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Nakshatra Vatika | Raashi Vatika | Panchvatika

Nakshatra Vatika | Raashi Vatika | Panchvatika, Benefits of herbal garden, plants and trees related to zodiac signs, nakshatra, Nakshatra and related trees, zodiac and related trees, What tree is related to which star, Know the plant related to 12 zodiacs.

There are 27 Nakshatra/stars and 12 zodiacs/rashi, As per astrology there is a particular tree or plant related to every nakshatra and zodiac, if any one grow and take care of related plants or tree then good results can be seen in life.
plants for nakshatra vatika
Nakshatra Vatika | Raashi Vatika | Panchvatika

Many people develop NAKSHATRA VATIKA and RASHI VATIKA in there personal garden to attract blessings of every nakshtra, navagrah and zodiacs.

Planting trees and plants is also good for environment and healthy life, All the trees and plants have some qualities as per ayurveda too and so it is always good to plant some useful plants time to time.

If any one have spare land then do plant some trees and plants.
If any one have balcony then convert it into a small garden.
If any one have terrace then also convert a part of it into garden.

It gives us fresh air and is beneficial for every one.

Benefits of Gardening:

  • One can come out of depression by giving some time daily in garden.
  • One can get fresh air , performing pranayam daily in the morning in own garden is a wonderful idea to fill our body and mind with energy.
  • One can getrid of navagrah doshas by taking care of plants and trees.
  • One can get fresh flowers, vegetables daily.
  • Gardening is a luck enhancer, so attract luck by plantation.
Contribute in making green environment, clean environment and energetic environment.

Creating garden not only keeps the atmosphere pure but some time it also helps to get prosperous life. 
So if your hobby is gardening?
If you love plants and trees?
If you are capable to take care of your plants and trees like a mother?
If you want to energize your premises, your land, your house etc. 
then why don't you try to make garden of astrology plants which will not only make you feel happy but also energize the environment near by.

Garden As per the Zodiac Signs or Rashi Vatika:

Here I am providing some information regarding plants related with zodiac signs. Hope this will increase your knowledge. It is said that if a person worship the plants as per the zodiac sign then it will definitely open the way of success.
Worshipping the related plant or you can also keep the related zodiac plant in your garden too.

Rashi plants are -
  1. Aries or Mesh - Rakta Chandana - Plerocarpur santalenus
  2. Taurus or Vrishabh - Saptaparni - Alstonia scholaris
  3. Gemini or Mithun - Panasra - Artocarpus seterophylum
  4. Cancer or karka - Palasha - Butea monosperna
  5. Leo or singh- Patala - Pterospermum soveolensis
  6. Virgo or Kanya - Amra- Mangifera indica
  7. Libra or tula - Bakula - Mimusops elengii
  8. Scorpio or vrishchik - Kadira - Acacia catechu
  9. Saggittarius or dhanu - Ashwatha - Ficus religiosa
  10. Capricon or makar- Shimshapa- Dalbergia sisoo
  11. Aquarius or Kumbh - Shami - Acacia feruge nia
  12. Pisces or meen - Vata - Ficus bengalensis
Note: I have also checked that if a siddha anushthaan is done near the related plant timely, it will generate a tremendous positive impact on the user.

Garden As Per the Nakshatra or Nakshatra Vatika:

India is great and the sages of India are master in divine lores and with their hard spiritual practices they also found the plants related with the 27 nakshatra.Here are the list of plants related with 27 Nakshatra.
Nakshatra plants are -
  1. Ashwini - Kuchla - Strychnos nux vomica
  2. Bharani -Amla - Embilica officionalis Amla
  3. Krittika - Fig - Ficus racemosa
  4. Rohini - Jamoon - Syzygium jambolanum
  5. Mrigashira - Kadhira - Acacia catechu
  6. Ardra -Long pepper - Piper longum
  7. Punarvasu - Bamboo - Bambusa
  8. Pushya - Peepal - Ficus religiosa
  9. Ashlesha - Naga Champa - Mesua ferrea
  10. Magha - Vata - Ficus bengalensis
  11. Poorva phalguni -Plasha- Butea monosperma
  12. Uttara phalguni -Pakur - Ficus infectoria
  13. Hastha -Wild mango -Spondias mangifera
  14. Chitra - Bilva - Aegle marmelos
  15. Swati - Arjun - Terminalia arjuna
  16. Visakha - Elephant apple - Limonium acidissimum
  17. Anuradha - Bakul - Mimusops elengi
  18. Jyestha - Pine - Pinus
  19. Moola - Black dammar - Canarium strictum
  20. Poorvashada - Asoka - Saraca indica
  21. Uttarashada - Jackfruit - Artocarpus heterophyllus
  22. Sravana - Jack - Calotropis gigantia Milk weed
  23. Dhanishtha - Shami - Acacia ferruginea
  24. Satabhisha - Kadamba - Anthocephalus cadaba
  25. Purvabhadrapada - Neem - Azardirachta indica
  26. Uttarabhadrapada - Mango - Mangifera indica
  27. Revati - Mahua - Madhuca indica

Special 5 Powerful Trees To plant in Garden or Panchvati Vatika:

  • Vata or Ficus bengalensis
  • Peepalor Ficus religiosa
  • Anjeer or Ficus glomerata Fig
  • Bilva or Aegle marmelos
  • Amla or Emblica officionalis

Very Important:

If you are capable then also Install the related Yantra with the plants and do anusthaans regularly which will bring prosperity and open the way of success for you. 
You can contact to get the siddha yantras to install with the Plants.
Do gardening and keep the environment clean. Use good plants to energize your own premises and to energize the nearby area too.

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Nakshatra Vatika | Raashi Vatika | Panchvatika, Benefits of herbal garden, plants and trees related to zodiac signs, nakshatra, Nakshatra and related trees, zodiac and related trees, What tree is related to which star, Know the plant related to 12 zodiacs.


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