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Magical Benefits of Coconut

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We are all familiar with coconut which is considered to be very sacred and also keeps a lot of nutrition inside. The water in it is an elixir for health and is also used in worship.

all about Magical Benefits of Coconut in english by astrologer om prakash
Magical Benefits of Coconut

Coconut hair is also very useful and it is also used for various purposes.

In hindi coconut is called "Nariyal" and is also called "Shreefal".

In this materialistic world, we use coconut for healthy purpose while in tantra and jyotish,  it is is used for performing various types of rituals like as as in Maran, Mohan, Vashikaran, Uchhatana etc.

Offering coconut is the best way to please divine energies and so it is used in temples.

Let us know in which forms coconut is physically used:

  • Its water is very beneficial for health.
  • Coconut milk is also used and it refreshes the digestive system.
  • Consuming coconut also enhances beauty.
  • Dried coconut is also used as a copra in makings dishes.
  • Consuming coconut also protects against obesity.
  • Those people who feel the need for hunger, even if they start eating coconut, they get rid of this disease.
  • The use of coconut is also considered very good for digestion.
  • It also enhance brain power too.
  • If someone's physical strength is decreasing, then he should consume coconut milk, which is a source of tremendous energy.

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Let us know how coconut is used in astrology and tantra:

  1. It is used as a offering to divine powers.
  2. Coconut is also used to make armor to ward off evil powers.
  3. Coconut is also used to invoke any divine energy.
  4. It is also used to suppress the enemy with the power of spells.
  5. If Shreephal is used in a special way, it also removes Vastu defects.
  6. Problems related to money are also removed by using shriphal.
  7. Coconut relieves Rahu related troubles immediately.
  8. It is used even when Saturn create problems in life.
  9. Shreefal is also Used in black magic

Let us know about the nutritional elements present in coconut:

There are about 354 calories in 100 grams of coconut along with vitamins, carbohydrates, potassium, calcium, fat, magnesium, fiber etc. Due to these characteristics, it is used to keep our body healthy, beautiful and smart.

Let us know some medicinal uses of coconut:

  1. If you want a beautiful and smooth skin, make the paste of the white part of coconut and use it as a face pack, you will see the benefits yourself.
  2. One can use coconut oil daily to get long and healthy hair, this also keeps the mind calm because the nature of coconut is cool.
  3. It is also used to relieve headaches, for which camphor is mixed in it.
  4. When there is a sore mouth, it is good to chew the white part of coconut with sugar candy.
  5. If someone is having trouble breathing then chewing coconut daily and eating is good.
  6. If the digestion is not good or there is heat in the stomach then drink coconut water, it will cure you.
  7. The use of coconut gives us energy, freshness, beauty, power of mind.
  8. Ayurvedic doctors also use it to treat hemorrhoids.
  9. Researches show that coconut contains fat but is good for health. 
  10. It is also good for metabolism.
  11. Coconut oil has amazing power to kill germs and bacteria hence it is used to treat infections, wounds.
  12. If anyone is treating obesity, eating coconut is good because it reduces the feeling of hunger and therefore prevents over-eating. This is because of the fatty acids present in coconut.
  13. Coconut oil is a good moisturizer and protects the skin and hair from many problems.

So from every point of view, coconut is useful for everyone. We can use it for massage, use it as edible oil, make a delicious meal, use coconut to reduce obesity, use coconut to enhance beauty , Can also be used to protect oneself from evil forces, it can also be used to obtain divine grace.

So use coconut and live a healthy and prosperous life.

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