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Navagrah and Related Diseases As per Astrology

Some diseases and troubles caused by bad planets, know which planets are responsible for diseases, for troubles according to Vedic astrology, medical astrology by astrologer.

According to astrology, there is always some planets behind every problem, that is why astrologer always read the horoscope to find a solution of any problem. If someone is suffering from some kind of disease and cannot find a way to come out, then it is possible that some evil planets are affecting life and in that case remedies as per astrology are very useful to come out of problems.

all about Navagrah and Related Diseases As per Astrology, medical astrologer
Navagrah and Related Diseases As per Astrology

हिंदी में पढ़िए  कुंडली में ख़राब ग्रहों से उत्पन्न होने वाली समस्याएं

Let us know about the problems and diseases related to 9 planets:

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  1. If the Sun planet gets bad in the horoscope, the native may have heart related problems, problems in the eyes, stomach upset, loss of money, humiliation, stress, relationship with the father. May worsen or worry about the health of the father, there is problem in getting paternal property. In such a situation, you should take measures related to the inauspicious Sun and also get it done. Its effects will be seen most when the Sun comes in Mahadasha or Antardasha.
  2. If the moon is bad in the horoscope, the person may suffer from mental illness, may disturb unnecessary thoughts, may have lung disease, may have financial problems, may have blood related diseases, worry about mother's health Persist, negative energy can also affect the person. When the moon comes in Mahadasha or Antar Dasha, the effect will be seen most. In such a situation, astrology related remedies should be done by consulting astrologer.
  3. If Mars is disturbed in the horoscope, then the native's confidence may decrease, accidents may occur, fever may occur, Pimples can occur, anger and quarrels can occur, blood related disorders may harass person. Relations with siblings can get bad, Property related problems may arise time to time. When Mars comes in Mahadasha or antardasha  then the person has to go through most troubles, in such a way, he should take measures related to inauspicious Mars and get it done, by consulting astrologer.
  4. If the planet Mercury is bad in the horoscope, then the person may have skin related diseases, may have problems in speaking, may have problems in business, may have a decrease in intelligence, the person can go in wrong direnction, which can also bring slander. Person may lost everything in  Gambling and betting . A person starts collecting money in a wrong way and can also become a culprit. In such a situation, family life is ruined and if the bad Mercury is more powerful then the native can spend time in prison or jail by getting involved in criminal matters. In such a situation it is necessary to take remedies according to astrology in time to cure the inauspicious Mercury.
  5. If the Jupiter is defective in the horoscope, the child may suffer, there may be a problem in the throat, marriage may be delayed, intelligence and knowledge may be lacking. Failure will be found in whatever work a person puts in, such students do not get love and attention from the teachers in school and colleges. There is a lot of difficulty in using your knowledge properly, due to which depression also happen. In such a situation, inauspicious Jupiter remedies should be taken immediately by consulting astrologer.
  6. When Venus is bad in the horoscope, the happiness in the person's life is reduced, despite everything, it is not able to consume it, there may be problems in the genitals, there may be problems of phlegm, marital and love life. Person craves for real love, many deceptions can be found in love life due to which the person suffers depression. In such a situation, it is necessary to take remedies related to inauspicious Venus according to astrology; otherwise the whole life turns conflicting. Problems are seen more in the Mahadasha of Venus.
  7. When Saturn worsens in the horoscope, the person may suffer from accidents, children may become weak, diseases may occur in the lower parts of the body, unwanted problems may be disturbed, soles of the feet, joint pain. Bone related diseases may also arise, can have bad relations with people of lower class, may engage in criminal cases, may face imprisonment. During  Shani sade sati, and during mahadasha or antardasha, problems may be seen more. 
  8. If the Rahu is bad in the horoscope, the person may be disturbed by gas or acidity, the mind may be unstable, heart disease may occur, prolonged illness, black magic can also cause illness, person may suffer,  One can suffer from obstruction, insanity attacks also start which can increase with time, snake bites, person can suffer from serious diseases. Problems appear more serious in Rahu's Mahadasha, or Antardasha. In such a situation measures must be taken of rahu shanti.
  9. If Ketu in the horoscope gets bad then person may gets cheated, urinary disorder, child problem, sudden health loss, money loss, dog bites my happen, pets may die. Many people also suffer from ghost problems. The problems may arise more when Ketu runs in mahadasha.

Therefore, if a planet is negative in the horoscope and is affecting life, then person  should be consulted and adopt astrology remedies. 

Know which planets are responsible for problems in your horoscope, which remedies will give you immediate benefits, which gemstones will be right to use, what to donate, which mantra to chant.

Some diseases and troubles caused by bad planets, know which planets are responsible for diseases, कुंडली में ख़राब ग्रहों से उत्पन्न होने वाली समस्याएं, for troubles according to Vedic astrology, medical astrology by astrologer.


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