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Mahurat or Choghdiya

Choghadiya, Mahurat, Daily Mahurat, Importance of Mahurat or Choghadia, Importance of auspicious time, how to find auspicious time daily,  When to do work for success as per astrology?, Online Astrologer for perfect Solutions
mahurat in astrology, best time to do start any work as per vedic astrology
mahurat astrology

MAHURAT(Special Time/Choghdiya) :

In astrology, the starting time of an event is taken for the calculation of the horoscope and making the interpretations. So, the starting or the beginning time is the most important factor. The future and the life events of a person depend on what time he was born. But the irony is that it is not under the control of the person as to what time he wants to be born. But the other things that he performs in his lifetime are under his control. He can choose the time of his performing any work.

Muhurat is the selection of the best date and time for performing any work.

  1. It helps in concentrating the energy of the planets and other astrological factors in an auspicious way so as to nullify the evil influences and make the result of the work performed most fruitful.
  2. It helps in counteracting the obstructions provided by the birth chart of a person and in neutralizing or overcoming the loss mentioned therein.
  3. It synchronizes the energy of the person, the stars and the event itself so as to make it most advantageous to the person performing the work.

So, whenever there is some important consideration in your life, which is significant and meaningful for you, you should perform that action in accordance with Muhurta, so that it can be of utmost advantage to you and you can lead a much better, happier, satisfactory and gratified life.

For your convenience Chogdiya is given :
Daily Mahurat chart, How to see daily mahurat to start any work
Charto To Find Daily Choghadia


  • Start new work in shubh mahurat.
  • To start any pooja use shubh mahurat.
  • To start mantra and tantra saadhna use shubh mahurat.
  • Opening of shop also needed shubh mahurat.
  • Marriage must be done in shubh mahurat.
  • Buy precious products in shubh mahurat for good luck.

best mahurat to perform pooja, prayers, worship, best time to perform work
ask astrologer for special mahurat

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