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Healthy Life Through Body Vastu

Healthy life through body vastu, free tips to live a happy life by maintaining energy in body, get success in life through body.
Healthy life through body vastu, free tips to live a happy life by maintaining energy in body, get success in life through body.
Body vastu energy for healthy life
A very important way to remove vastu dosha is to maintain pollution free vastu and so it is suggested to clean vastu every day properly so as to remove the negativity from home, office, etc. 
If we keep our vastu clean then no doubt prosperity comes in life and we are able to live proper and successful life. In the same way if we keep our body clean then also we able to live healthy life. Here in this article we will focus on BODY VASTU means different parts of body and there impacts in life. 
Generally when we take bath then due to routine activity , we don't give importance every where but after reading this article we will be able to give importance more in every body part.

Importance of Body:
Body is very important for all of us, in spiritual term , body is the living place of our soul, sages also said that body is a temple where god resides and so it is good to maintain body whole life to live a healthy and wealthy life. 
To maintain body it is necessary to clean it every day and give proper nutrition to it. 
In this article we will focus on how to clean every part of body to maintain BODY VASTU ENERGY.

General Thinking Related To Body Cleaning:
We generally think that brushing, paring nails and taking bath is enough to keep body clean but due to a regular activity we ignore many parts of body and gradually TOXINS accumulate there which create problems in long run. 
Don't make bathing a routine but every day take a look on every part of body properly which will definitely give you beautiful body and healthy life. 
When we keep our body clean then our NAVAGRAH also get power and so to over come from navagrah dosha it is necessary to maintain healthy body.

Know Tips To Maintain Body Vastu Energy:
1. Clean Your Fingers Of Feet:
It is very necessary to clean the fingers and space between fingers properly to avoid bacterial infections so do proper attention to clean them and maintain energy. 2. Do Proper Attention On Soles:
We don't clean our soles properly because they are not directly seen by us but soles are in direct contact with earth and so it is necessary to clean them properly daily. 
Energy from earth directly enters in our body so keep it clean.

3. Tongue Cleaning Importance:
Tongue is very important part of body, A clean tongue is the sign of healthy digestive system and so keep it clean always, do brush your tongue and also clean it with tongue cleaner daily 2 times.

4. Power Of Navel:
The point where all the nerves meet, this is the intersection point of energies. But very few people clean there navel properly, we generally think that just by taking bath navel 
gets clean but it is not so. It is necessary to keep it clean properly with fingers, small brush etc. and after taking bath do put some oil on it daily. 
If we maintain the energy at navel then it gives power to whole body.

5. Under-Arms Energy:
We generally ignore the under arms which is very important. Do cut the hairs of under arms and wash it properly because due to perspire there is a very chance of bacterial infections.

6. Back Energy Importance:
Our back is the place where we can feel the spinal cord but since we don't see it directly, some people don't give proper attention on back to clean it. to maintain flow of energy in whole body it is necessary to keep it clean daily and if not possible directly then do take help of family members.

7. Do Clean Sex Organs Properly:
People due to some hesitation and not having proper knowledge avoid sex organs to clean properly. But they are very important part because body release unwanted materials from sex organs so just putting water is not enough, time to time do wash them properly and also put oil.

8. Cleaning Fingers and Space Between Them:
Space of fingers are again ignored by us but it is good to clean the space between fingers too to avoid any type of bacterial infections.

9. Neck Cleaning:
It is observed that neck become black from back side because we don't give proper attention on it. So if you are doing so then awake and start cleaning it daily to avoid any problems in long run.

10. Massage Your Body During Bathing:
Bathing can be a good exercise if you rub every part properly after putting soap, do rub properly every part of body and then we can find that energy is flowing in a good way which will enhance our beauty, smartness and health. 
So by maintaining the body vastu energy we will definitely enhance our good luck. Be aware , be alert and have a healthy and successful life. 

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Healthy life through body vastu, free tips to live a happy life by maintaining energy in body, get success in life through body.

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