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Gods within the body

Gods within the body, Different parts of body with different gods, Which powers are resides in different parts of body, Miracle within the body. When supreme power has created this world then that power also entered in every creatures and thus with different gods also entered in the body. That's why it is said that 'yat pinde tat brahmande' means whatever is present in this body the same things are present in the world too. It is also said that this body is a temple so worship this body but we are all engage in worshipping god out side the body.  The lord brahma also became happy after making the human being because human is the only being which is able to know the supreme power. This is the quality of human being, no other creaturs has this quality. The human life is also known as karma yoni. Because of this very one try to take birth in this earth as a human being because human has the power to get tremendous power with his efforts. It is possible to become god as well a…

Game of Ready Made Virtue(Punya) !

Ready made virtue(Punya), Game of virtue(Punya), How to get ready made virtue, Reality of ready made virtue, Power of Ready made virtue(Punya), What to do to get ready made virtue(Punya), Spiritual Thought.  A totally new word but every one is ready to grasp the ready made virtue all the time. This ready made virtue is also known as 'punya' in India. This is the most easiest way to take the virtue of any other one in our pocket. If you are unable to perform complicated karm kanda, if you are unable to perform any saadhna, if you are unable to work hard to accumulate punya then just feed to the person who is doing the above things for his or her upliftment and you will get the virtue of him or her easily. 
A spiritual game in a very minded way. This is a bitter truth that no one in this world help other with out any reason. So if you are doing any spiritual practice and want to get success really then don't allow any one to help you. Do work hard and do our own practice. Ot…

Astrology Remedies To Keep A Person Attached To Family

Astrology remedies to keep a person attached to family, What to do to keep a person attached with family, What planets makes a person away from family, Easy way to attract a person towards family. 
Some it is found that a person gets away from family suddenly. No logical reasons are found for the change in nature. Due to this behaviors the family gets disturbed. The problem increases when a earning person gets away from family. In that case it is very necessary to take some special measures to get that person close to the family.  Why a person go away from family? This is the most important questions comes in mind and the answer is very necessary if we want to solve this problem. Because without knowing the reason it is not possible to get the real solutions of any problem. So let's take a look on the astrology reasons which makes a person away from family- If the happiness place of a person is affected badly by any malefic or negative planet. In that case a person become enemy of …

Best Astrology Solutions For Sex Life

Personal life is very important for any one in this earth. A satisfied personal life will make a person life heaven but any type of disturbance in personal life will make the life hell. It is found that if a person is sexually unsatisfied then it's bad impacts seen in social and professional life too. 
There are many types of ill effects seen in personality of a person who is sexually dissatisfied:
The person present in a doubtful state always. A special type of phobia always be with the person. The mind of a dissatisfied person always fickle.Due to loose of focus person some times looses the jobs and business too. Many times it is also seen that a person becomes mentally sick. The family life gets disturbed.  So there are many types of problems which comes before a person who is not satisfied from his sex life. In this case astrology will help a person very much. As i told many times that astrology is a very good science which helps a person in many ways and in every field. 

How To Destroy Malefic Effects Of Rahu?

How to destroy malefic effects of rahu?, how to get rid of problems in life if they are generated by bad rahu, read about easy solutions of dragon head problems.

Rahu is a shadow planet but is very important in life. Rahu if positive in birth chart can make a person's life full with name, fame, money power and some magical powers too but if rahu becomes negative in kundli then we can't imagine that what negative impacts it will generate in life. In this article we will know that what are the impacts of rahu and how to protect our life from the negative impacts of rahu.

Let's see some impacts of rahu in life if it is malefic in horoscope:1. Rahu if sits with moon it will form the chandra grahan yoga and disturb the life very much. The life of a person affected as per the house in which it is forming. For e.g. if the grahan yoga is forming in lagna then it makes a person's life unstable very much, Thsi type of person will worry about every thing and it is possible that h…

Am I Suffering From Enemies | Solutions Through Astrology

Am i suffering from enemies through astrology, how to know from horoscope that a person is suffering from enemies, Which house is responsible for hidden enemies attack, how planets arise enemies, how to protect our self from enemies attack through astrology, Best astrology tips for enemies protection, Powerful remedies of astrology for enemies protection.
If a person is moving on the success way then it is very necessary that many becomes enemies in life. some enemies are seen but many are not seen. If you want to know that whether you are affected by enemies problems or not then this article will show you some ways to know this. 
Astrology is a great science and by suing this science it is possible to know every thing about our life. It is a encyclopedia of our life. It reveals the mystery of our life. You are able to move on the success way rapidly with the help of astrology. 
If you want to know about enemies attack through astrology, If you want to know about the type of enemy att…

How To Increase Confidence Level Through Astrology?

How to increase confidence level through astrology?, Gems stones to increase confidence level, houses of birth chart or kundli or horoscope responsible for confidence level, best Tips to increase confidence level, Astrologer for Confidence Problems Solutions. My view for Confidence level is a will power which makes a person to do something perfectly without any fear. Confidence is the key factor in getting success in any work. It is the core quality of a winner. Lack of confidence lead to non success while good confidence will increase the winning chances. Many types of problems found in personality like as:In spite of having good knowledge some persons have lack of confidence.A special type of fear always try to disturb the confidence.By seeing the confidence of other also people looses their own confidence.Some have over confidence which also lead to failure.Some faces low confidence for a period. Now the question is that why some person has good confidence right from birth and some…

Secret of Breathing | A Perfect of Of Living a Healthy Life

Secret of Breathing, What is pran shakti, How the real energy work in body?, How to empower our body with breathing technique?, Benefits of Focusing on Breathing or deep breathing, Some important questions and answers related to Deep breathing, Scientific approach.

Do You think you breathe, Do you think you live life? Do you think you are empowering yourself?, Do you think you are moving towards a healthy life?
If your answer is 'NO' then you should read this article for your betterment and to know the reality of our life. And if you think that your answer is in 'YES' then i definitely recommend you to read this article. Actually i am not writing this article, i am trying to show some realities of life with this medium of digital age. 
Here i am revealing the power of breathing, here i am revealing the ways to live a healthy life. You don't have to pay a penny to know this technique. Everything is within you. If you are committed to give your self best then you wil…

Do You Know The God Of Place-The kshetrapaal

The god of place, the god responsible for the place power, How to get the grace of 'kshetrapaal', Benefits of worshipping kshetrapaal, Importance of kshetrapaal, Way to energiz any place, Remedy of Planetary Problems, navagraha remedy, Remedy of vastu dosha. If any place is creating problem in your life, If any place is not supporting you, are you facing problems after entering in any house, vastu, Do you want to thrive in life smoothly, do you want health, wealth, prosperity, honor, status easily then this article will show you the miraculous path to achieve your dream. Do you ever heard about the plac of god 'kshetrapaal', If not then you are missing very important power in life. kshtrapaal is the god of place. If any one is not getting the grace of kshetrapaal then he or she may suffer a lot in life. No one can thrive properly if the place is not supporting, it means that if the god of any specific place is not supporting then it is not possible to get the optimum r…

Understand the 9 God of Navagrah With Remedies

What are the name of navagrah, Why it is necessary to know about the gods before worshipping them, What are the gods of 9 planets, Importance of navagrah, How to get grace or energy from navagraha?, How to over come from navagraha dosha, How to cool down any planet, Ways to over come from malefic effects of 9 planets, Astrologer for Navagrah studies in horoscope. It is said in our epics that it is very necessary to know the god whom we are going to worship then only start adoring them properly. If worship is done without knowing the god then the devotee will not get the exact result as per his wish. Generally it is seen that every person complains to some one that nothing has happened in spite of doing every possible effort. some says that 'i am worshipping for a long time but nothing is happening', some says that there is not god any where etc.

If you see around you, You can find many are arising different types of complaints to many ones. But no one try to understand the rea…

How To Protect Money Through Astrology ?

How to protect money through astrology?, Reasons of unwanted expenditure and remedies through astrology and occult science, Powerful solutions of saving money, How to protect money from evil eye effects?, Ways of prosperity,Money saving ways from Best Astrologer. Money is the basic need of a person through which it is possible to fulfill all other needs of life. In this world generally every one is struggling for money and want to earn more and more. Even many are getting success in earning huge amount but unfortunately they are unable to save money. They himself don't know the reasons but always talk about this matter to the friends and relatives etc. that "I am earning so much but don't know where it goes!, Till now no savings". It is the human tendency that expenses without interest always makes him or her upset. Many types of unwanted expenses comes at once in life like:Expenses in diseases.Expenses due to some accidents.Expenses to recover loss.Expenses in repair…

How To Increase Will Power Through Occult Science | Build Strong Self-Confidence To Win The World

How to increase will power, best ways to increase self confidence, gems stones to increase will power, pooja to increase confidence, Importance of will power to get success, Best tips to increase the will power, Astrologer for Strong Will Power Tips.
Will power is very important part of our personality. With the help of will power it is possible to win the world but due to lack of will power a person is compel to live a very common life.

It is also said that "Where there is a will there is a way"
Many times different types of questions are asked to me from different people related to will power like as- What is this will power? Is it from birth? Is it possible to develop a strong will power? Do occult science help us to gain a positive will power? Here i am clearing the answers of these questions. Hope this article will clear many things before my honourable visitors.

What is Will Power? Will Power is a intrinsic power of a person to do some thing in life or at any moment. L…