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How To Perform Diwali Pooja? |How To Do Laxmi Pujan?

How To Perform Diwali Pooja?, How To Do Laxmi Pujan?, Astrologer for proper guidance to solve any problem.

Diwali is a festival of light, it is a festival of Maha laxmi, It is a festival of doing something special for a prosperous life. There are various ways to do deepavali pujan. Different cast, different method.
Deepawali is one of the great festival of India, every Indian waits for this festival and children are very eager for this festival because they get a chance to use crackers. It is believed that Goddess Laxmi personally comes in the night of deepawali and bless the devotees.

deepawali puja process step by step by astrologer
How To Perform Diwali Pooja

Before moving further first of all it is necessary to know the importance of Deepawali.

So Let's understand this Diwali night scientifically, spiritually and physically:

  • Deepawali falls on the Amavasya that is no moon night. 
  • As per Hindi panchang it falls on the Kartik Month. 
  • It falls on the darkest night of the year. 
  • In tantra No Moon Night is taken as very important to do the spiritual practices. That's why this night is very important. 
  • On the night of deepawali Tantrik do rituals to get siddhis.
  • General people do worship whole night to get the blessings of Mahalaxmi.
  • As it is the darkest night so by lighting the deepak we try to remove the darkness.
  • Diwali shows that it is necessary to do hard work to get rid off from our misfortune. 
  • It also shows that it is possible to remove the darkness of life with some special effort. 
  • It is a night to overcome from the fear of darkness.
  • Children and even elders too enjoy the crackers on this night. 
  • On the deepawali night people offers sweets or prasad to the relatives, friends colleagus etc. 
So Diwali is the night to do rituals to get success in over all life. One can attain the Dharma, Arth, Kaama and Moksha by doing the right process on this night. It is a night to make renew our social contacts.

Deepawali The solution of Many Problems:

This is the festival when people unknowingly get rid off from many doshas. Diwali is the festival when people unknowingly do various things to get better health, wealth and prosperous life. 
Let's see how -

  1. People clean the house, office etc which remove the negativity of the premises. 
  2. White wash is a process in which the Vastu gets energized. It is just like giving a new dress to any one. 
  3. During cleaning process people throw the unused items or waste products which also minimizes the vastu defects. 
  4. In every house during this night hawan is done which cleans the environment, which energize the environment. 
This all process brings healthy and wealthy life. So this is a fantastic festival for every one. 
During Diwali in all over the India we will find a clena environment, pollution free environment. 

How To Do The Laxmi Pujan? | How To Do Deepawali Pujan? 

As we have understood that this night is very important fromt he point of view of every one So to en-cash this night worship of Goddess Laxmi is necessary.So here i am providing a simple but powerful ways Step By Step to do Deepawali pujan or laxmi Pujan.

  1. The First step is to clean the house, office or premises well as we are going to invite the goddess of wealth.
  2. On the Deepawali night Goddess laxmi is worshipped with lord kuber and Shri Ganesha. So arrange idols or photos or these three divine power. 
  3. Things required For Laxmi Puja- Kalash, Mango leaves, Picture of above said god and goddess, Milk, curd, honey, ghee, sugar, Puffed rice, sweets as per the culture, Coriander seeds or dhaniya, general puja items like kanku, chawal, astgandh, kalawa or nadi, Paan or betel and betel nut, flowers, itra of chandan, Shree Yantra if possible, clean white and red cloths etc.
  4. Make Rangoli in the front of your house to welcome the goddess of wealth and prosperity.

Process of Deepawali pujan or laxmi pujan-

How To Perform Diwali Pooja, Importance of Deepawali night, Deepawali The solution of Many Problems, How To Do The Laxmi Pujan? ,Deepawali Tantra, How To Perform Diwali Pooja?, How To Do Laxmi Pujan?, Astrologer for proper guidance to solve any problem.

  • Decide the place where you want to do the great laxmi pujan.
  • Spread a clean Red cloth there or any other cloth.
  • Now a very important process is to install a Kalash for this make a bed of rice and now fill the kalash with water half, put the betel nut, flower, ganga jal or holy water, a clean coin, rice,drob etc. Decorate the kalash with mango leaves around the opening of the kalash. Now place a coconut on the kalash but make a Swastik on it before placing. Now put the kalash on the rice bed.
  • Place the photo or idol of laxmiji behind the kalash. Some also keep the idol or photo above the kalash.
  • Put the idol of ganesha on the right side of kalash and do the ganesh pujan.
  • Now sit calmly and recite the word 'OM' to increase your focus.
  • Take some water and sprinkle on every where and on the things of puja by reciting any ist mantra like 'Om namah shivay' or with the Beej mantra 'Shrim'.
  • Light a lamp or deepak and Offer the haldi, kumkum, roli, flowers on the kalash.
  • Now take some rice on the hand and meditate with the laxmi mantra or pray to call her in your puja and then sprinkle the rice on the idol of mahalaxmi.
  • Now place the idol of laxmi ji on  a plate or thali and clean it with water then with panchamrit i.e. milk, curd, ghee, honey and sugar. Continue chant the mantra of mahalaxmi. Now again clean it with fresh water.
  • Now again put the idol on the real place and start offering the flowers, chandan powder, haldi,kumkum, incense sticks etc. Also offer the coconut, fruits, betel and betel nut, sweets as per culture etc.
  • Business people worship the cash book on this day and the cash box etc.
  • After pujas it is good to light the diyas on every room and on the roof near by the door etc.
  • Villagers also adorned or worship their cattle's as they are the source of their income.
  • After doing these process it is good to make arti of mahalaxmi and chant the mantra of mahalaxmi for sometime quietly and pray for the prosperity.
Now it's time to enjoy the festival physically i.e. with crackers. So rush now to enjoy the fire works with your friends, relatives and family members.
Distribute prasad.
Happy Deepawali............

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How To Perform Diwali Pooja, Importance of Deepawali night, Deepawali The solution of Many Problems, How To Do The Laxmi Pujan? ,Deepawali Tantra, How To Perform Diwali Pooja?, How To Do Laxmi Pujan?, Astrologer for proper guidance to solve any problem.


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