Due to high impact of kaalsarp yoga also fear seen in people.
  3. Due to grahan yoga also person faces problems of fear.
  4. Due to very weak planetary powers also person faces problems of phobia.
  5. Due to negative energy also people faces this type of problems.
So there are many causes of fear but the main thing is that we must treat it as soon as possible to avoid any major problems in life. Otherwise loss of health, wealth, peace may occur. 

What To Do When Fear Arises In Mind:

Try to find the cause of fear,if there is any physical reason then try to remove that reasons patiently by discussing with any elders. But if he reasons are not known then it is better to consult professionals. May be psychiatrist, astrologer etc.
  • Use proper rituals to over come from fear problems.
  • Use proper gems to make your self strong. 
  • Use proper spell to make your self powerful.
  • Use Self Hypnosis to treat fear.
If you are facing any type of fear problem then consult for the astrology treatment.

Remember Nothing is impossible just take a step and you will be out. It is also said that "The best way to over come from any problem is to face that problem".

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How to win fear to live a successful life, cause of phobia and remedies, problems arises due to terror and its solutions through occult sciences, best ways to over come from fear.

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