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How To Activate Third Eye ? Third Eye Activation

What is Third Eye?, Where is The Third Eye? Benefits of Third Eye, Steps To Activate Third Eye, Experiences During Third Eye Activation.
third eye meditation techniques
Third Eye Activation

How To Activate Third Eye or Divine eye ?

Third Eye a place in the body which when activate gives you the power to see the past, present and future,and the subtle energies. We can also say that Third eye when activate we will have the power of microscope as well as telescope. Activation of third eye will give you any thing which you want in this the question is this what is this third eye, where is the third eye , what are the benefit of activating third eye and how to activate the third eye.


So here is the answer of your all these question.Third Eye which is also called the 6th chakra in the body.It is the Energy center in the body and is present between the eyes. With the help of third eye one can see he aura and other subtle energies.It s a very powerful tool to see, hear and feel very higher or subtle frequency realities.

Benefits of Third Eye Activation:

  1. We are able to See, Feel and hear subtle energies or we can say we will be able to see, hear and feel higher frequency realities.
  2. By Continuous practicing on third eye, we will be able to probe into the past, present and future.
  3. We will be able to find solutions of any problems.
  4. We will be able to make contact with Divine energies in the universe.
  5. Astral travelling is possible with the help of third eye.
  6. We will be able to see the reality of our life.
  7. Our beliefs will change after seeing the reality of the world.
  8. We will become more independent.
  9. We will become more happy.
  10. We will become more satisfy.
  11. We will gt the power of microscope.
  12. We will get the power of telescope.

So after having the knowledge about the benefits of Third eye activation we will definitely try to activate it but the question is here is the process to activate it. Actually there are many types of practices are available to activate the third eye for e.g. Through shaktipat, Through regular meditation, through tantra, Through Mantras etc. But here i am going to tell you the simple way to activate the third eye which will not harm you but only give benefit.

Steps to activate THIRD EYE :

  • Sit straight by keeping your back straight.
  • Sit in yog mudra i.e. join your index finger and thumb top to make a circle.
  • Relax your mind and body by keep taking and releasing deep breath.
  • Now close your eyes ,take your index finger and rub it for a while to warm it and then start rubbing in the middle of the forehead region clockwise for about 2 minutes, but keep focusing on the third eye by keeping your eyes closed to feel the subtle sensations.
  • After that make your breathing normal but keep focusing on the third eye center.
  • Bring your conscious to the third eye place to see and feel what is happening there.
  • When you start feeling something then don't be excite , keep practicing to feel more subtle energies.
  • As much you practice as more you feel.
NOTE: Do Regular practice to feel this divine world with your third eye. But after activation you have to practice more to enter into the world of divinity, to get answers of all your questions, to get rid off from all your problems etc.After awakening of third eye u have to work more to function it properly and to experience the subtle energies clearly.

Some Common Experiences which practitioners have during Third Eye meditation :

  • Some see sparkling lights.
  • some here different types of sounds.
  • Some feel different types of sensations which cannot be explained by words.
  • some see god and goddess they worship.
  • Some see dark tunnel. etc

But Remember Only regular practice may take you to the Reality.So Good luck and start Meditating Now.

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What is Third Eye?, Where is The Third Eye? Benefits of Third Eye, Steps To Activate Third Eye, Experiences During Third Eye Activation.


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