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Rudraksha Therapy - Solutions of All problems

Rudraksha Therapy - Solutions of All problems, Types and Benefits of rudraksha.

This is the great gift of Lord Shiva to the world. As per Indian mythology Rudraksha came in existence because of Lord Shiva tears. It can be a solution of all your problems.

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Rudraksha Therapy - Solutions of All problems

There are many benefits of Rudraksha:

  1. It has great power to store positive energy. 
  2. Rudraksha has tremendous healing power. 
  3. It can protect you from the malefic effects of planets. 
  4. Rudraksha do not make any harm to it's wearer.
  5. Rudraksha trees are available in different part of worlds like as Assam, Nepal, Indonesia etc. 
  6. It has the great power to control the mind that's why saints and yogis wear it. 
  7. If Rudraksha is charged with sacred mantras then it also protects the person from evil eye effects, black magic. 

Types of Rudraksha:

Rudraksha are of different types and they are differentiate by their lines which is present over the rudraksha.
For e.g. if any rudraksha has 1 line then it is called One Mukhi Rudraksha, If any rudraksha has 2 lines then it is called Two Mukhi Rudraksha and so on. Different type of Rudraksha has different type of power and characteristics.

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Now We will see the the different types of Rudraksha:

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This rudraksha is very-very rare and has magical effect. If any one have this one face mukhi rudraksha then he or she will get every thing in life easily because of it's power. Nothing is impossible for a person who have this one mukhi rudraksha.
It is able to bring luxury, name, fame, power, confidence as well as spiritual power too.
It can develop leadership quality in the wearer.
It also prevents from many diseases.
The One Mukhi Rudraksha is very-very rare and not easily available.

This rudraksha has 2 lines on its surface.
It protects the person from the bad effects of moon.
It helps in progeny.
It is able to fulfill the materialistic desires of person.
It also has effects on left eye, left kidney, intestines etc.

If any rudraksha has 3 lines on its surface then it is called 3 face rudraksha. It has good healing power.
It act as a purifier.
It gives physical power, strength.
It has a very good healing power.
It protects from the ill effects of sins.
It generates wisdom.
It generates concentration on the subject.
The wearer of 3 mukhi rudraksha gets success in his or her efforts.

This is a source of positive energy.
Some important powers of 4 face rudraksha are-
It is able to increase the meditation power.
It enhances the positive thinking.
It is able to enhance the confidence and thus increase the public speaking power, work efficiency.
It also increase the sexual power of a person.
It is able to increase the structural thinking.
So to have a very attractive personality you must have this rudraksha.

This is the most common rudraksha and is available in abundance. It has 5 lines on its surface.
It is able to keep you healthy.
It is able to control the 5 negative power of personality i.e. kama(Lust), krodh(Anger), moha(Attachment), ahankar(Ego), lobha(Greed).
It also cures many diseases like acidity, gas, eczema, stress etc.

Six face rudraksh have 6 lines on its surface and it is very good for the education and career success. It can fulfill your dream to have a luxurious life. This rudraksha will increase love, attraction, creativity to the wearer. It also help to overcome from the diseases related to nose, eyes, sex organs, bladder, kidneys etc

Seven face rudraksh has 7 lines on its surface and if you want peace, pleasure, happiness, success smoothly then you should have this rudraksha. This also prevent persons from the diseases related to cough, cold, Tuberculosis, pyorrhea, bronchitis etc.

It has eight lines on its surface and so is called 8 face rudraksh and is also known as will power enhancer but positively. It helps to get rid off from ego, pride and vanity. Stomach and Insomnia problem can also be cured with the help of 8 mukhi rudraksha. It increase the feeling of equality and thus help to live a satisfactory life.

Nine face rudraksh have 9 lines on its surface and represent the goddess Shakti i.e. Maa Durga. It is very helpful to increase self confidence, removing fear, increasing focus etc. The problem related to lung, bowel, skin, etc can be cured with the help of 9 mukhi rudraksha. It balance the energy in the body to live a healthy and wealthy life. It also protects from evil eye effects, black magic etc.

If you want to get the grace of God Narayana then 10 face rudraksha is best for you. It is a kawach for the person who are passing from though time. It protects from the black magic, evil eye effects and negative energy. It is a good tool to get protection from enemies. If you want to move in spiritual field then this 10 mukhi rudraksha is very helpful for you.

This have eleven lines on its surface and so is called 11 face rudraksh.

Do you want to enhance your cleverness?
Do you want to enhance your Wisdom?
Do you want to enhance your decisive power?
Do you want to enhance your learning power?
Do you want to over come from the evil effects of shani dev ? then 11 mukhi rudraksha is good for you.
It also increase the confidence. It is panacea of all problems.

This have 12 lines on its surface and so is called 12 face rudraksh. If you want success in administration field then this rudraksha will help you a lot. It increases motivation and also open the way to enjoy the materialistic pleasure. It also helps to get rid off from bone diseases, osteoporosis, rickets etc.It enhances to leadership qualities in the wearer.

It has 13 lines on its surface and so called 13 face rudraksh. This rudraksha is good for the person who want to engage in fulfilling materialistic desires, the evanescent desires. This is also good for the person who want salvation thus it enhances the spiritual growth. If you want to maintain good mind and body then 13 mukhi rudraksha is good for them.

It has 1 lines on its surface and so called 14 face rudraksh. If you want to activate your 6th sense, Want to probe into the future, want to enhance the decisive power, want to over come from worries, miseries and other problems, want salvation then 14 mukhi rudraksha is good for you. It also control Blood pressure, diabetes, skin problems. Sexual problems can also be minimized from this rudraksha. It also protects from the negative effects of saturn.

It has 15 lines on its surface and so is called 15 face rudraksh. This is again a very rare rudraksha and if any one has this then he or she can get every thing in life. Dharm, Arth kama, moksha can be easily attained with this rudraksha. So Rudraksha are very important and this is the natural way to enhance the visible and invisible powers.But remember to wear only charged Rudraksha which is a magical rudraksha for success.

If you want to consult to know about lucky gem stone, best rudraksh and other remedies of your love problems, career problems, family problem, children problem etc then you can contact ASTROLOGER.

Rudraksh ! A Powerful Tool To Get Success

Rudraksha Therapy - Solutions of All problems, Types and benefits of Rudraksha, Get original  and siddha beads for healing.


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