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Grahan Yoga Effects and Powerful Remedies

Grahan Yoga Effects and Powerful Remedies, how grahan dosha change our life, how astrologer can help in this case, best remedies by jyotish.

In English grahan meaning ‘eclipse’, we have seen that when eclipse happens then darkness increases all around and this is the case which also seen with the native who have GRAHAN YOGA in horoscope. The life of a person who have any type of eclipse yoga in kundli suffer with to many problems in life. But main problems depend upon the house in which the grahan yoga has formed. For example is the 7th house is affected then the native may face delay in marriage or disturbed marriage life after marriage or health issues of partner may arise disturbances in personal life.
grahan yoga in horoscope, best astrologer for remedies
Grahan Yoga Effects and Powerful Remedies

Which planets are responsible for Grahan yoga in Horoscope?

Now the next question is which planets are responsible for this malefic yoga, so the answer is Rahu and ketu. When these 2 planets sits with any planet in any house of horoscope then eclipse yoga forms and the native starts suffering.
There are 2 main grahan yoga which is accepted by most of the astrologers:
When rahu or ketu present with sun in any house of horoscope then surya grahan yoga/solar eclipse yoga form in kundli.
When rahu aur ketu sits with moon in any house of horoscope then Chandra grahan yoga or moon eclipse yoga form in kundli.
It must be kept in mind that sometimes native suffer from grahan yoga when any planets comes in transit with Rahu or ketu.

Let’s Know how It affect the life of native as per vedic astrology:

Planet sun is related with father, ancestral property, leadership, higher authorities, name, fame, ego etc. so if surya graham yoga forms in horoscope then person may deprive from the related subjects in life i.e. it may be possible that the native may not have good relationship with father or person may not get the ancestral property or not able to lead in society, in office etc. It is possible that the native may not able to maintain good relationship with higher authorities in office, defame may give arise to depression, frustration. Sometimes ego may also affect the life badly.

Moon is related with mother, mind, emotions, journey, health, happiness etc. So if Chandra grahan yoga forms in horoscope then it affects the health of mother or relationship with mother, mental stability. This type of persons also not gets emotional satisfaction which disturb the life very much. Some internal disease may also affect the life badly.

Rahu is related with paranormal activities, passion, adventure, sufferings etc.
Ketu is related with salvation/moksha, spiritual power, research, mysticism etc.
So native may also suffers from black magic, paranormal impacts, may face problems in not getting guidance to move smoothly in spiritual path, may face problems in adventures, sudden losses may also arise and disturb life, native may also pass through psychological problems.
Grahan yoga in horoscope give rise to complications time to time in personal life, professional life, social life, love life and so it is necessary to take remedies by consulting astrologer as soon as much.
Due to grahan yoga, it is also seen that people have aggressiveness, rigid behavior which boost the defame and failure in life.

Because of grahan dosha many bad impacts are seen in personal and professional life.
  • Person faces the problem of dissatisfaction in professional life.
  • Person faces the problem of misunderstanding in personal life.
  • children have the memory loss problem.
  • Children in spite of doing hard work unable to get the good percentage in class due to grahan dosha.
  • There is a chance of defame in society due to powerful grahan dosha.
  • Some times grahan dosha ruin the business life too.
  • Love relations are also affected due to grahan yoga.
  • Some times diseases are not leaving the victim.
  • In some the person who is having this yoga may easily affected by the negative energy, black magic or evil eye effects.
  • Miscarriage also found in females due to grahan dosha.
So we can say that grahan yoga is not good for the person. The real problem is felt only by the victim of the grahan yoga.All the symptoms are not seen in every kundli or horoscope which have the grahan yoga. The result may vary from kudli to kundli or horoscope to horoscope. The impact seen as per the grahan yoga forms in kundli or horoscope. So to understand the grahan yoga it is necessary to study the horoscope minutely from every aspect.

Impact of grahan yoga in different houses of Kunli:

  1. Grahan yoga in First house – This may lead to instable thoughts, unable to take right decision at right time, give rise to aggressiveness, hard talking tongue, stressful life and misunderstanding with others. Some native also pass through mental illness, blood pressure problem, heart problem etc.
  2. Grahan yoga in 2nd house of horoscope –Person may deprive from savings, bad relations with in-laws, weak eye sight. During transit of rahu, the native may enter in debt zone due to heavy loss and unwanted expenses. So it is very necessary to adopt the good steps to avoid major issues in life.
  3. Grahan yoga in 3rd house of kundli – Here the person may pass through stress due to not getting support from relatives, with this native is not able to use his own potential to make life successful. For females eclipse in this house may push them to live life full of sacrifice. Luck may also not support and so struggle arises in life.
  4. Grahan yoga in 4th house – Native having eclipse in this house may suffer from happiness issues. Person may not able to maintain harmonious relationship with mother or may suffer due to health issues of mother. Native may wonder in search of satisfaction. Chandra grahan in this house definitely affect the health of mother. Person may suffer from instable livelihood which gives rise to fear, frustration in mind. Person has to work very hard to make life happy with property, savings, vehicles, luxuries etc.
  5. Grahan yoga in 5th house of horoscope – If this house is affected by eclipse then native may face problems in studies, having progeny in time. Female may pass through miscarriage again and again. It will be difficult for the person to get the expected return of his or her knowledge. Some native may not able to complete their studies. Luck may not support due to which person needs to work hard to achieve something in life.
  6. Grahan yoga in 6th house of kundli – in this case it is very possible that the person may pass through enemy problems, chronic health issues, hidden enemies problems. Person may deprive of happiness due to illness and weakness.Sometimes person enter in problems due to own nature.
  7. Grahan yoga in 7th house of horoscope- Many types of incidents takes place with the native due to eclipse in seventh house. Person may pass through misconceptions with the partners, friends, close relatives, life partner, beloved ones.It is possible that person is not able to live harmoniously with life partner due to understanding or due to health issues.Grahan yoga in 7th house may push the person to take divorce and do 2nd marriage. Person may wander in search of physical satisfaction which may attract defame in life.
  8. Grahan yoga in 8th house – Here grahan may affect the life span of a person. Native may pass through chronic diseases and also suffer financially due to major health issues during the transit of rahu or ketu with related planet. Loss of marriage is also possible due to health issues which then give rise to stress, instability, and frustration. Sometimes suicidal thoughts also arise in mind.
  9. Grahan yoga in 9th house of horoscope – This house is related with virtue i.e. deeds of past work, luck, fortune, destiny. So any type of eclipse in this place may affect every segment of life. Person may suffer from bad relationships, failure in love life, social life, career. This type of person may also suffer from financial problem in life. It is very necessary to do some powerful remedies otherwise whole life may affect badly.
  10. Grahan yoga in 10th House of kundli – This may deprive the person from ancestor property, stable livelihood, happiness. Person may may not get support from parents to grow up in life. Also native may face too much problem in having good relationship with seniors in office and with higher authorities in society.
  11. Grahan yoga In 11th house – native may have weak children which may give rise to worries. Also person may have problems in getting improper monetary return of his work. Person may change job or business regularly in search of satisfaction.
  12. Grahan yoga in the 12th House of horoscope – Native may lose money in gambling, or by addiction of something. Some persons over spend in religious activities with thinking properly which may lead to debt. So it is necessary to keep an eye on own behavior and thinking.

What is Grhan Yoga or Grahan Dosha? How it is form?

Grahan yoga form in horoscope when Rahu or Dragon's head sits with any planet in horoscope. For e.g. if Rahu is sitting with Moon then 'chandra grhan' dosha is form, If Rahu is sitting with guru then guru grahan yoga is form and so on.
The result of grahan yoga also vary as per the type of grahan yoga.

Some Main Impacts Which are commonly found by me during analysis are:

  1. If Malefic Rahu is sitting with venus or shukra then person will find problem in enjoying the luxuries of life, love life,marriage life etc.
  2. If negative rahu is sitting with the chandra then person may find mother health problem, personal health problem, saving problem etc.
  3. If there is a surya grahan yoga in horoscope then there is a vary chance to be trapped in any unwanted cases and get defame. This type of person has to work a lot to make status in society. Struggle arises a lot in life.
  4. Guru grhan may impact in study, in making rapo in the society, business place, working place etc.
  5. When rahu and mangal sits together it forms a very dangerous yoga which is also known as angarak yoga. This is a very negative yoga and cause accident, chronic diseases, debt etc.
So grahan yoga in horoscope is very malefic and it's remedy is necessary. There is no need to worry if you or your beloved is having this dosha. Don't be depressed if you are not getting success. Don't be harassed if you are not finding your love,don't worry if you are having problem in business, Don't be negative if you are suffering from any chronic diseases. There is a solution of every thing in this universe.
Continuousresearch is done by Astrologer Om prakash(ASTROSHREE) for the upliftment of persons who are suffering from negative impact of planets. We have designed some special methods which can give you the best results.

What is Grahan Yoga Remedy?

  1. Healing through Special mantra.
  2. Healing through Special anusthans or pooja.
  3. Healing through special Yantra.
  4. Remedies of grahan dosha through powerful gems stones.
  5. Solution of grahan dosha through Tantra.
  6. Solution of grahan yoga through totkay.
I assure you that you will definitely find changes in life after consultancy.
Get best solution of grahan dosha or grhan yoga. Get powerful remedies of your problems. We maintain privacy so don't worry about anything just contact to get the way of success.

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Grahan Yoga Effects and Powerful Remedies, how grahan dosha change our life, how astrologer can help in this case, best remedies by jyotish.


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